TV Review | Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks! 1.1, 1.2

The first episode of Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks! (CHCH/CHEK/CJNT/Silver Screen Classics/Movieola: debuted May 29 at midnight ET/PT) is strictly amateur-hour, not the best of comebacks for Ed the Sock.  The show promises a celebration of bad movies.  All This Movie Sucks! celebrates in its initial outing is how half-baked it is.

Ed and Liana K are flanked by Ron Sparks, Andrew Young and Charlene Zacks.  Ed makes with the insults.  Liana throws popcorn, while Sparks and Young lob token wisecracks.  Bride of the Gorilla is screened, largely free of Ed’s cutting wit.

This doesn’t play to Ed’s strengths, since Bride of the Gorilla is boring as hell.  Raymond Burr is cursed by a witch doctor, becoming a gorilla mentally and/or physically.  It’s a weregorilla film that half-asses on the monster itself.  Bride of the Gorilla cries out for a riffing that never comes.

I don’t know what to make of Charlene.  She’s gap-toothed and awkward.  I’m not even sure if she’s acting.  Charlene and Ed play off each other, not that it makes This Movie Sucks!‘ debut more watchable.

This Movie Sucks!‘ debut goes for a Dinner and a Movie-type format, the worst format a show like this could pick.  Ron Sparks is almost completely wasted.  Even Ed the Sock creator Steven Kerzner states how bad the first episode is in the closing credits, calling TMS!‘ debut a “beta test.”

This touch-and-go approach to show creation is almost gone from North American television.  This Movie Sucks!‘ debut should have been better thought out, but this is CHCH in the Channel Zero era.  You can painfully see the feeling-out process firsthand.  At least This Movie Sucks! is honest about its own shittiness.

Here are the first four minutes of This Movie Sucks!, from CHCHnewsfan’s Youtube account.  I wonder if Charlene Zacks will appear on This Movie Sucks! in the future.  She might be to TMS! what Beeper is to Mystery Science Theater 3000.

The second episode of This Movie Sucks! has Ed and Liana K embrace the Mystery Science Theater 3000 house style.  The riffing on TMS! isn’t nearly as clever as on MST3K, but it’s adequate enough.  After TMS!‘ first episode, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Wraparounds for the second episode have Ed and the gang attend Anime North 2010.  Ed explains that the studio shoot for this episode is so terrible, they’re scrambling to fill time.  Young and Sparks are still around, yet Zacks is nowhere to be seen.  Thirty minutes of airtime have also been excised.

Attack from Space is the target of Ed and Liana’s riffing.  The “film” stitches together two Super Giant short films, The Artificial Satellite and the Destruction of Humanity and The Spaceship and the Clash of the Artificial Satellite.  Super Giant is redubbed Starman for American audiences.

The dubbing is of 1960s standard.  Dialogue is heavy.  A narrator neatly delineates the plot – well, as much of it as he can, considering Attack from Space‘s ill-thought-out nature.  We’re talking about a film where Starman’s wings flap in the vacuum of space.  Attack from Space deteriorates from there.

I hope future episodes of This Movie Sucks! use the second episode’s format.  Riffing is familiar Ed the Sock territory, a fact Fromage viewers well know.  Young and Sparks should also be riffing, since they’re comedians, but the show’s format is not yet etched in stone.

The Anime North footage is an excuse for Liana K to cosplay.  There are some half-decent moments, like when Ed tries to sell conventioneers on the wonders of Everyburger, pork jerky and Cream Collon.

The fans are initially put off by odd examples of Japanese food culture.  That’s so much better than Ed the Sock constantly referencing an overexposed YouTube clip in the first episode.  Come on, Cream Collon!

I hope This Movie Sucks! improves from its second episode.  For one thing, CHCH isn’t going to turf TMS! for more badly-dubbed martial arts films.  TMS! might as well be the best damn Mystery Science Theater 3000 ripoff it can be.  What does This Movie Sucks! have to lose?

As a bonus, here’s a poor-quality clip of Ed the Sock at Anime North 2010.  Watch as Cafe Delish gives love to a dessert tray.  It’s otakuriffic!

