News: Ed the Sock debuts May 28, 2010 on Channel Zero outlets

URBMN readers – hell, anyone familiar with CityTV and MuchMusic – should remember Ed the Sock.  The green-haired, sardonic sock puppet has been around since the late 1980s, when Ed first debuted on Newton Cable in Toronto.  This Movie Sucks! will mark Ed’s debut on CHCH, CJNT and CHEK, as well as Movieola and Silver Screen Classics.  The show first airs May 28, 2010, from midnight to 2:00 AM.

This Movie Sucks! reads like a reiteration of Ed’s Nite In, where Ed and human sidekick Red (Liana Kerzner) make fun of bad films.  This Movie Sucks! will be followed by I Hate Hollywood! in September 2010, according to Bill Brioux and the Ed the Sock website.  A new version of Fromage is also planned.

I’m ambivalent about Ed the Sock’s return to television.  This Movie Sucks! is the perfect fit for both CHCH and CHEK.  It’s a terrible fit for Movieola, the short-film channel.  At least CHCH is airing more than its usual midnight martial-arts film, so I shouldn’t complain.  I’ll only judge This Movie Sucks! once it airs.

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  • bryan

    i’m iffy on this. i always loved ed the sock but the show was getting stale so mabe it is good that it was gone. also never liked his female host she was just not funny like the other two hosts used to be before her. it is different show though so we will see. yeah can’t be worst than what they usually have on moviola.

  • Jon Rottman

    Saw the premiere and it was hit and miss. I have always been an Ed the Sock fan and he is still funny and a great character-slash-host. I agree with the other poster that the red head co host is just not funny she added nothing to the show. The other people I think were one time guests, Ron Sparks is obviously hilarious (he is my favourites from Video On Trial) and had some great lines but the other two were just kind of there talking, the other lady was sometimes funny but that’s more from the other people making jokes about her and not the face that she is funny herself. Why was everyone throwing popcorn? The movie they watched was pretty boring a lot of the time they should have less of that and more making fun of the movie.

  • Jon Rottman

    p.s. the name of the movie was “Bride Of The Gorilla” and it had the Canadian actor who played Perry Mason in it. I’ve never saw Perry Mason myself.