News: Filming Ends December 3 For Pure Pwnage

Principal photography for Pure Pwnage will finish on December 3, 2009.  It began October 21, if show co-creator Jarett Cale’s Twitter account is accurate.  Pure Pwnage, founded in 2004 as a web series, will make its television debut on Showcase early in 2010.

The show is based around Jeremy/teh_pwnerer (Cale), a 26-year-old hardcore gamer/social fuckup.  To continue living in his mother’s basement, Jeremy must get a job.  Brother/filmmaker Kyle (Geoff Lapaire) documents Jeremy’s journey, as Jeremy tries to fux0r life.

Joel Gardiner reprises his web series role as FPS Doug.  Also in the cast are Melanie Scrofano, Simon Wong and Eli Goree.

Pure Pwnage‘s showrunner is Derek Harvie (Testees, The Tom Green Show.)  Catherine Tait (Chilly Beach) and documentarian Ron Mann are executive producers, with Davin Lengyel co-producing.

I haven’t seen the web series, so I can’t comment on whether Pure Pwnage went shit midway through its run.  All I care about is whether the television show will be better or worse than Cock’d Gunns.  This better not be the Hotbox-sized disaster of 2010.

C. Archer
Le Social