News: Standup comic Wayne Flemming convicted of sexual assault

Wayne Flemming, a longtime standup comic and actor, has been convicted of sexual assault involving a teenage girl.  He will be sentenced to six months’ house arrest and 100 hours of community service, according to the Belleville Intelligencer.

Flemming was arrested last year on counts of sexual assault, sexual interference, trafficking a controlled substance and invitation to sexual touching.  As part of Flemming’s plea agreement, the Ontario Court of Justice has dropped the three lesser charges.

Flemming has appeared on Ken Finkleman’s CBC miniseries Married Life (1995.)  Film credits include Rebel High (1987), Fun with Dick and Jane (2005), Cinderella Man (2005), Fever Pitch (2005) and Heartstopper (2006.)

In February 2000, Flemming suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage.  The hemorrhage left him clinically dead at one point.  Jim Carrey is a longtime friend of Flemming’s, temporarily halting production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) to visit Flemming at a Kingston hospital.

I respect Flemming’s longevity and tenacity, but this is a shame.  Flemming’s in his early sixties.  It’ll be interesting to see how the conviction will affect his career.  It’s not like Flemming’s career is at a high point right now.

As an aside, the Belleville Intelligencer has misidentified the date of Flemming’s brain hemorrhage as 1995.  It’s a mistake that has wafted into the pages of the Toronto Sun, London Free Press and other Quebecor Media outlets.  I just love concentrated media ownership!

  • donnie

    I know something stinks here?/ Have known wayne for 30 years and I think he took a deal rather than pay Lawyers a ya buddie D

  • Terry

    Donnie i have news for you the pictures prove it all. so maybe u dont know wayne as well as u thought and you werent there so maybe you should shut up

  • bim

    i know the real story i was there in the court room when it happen sooo all you shut up kk thanks bye

  • D

    I am one of his nephews and i think that people should really look into things from both perspectives before assuming such things. He’s a great, talented, funny man and would never do such a thing. He’s been with all of us his whole life and has never EVER acted as people leave you to believe. Love you uncle wayne.

  • Terry

    as i have said teh pictures prove it all and as for the nephew news for you 9 times out of 10 its someone we love and trust that hurts us.

  • jaaash

    aiight shitbirck. terry was it? something about getting facts straight and whatnot. some say pictures say a thousand words, but even that 1 time out of 10, all one thousand of those words can be bullshit.

  • The girl he did this too

    I thank the person who wrote this article because the fact that he is such a highly thought of person in the community has been so hard on me . The colonel who raped and murdered Jessica Lloyd was also a respected individual, does that excuse his unforgivable physcotic and sociopathic tendencies , little own the sabotage that he bequeathed upon his victims family? I think not. His career path doesn’t change his perversion. It truly gives him all the access in the world to children… Thank you for writing the only article I can read and not cry. To the people that wrote comments – He manipulated me soo badly that I’m still fucked up . He made me believe that he cared about me , but if he cared about me he wouldn’t have done what he did. If you ask Wayne he will openly admit to taking me to a hotel. Why did he do that? To do what he did. If you don’t believe me please at least be careful wih your children, no one on earth deserves to go threw this…. He sabotaged my whole family … Can you imagine being my father or mother?

    To Waynes nephew – he obviously is a talented actor cuz he has you all fooled .. And now that you have heard the victims perspective hopefully you can see past the acting… You don’t take a plea to a charge like that unless your scared to recieve harsher punishments . He didn’t want to go to jail. The judge told him that he could have recieved two years in prison and the reasons that I gave the option of not going to jail was because I know he has a son to take care of and love and I missed out on having my parents around so I would never want to do that to another child. He also made me believe he cared and it hurt me to even do something about what he had done to me . I’m sorry that it hurt your family too , but as I’ve said this is terrible for a child to go threw I’m not okay with allowing him to do this again. But If your looking for the apology you should desire its one from Wayne.

  • terry

    Also I would like to add Wayne didnt have to pay lawyer fees so this wasnt a way out for him. He had legal aid

  • Brian

    Whoever this Terry idiot is, obviously they didn’t get any facts straight, and also didn’t follow any of the proceedings, anyone who knows Wayne or the case for that matter knows he got railroaded in a plea bargin, under duress, due to the fact that his incompetent lawyer wouldn’t take his case to trial unless he paid an outrageous $10000 retainer, based solely on the expectation that Wayne’s “friends” would come to the rescue with the cash to line the lawyers pocket.. Had Wayne had proper legal representation, this case would have been thrown out on day 1!


    This is bullshit!! I have known Wayne Fleming for years and this is not who he is. Wayne Fleming is a hard working single father of two up to their adult years prior to his getting married. I’ve got a few words for you missy. Where there’s smoke there’s fire…What was miss big girl pants doing in that position to begin with? Oh I know…you thought he cared cause you were looking for a father or an uncle right? Who forced you to go to a hotel? Were you drinking ? Smoking weed? Cop caller when things don’t go your way? Here’s hoping you learned a lesson. If Wayne messed with an underage girl he was wrong. The rest was your doing. My WAYNE is passive, tea drinking and kind. IF YOU PLAY BIG GIRL GAMES YOU GET IN BIG GIRL TROUBLE. I love Wayne and so do many other people. If he made a mistake shame on him. Why don’t you hang with your own age.

  • This standup comic made me laugh.

  • A.R. SEARS

    I totally agree with the writer of para 10. Wayne didn’t do this like it is written. Come on, my family and I have know him for 40 plus years. No way. I agree with the number 10 writer Brian. where there is smoke there is fire. yes if Wayne was with an under age girl he was wrong on that, but it takes two and I know lots of underage girls that drop their panties and would think they might get a little payday out of this. COME ON. Hang in there Wayne. Your true friends are all behind you.