News: Nerdland, Ninjamaica gain most votes in Teletoon Pilot Project

After three months and ten shows, Nerdland has emerged the English-language “winner” of the Teletoon Pilot Project.  The Cuppa Coffee Studios show attracted 185,342 votes.

Interestingly, visitors voted Lenz Entertainment’s Ninjamaica their favourite, with 76,014 votes.  Having not been to at all before January 15, I’m not sure whether Nerdland won the overall vote.

It should be noted that Nerdland will not automatically commit to series as a result of the Teletoon Pilot Project.  Other factors will be considered – if and/or where it fits on Teletoon’s schedule, comments, voting, overall online buzz and so on.

The voting process itself had its good and bad points.  The “vote for your favourite” was too simplistic, and staggering the release dates for pilots wasn’t the most sensible tactic.

At least the comments were by and large honest.  For instance, Drop Dead Gorgeous won’t make it past pilot stage.  That pilot was Popcultured with Elvira Kurt levels of hated.

I sincerely hope this is part of a larger effort to revitalize Teletoon Detour/At Night.  Teletoon would be stupid not to greenlight at least one cartoon, even mimic the [adult swim] preference for fifteen-minute shows.  If Teletoon doesn’t greenlight at least one regular series from the Pilot Project, what’s the point of mounting it?

All pilots will remain online until February 1, 2010.  Pilots participating in the Teletoon Pilot Project will air this coming fall.

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  • Regal Marc

    What happened to Life’s A Zoo? That was a great detour show and it just disappeared, they showed the same episodes again and again and then it was done. That’s a shame and its a shame teletoon keeps making epic fail shows. Nerdland is one of the best of the bunch in that contest but its not a good show.

    Love your “popcultured level of hate” quote btw and will use it from now on….tho it is not true. After seeing Nerdland I never had to stop my drunk brother from getting in his car in the middle of the night and driving to the tv station to smash their windows. That actually happened after one night we watched popcultured with elvira kurt. No kidding that’s a true story and he wasn’t joking I had to physically stop him from getting in his car and talk him down. That’s the level of popculture hate out there.

    The fact we still talk about how much popcultured sucked after how many years is proof enough that show was total diarrhea

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  • What?

    Both those shows suck.