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  • Paul McGlashan

    I agree completely with everything you have said. The Sock is probably just rusty because he’s been off TV so long. I agree that Ron Sparks is wasted in this. I can’t believe they left Much Music for this? They are funny though so I think it will get better. Liana is ok in small doses (sometimes she rambles). But Charlene was really annoying all the time so I’m glad she was gone for the second movie and the other comedian was even more annoying and did not say anything funny in both episodes.

  • Bryan

    i was very disappointed too. as a big fan of ed since i was old enough to watch late night tv i think he could have done much better than this show. i have seen two weeks so far. ditto on ron sparks he is very talented so why isn’t he doing skits or something, he probably is embarassed by how bad the show he’s doing is. they are both above this work! i have faith though that the show will turn around remember ed has many years experience doing shows so he must know how to turn things around back to the good.

  • Bryan

    and yeah the first movie was really boring but the second one was way, way better.

  • KZbat

    Ahh I see what you guys mean but the show was ok.

  • hogwarts

    i’m going to give this show a chance. also a fan of ed & red (aka liana k.) and ron sparks was hilarious on video on trail.

  • DiaMark

    I like the show!

  • Gary T.

    Yeah it’s a good show give it a chance!

  • dominichasatv

    i agree with the posters here give the show a chance to get good they all proved before they know how to do good tv so give it a chance.

  • Art

    Ran across this program and, I just roared laughing. Like Ed the Sock. Hope he runs for the White House in 2012. He would get my vote HANDS DOWN, slam dunk. I never laughed so much and, so hard in my life since probably the Addams Family back in the mid 1960s. Keep up the good work.

  • andrew

    no show last night, what is up?

  • I e-mailed Andrew Young about that last night. He says the third ep. should air next week. TMS! wasn’t on last night due to a “last minute schedule change.”

  • The Dude

    I haven’t seen the show yet but Ed the Sock and Ron Sparks are both funny, does that count for anything?
    Yep I tuned in and no show.

  • anonymous

    give the show a chance!

  • David Mello

    A group called Incognitio Cinema Warriors XP also mocked Bride of the Gorilla, and did it much better. Go to It may still have that DVD for sale.

  • chris

    @ david mello

    wow man a guy with two robots bashing movies… total mst3k rip off! doesn’t look funny either. ed the sock is the king, don’t bash him.
    and don’t try to sell your dvd’s on his discussion page. lame move.

  • chris

    is there a show tonight? wtf is up with this show?

  • David Mello is right about ICWXP being first class humor. He doesn’t work for them nor do I. But they are funny.

  • William Mulling

    It was terrible. I have seen three episodes now and I am ready to give up on Ed the Sock. He used to be my favourite TV escape but now it is just stale and really low quality. Maybe he stayed away too long but he should just live off his money he made over all those years and retire with dignity because this show will ruin him.
    The movie was ‘Wild Women of Wongo’. REVIEW OF THE MOVIE! It was bad but that is kind of the point. It had a super long unnecessary dance scene where the witch had a gator hat on and another one where a girl fought a gator underwater. Very boring but the MST3K style jokes during the movie should have made it better but they didn’t. REVIEW OF ED & RED! They were not funny. The parts with them between the movie were so long and boring I kept almost falling asleep and despite it being 1am I was not tired at all before I started watching. Ed is still Ed but like I said he is not as sharp as he used to be on his old show and this show just seems like an imitation of MST3K where it isn’t as funny. Red is the big problem, I know she is his wife in real life but even Ed must know she is terrible. The old show started to suck and got canceled by much music when she became the sidekick so I don’t know why she’s still here. This will sound mean but she’s also too old and not the right body type to be a hot girl sidekick either, she is just not hot. They both but mostly her kept repeating the same jokes during the movie, especially Justin Bieber and gay hut jokes.
    Red also built a hut that resulted in zero funny parts too. She also blew up a turtle, Ed’s “I love turtles” line as if she was blowing the turtle was very funny but watching her actually do it was not funny or hot at all. As if that wasn’t enough they replayed the entire thing in slo-mo. The parts with Andrew Young being asked to spray paint his hair silver (the male characters in the movie had cheesy silver spray on their hair to make them look older) were like a late night talk show skit but they made it last the entire two hours and it wasn’t funny either, an intern named Ryan ended up getting his hair sprayed and was just boring. Ron Sparks was on screen for literally five seconds, Ed asked him if he wanted to watch the movie and he said no and left pushing down Red’s turtle god. I could almost smell how embarassed he was, no wonder he was only on for five seconds(according to the credits he should be embarrassed because he is also a producer and writer for this show). Don’t mean to sound mean, he is awesome on Video on Trial but added nothing to this episode. There was also a part where an intern sat in the hut and talked about walking in on people in public bathrooms for a minute. Yeah it was about as confusing as it sounds, bathroom jokes for no reason at all. Another not funny part.
    In total I’d say there were three parts where I laughed, maybe more where I smiled. A very bad return for two hours of TV viewing. Ed himself was not terrible but it’s time to let this show die unless you make it a lot better real fast.

