January 13, 2015

Live-Tweet | Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.3

The first two episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter were live-tweeted by Gloryosky last week. Gloryosky will continue to follow Marvel’s Agent Carter for the remainder of its run. It’s far better than I assumed it would be, due to the hype surrounding it. Even an upcoming gratuitous Stan Lee cameo (is there any other kind?) can’t dampen my enthusiasm for Marvel’s Agent Carter.


Article | Thoughts on the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards

The 2015 Canadian Screen Awards nominations can be found at academy.ca. As I mainly follow Canadian television, most of my comments are related to that medium. As long as I don’t type “chicken dinner” or “pathetic circle-jerk” in a petulant capacity, Gloryosky should be fine. Also, I’ve given up and accepted the term “Screenie” as Canadian Screen Award shorthand.

  • The Best Drama Series nominees are 19-2, Motive, Continuum, Orphan Black, and Remedy. Canadian television drama is in a high period right now, so this is the category I care about the most. I would short Orphan Black to win, yet it’s going up against 19-2. It’s hard to say who will win Best Drama Series this year; it’s a solid shortlist. This is the extent of Continuum’s involvement in the 2015 Screenies, unless Continuum fans keep calm and nominate Rachel Nichols for the Fan Choice Award.
  • I don’t have a problem with Best Comedy Series, though I should. The nominees this year are Spun Out (ecch), Tiny Plastic Men, Call Me Fitz, Mr. D, and Seed. It’s a relatively weak lineup, and I’m genuinely surprised to see Super Channel’s Tiny Plastic Men earn its second nomination in the category. Last year saw CBC’s Gavin Crawford’s Wild West busted pilot earn several nominations, so I’m glad no busted pilots appear this year.
  • I would complain about Blackstone not being nominated for a Screenie this year, except that it was nominated last year, despite the fact that Blackstone’s third season aired on APTN from September to October 2013. Blackstone should have been eligible for this year’s Screenies, not last year’s. I assume the nomination screeners for Blackstone’s third season were sent before APTN scheduled the season. In any case, Blackstone’s fourth season will likely be nominated in 2016, as it falls squarely in the September 1, 2014-August 31, 2015 eligibility period.
  • Republic of Doyle has no nominations this year. The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle will write a piece about how much this perceived snub sucks. There is no question about whether he’ll write the piece or not. He will – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of his life.
  • I’m surprised Super Channel’s half-hour Catholic confessional drama Forgive Me has five nominations. Super Channel original programs are fairly obscure to begin with; said baggage comes with being a premium cable package that isn’t The Movie Network. 24 Hour Rental has a nomination in Best Original Music Score for a Series, while Tiny Plastic Men has three nominations in total. Super Channel does fairly well for itself this year, given its relatively recent forays into original programming.
  • On the whole, I can’t complain about the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards nominations. I wish the digital media side was beefed up. Digital media are going to be more important in the future. Darknet fans should know that its one Screenie nomination this year is in Best Cross-Platform Project – Fiction (i.e., the Darknet website). Luckily, Netflix carries Darknet, so the show isn’t as obscure as it could be. I bet you’re shocked Darknet is on Super Channel.
  • I should note that twenty-five years ago, Material World and Mosquito Lake duked it out for Gemini Awards comedy supremacy (such as it was), when the real fight was between Kids in the Hall and CODCO in the variety category. Why do I bring this up? The Canadian Screen Awards used to be far worse in its previous forms.

January 12, 2015

Live-Tweet | Strange Empire 1.10: “The Cage”

Previous Strange Empire live-tweets can be found in the Strange Empire Gloryosky tag. Despite the fact that live-tweet views suffer when they don’t appear on Gloryosky’s front page, the Storify for “The Cage” is linked by a WordPress more tag, as Marvel’s Agent Carter was last week.

Strange Empire live-tweets will end on February 2, 2015. They will be replaced by Ascension on February 9, 2015. Essentially, CBC’s 9:00 PM ET Monday show will continue to be live-tweeted. While I’m not sure Strange Empire will return for another season – it truly needs to haul ass ratings-wise in January 2015, to make up for a poor fall 2014 showing – it’s the first Canadian television live-tweet in Gloryosky’s history. I like Strange Empire enough that I’ll see the live-tweets through for the remainder of the season.

Strange Empire Storify after the cut


January 6, 2015

Live-Tweet | Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.1, 1.2

In an effort to improve Gloryosky’s load time, more of the live-tweet pieces will be hidden behind the WordPress more tag. To be honest, I didn’t think the live-tweet pieces would overwhelm Gloryosky’s overall content as much as they have, but they provide content for Gloryosky, so…buttons.

Marvel’s Agent Carter is an effort to show that I’m not just interested in DC Entertainment’s output. I thought about covering Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for fall 2014. Frankly, I didn’t care for what I saw of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in its first season. I felt I’d be too out of the loop to join Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for its second season.

I’m neither a DC nor Marvel fanboy, nor do I read contemporary superhero comics on a regular basis. I just appreciate the track records of both Marvel Entertainment and DC Entertainment in crafting good television. As comics go, I prefer DC over Marvel, yet I’m more fond of general Silver and Bronze Age funnybook nonsense. I mean, I made a Red Ketchup reference in last night’s Gotham live-tweet. I’m most loyal to whoever makes the best product.

As an aside, Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice should never have ended the way they did. Greg Weisman needs prime-time.