  • daniel retarded

    the show was boring but not awful it is still only in the second episode hy not give it a chance jeeze!

  • So…Bride of the Gorilla reaired, albeit in an edited, fully riffed version. I liked this version of the episode much better.

    Ron Sparks and Andrew Young are finally allowed to heckle the film along with Ed & Red. The rejigged episode has been cut down to an hour and forty-five minutes. The rest of the episode is filled by Ed & Red’s L.A.R.P. Adventure.

    Ed’s swearing in L.A.R.P. Adventure isn’t censored, while This Movie Sucks is. That’s kind of odd. Canada doesn’t censor its shows as harshly as the Americans, plus TMS! is on at midnight. Must be a Channel Zero thing.

  • Petunia7777777

    Re: Art “Ed should run for the White House” – you’re right. He might have trouble because the next election is years away, and he’s Canadian so he can’t run, and he’s also a sock puppet… but other than that he has a great chance.
    Re: Ed the Sock – the other posters are right, he rocks and his new show deserves a chance to find itself.
    Re: ICWXP – haven’t seen it, can’t comment.
    Re: Paul “Charlene and Andrew are annoying” – he’s a straight man and she’s SUPPOSED TO BE annoying, those are the CHARACTERS they are playing in this TV SHOW. Seems obvious to me. Charlene has been a regular on Ed’s show(s) for years and that is always the role she has filled.
    Re: William “interns are boring” – well, they are INTERNS, I think it takes courage for them to go on TV and risk looking foolish, and I thought they did a good job anyway. You are mean.
    Re: William “Liana ruined the old show” – uh… you’re obviously a very negative person but if you’re going to hurl insults at least make sense. Ed the Sock’s last show got bigger after Liana K became co-host and aired in the U.S. The show ended because they let it; it’s their show. If she wasn’t good why would she still be the co-host? You really think they would tank their own show?
    Re: “The show’s bad but give it a chance” – the first episode was obviously sloppy but the re-airing was a lot better, I think it’s already a good show that will only get better and funnier.

  • dearpetunia

    Dear Petunia777777777777777 you work for the show or something? Ed the sock got CANCELED BEFORE they didn’t just quit from TV. Not bashing ed cuz I’m a fan but those are the FACTS!! Ed running for president I’m pretty sure the other post was kidding about that, lol. Liana isn’t bad but the old cohost ed had was better, she definately has better boobs though lol! She is his wife iin real life so she is staying and she isn’t bad. I didn’t hate that andrew guy he is just kind of there and Charlene I thought was funny- at least them making jokes on her. Ed anr ron sparks are always funny, Ed hasn’t changed a bit since he was on much. I don’t think the show has to get baetter it is already a good show. It is better with the jokes during the movie.

  • Mike Parks


    not gonna pass judgment…it’s ED for go god’s sake.

  • U_ASS

    I only saw the one episode (the last one) And i didn’t like it.