Marvel’s Agent Carter Storify after the cut


January 5, 2015

Live-Tweet | Gotham 1.11 – “Rogues Gallery”

I haven’t watched Gotham since late November 2014, so if I seem a bit out of it (…moreso than usual) in terms of the narrative, that’s why. I guess I could watch Gotham online, but with my current rural connection, I have to be judicious with the gigabytes.

The Wire’s Isiah Whitlock Jr. is in “Rogues Gallery”. He is my reminder that I have never watched The Wire, and need to start.

Finally, Gloryosky is #91 in a list of the top 100 Twitter accounts, as chosen by the National Post. I thank the National Post for including Gloryosky in the list. I’m not sure how that translates into money and/or a way to make a living, but this is as good a time as any to say Gloryosky is in the National Post’s Twitter rogues gallery. If you’ll excuse me, I need to hire a female redhead with no irises.


December 30, 2014

Social Media | Blackstone 4.8 Live-Tweet

If Greg Berlanti’s DC Entertainment shows (Gloryosky coverage of Arrow, The Flash 2014) are great at one thing, it’s the before-end-credits cliffhangers. This is something Blackstone is also great at. Berlanti’s DC shows have an edge as comic book shows exist for the cliffhanger, yet Blackstone can – in seven episodes of an eight-episode season – claim a stabbing, a car crashing into a semi, and this scene below:
This is after Andy and Daryl Fraser allow oil developer Shale Resources access rights to personal land granted to their father, as a consequence of reducing Blackstone’s size. Blackstone rushes to get to this point in the story. That’s what happens when the show has eight episodes, and four major plotlines – Gail’s addictions, Victor’s attempt to run Blackstone honestly, Andy’s incarceration, Jumbo’s gambling addiction and subsequent bailout by Daryl – to intertwine. Given the season’s length, I think Blackstone is more than adequate in hitting its story beats without much filler. Some of the gimmicks – e.g., dead relatives commenting on the main characters’ actions – ring false, yet the dialogue and acting is among the best currently on Canadian television.

I won’t be surprised if APTN greenlights Blackstone’s fifth season, which is currently in development. Blackstone is a show that generally knows what it’s doing – in this case, using aboriginal news stories as the framework for serialized drama. Does this approach work all the time? No, but it does work, and Blackstone isn’t afraid to kill a character if there’s a sound reason to do so.

While I don’t want to overhype Blackstone, I want to see it go for another season, and earn a second window on a network/program service that will schedule the show properly. Even if the program service is OMNI (which broadcasts Mohawk Girls), I think Blackstone has the tools and the backlog to merit a second window on mainstream Canadian television. If nothing else, Blackstone’s a survivor.

Gloryosky’s coverage of Blackstone is here.


December 26, 2014

Social Media | The Zeta Project 1.3, 1.4 Present-Tweet

I’ve decided to make this an irregular feature, due to The Zeta Project performing well enough on Gloryosky that it merits further “present-tweeting.” For today, “Remote Control” and “Change of Heart” are on tap. “Change of Heart” features the first in-the-flesh appearance of Dr. Selig, and – ugh – “Remote Control” features the tandem of Dr. Donald Tannor and boy genius Bucky Buenaventura.

It’s not the Dr. Tannor and Bucky characters themselves I hate. They should be one-shot characters, yet both appear at least a couple of times in the series. Bucky appears in seven episodes total. Dr. Tannor and Bucky appear in “Kid Genius”, the episode of The Zeta Project I most loathe, as it features a fountain of youth plot mixed with science that only makes sense in a comedy show like Futurama. This is one reason why The Zeta Project isn’t as well-liked as Batman Beyond.

Bucky threatens to be the Scrappy of The Zeta Project, an element unneeded in a chase show. The Zeta Project takes pains to improve Bucky’s character in the second season, as the show itself becomes darker. While The Zeta Project’s first season is still decent, you can see the vise Kids’ WB tightened the show on. The show needed to be on Cartoon Network, which appreciates adult themes more.


December 24, 2014

Social Media | Blackstone 4.7 Live-Tweet

On the previous episode of Blackstone, Andy Fraser’s wife Debbie, inebriated and distracted, drove into oncoming traffic and was killed by a semi-trailer. Nothing I’ve seen on Canadian television in 2014 matches this for a cliffhanger.
I genuinely think people should watch APTN and/or Hulu if they want to watch this series. Greg David reviews Blackstone for TV, eh?, and the show has a healthy Facebook community.

The Twitter and YouTube communities aren’t as good. Even though Blackstone is in first-run when every other show is out taking a piss, there wasn’t a YouTube preview for “Discovery” before the show aired. There was a Facebook video, which I don’t want to embed on Gloryosky. The videos in the Storify below are for “Wolves vs. Sheep”, which is fine, but when someone suffers a graphic death in a cliffhanger, I kind of expect a YouTube trailer for the upcoming episode.

Blackstone usually has its episode trailers up on YouTube the day the episode airs; compare that to something like The Flash, where trailers for next week’s episode are quickly up after the then-current episode. It’s part of the Canadian television/American television promotional divide. If American television is The Flash, Canadian television is the man who gets killed in an issue of Santa the Barbarian.

Still, Blackstone earns points for having a Facebook page with over thirty thousand likes; based on how active the page is, I imagine it’s a genuine thirty thousand likes, and not ninety percent bots tilling Zutroy’s follow farm. I’d hate to think Blackstone the show is as corrupt as, say, Andy Fraser.

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