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  • megangibson

    Manster was the best one yet. This show is apparently on Saturdays now unless it was a temporary move. Lines of the movie were Ed saying “what the hell is going on?” at the beginning and describing latex, Ron when he kept saying Payless Shoes was on the volcano, and saying the monster hated tables. I also loved when he said “that’s the real head the one that is talking”, ha! Best line of the night though was Liana saying “um nice try but that’s just a drawing of a mountain” when the scientist had the chart with a line on it that looked like the outline of a mountain. Great make up work too! I still can’t figure out why that guy’s wife kept coming back when he yelled at her, hit her, etc! And grew two heads!

  • The Saturday move is not temporary. A crawl ran during the Wild Guitar episode two weeks ago, advertising the move.

    Apparently, CHCH has done nothing to advertise this, though I rarely watch CHCH enough to find out. I don’t see TMS! being high on CHCH’s list of priorities, since it’s obtained much of Sun TV’s former lineup, but hey, the old CHCH logo is back! Yay.

  • danny

    The one with the two headed man was awesome. I didn’t like the gorilla one and couldn’t finish watching it. Those are the only two I have seen.

  • Regal Marc

    Ed The Sock dot com and the home page for CHCH have nothing about this show which is infuriating. I want to see schedules, clips, etc. There is not much info on line about this show and most people I talk to have not heard of it. It is a good show so I hope it doesn’t get axed just cause they aren’t letting people know about it.

    Last night’s show was Attack From Space an old Japanese movie about Star Man who fights space nazis who need to steal earth’s spaceship engine to destroy us even though they flew here so they must allready have engines—yeah its that stupid.

    Still a good show even tho there needed more riffing during teh movie and a lot of the anime convention stuff was boring (way to much conga line and talking to people about their costumes and eating weird food seriously wrap that up after like ten seconds of them talking)

  • Actually, last night’s Attack from Space episode was different from the original airing. The new intro was badly pasted over the old intro at times. New segments, too. It’s been a bit more than three weeks since a new episode. I guess it’s good that TMS! is trying to clean up its old shows, but a new episode followed by two or three weeks of reruns…I’m sorry, that wears thin.

    I am also annoyed at CHCH and Ed’s webpage not promoting the show. I would love to know when new episodes of This Movie Sucks! air, rather than reruns and rejigged versions of same.

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  • Regal Marc

    WTF was that?

    Anybody else see the show last night?

    NO MOVIE WHATSOEVER. Just Liana talking about hundreds of video games.

    Nothing against her, she is a good cohort for Ed and she is good looking but even if she was hot I don’t want to watch two hours of her talking about video games when the show is supposed to be heckling bad movies.

    I had to turn it off about 15 minutes into her playing a video game where she was dancing.

    No Ed even! WTF is this show supposed to be? Why call it this movie sucks when you just talk about video games?

  • max

    here;s 1 for xmas holiday.this movie blows chunks everywhere,hahaha,utter crap,lol

    Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964)

  • What?

    Santa Conquers The Martians was also done on MST3K but so were some other movies on TMS so yeah they should do it for Christmas nice call man! Maybe Ed and Roninja can kill Santa.

  • Sedate Me

    I don’t get the criticism, especially about the movies themselves. When a show is named This Movie Sucks, only a moron would expect a decent movie. It’s a built-in “SPOILER ALERT!!!” The movie should suck and the show should appear like a half-assed, space-filling, piece of crap…the kind of show only half-baked folks watching TV at midnight would appreciate.

    I tuned in (a few episodes in) to fill the B-movie void left by the death of the Drive-In Classics channel. I wanted to see awful/cheesy movies with the added bonus of Ed & crew ripping them to bits. And they deliver exactly that! The further they stray from the format, the less enjoyable it will be.

    But does anybody expect anything else from an ultra-low budget show with a cynical sock puppet? Seriously people! CHCH ain’t even Much Music or City TV. This also isn’t exactly Ed’s natural habitat. They seem to have adjusted to the format and everything should go just fine from here.

    For example, the MANSTER episode with all of Leanna’s toys, er, action figures, er, Fister &, uh…anyway it was hysterical and almost relevant.

    My ONLY real complaint is the censorship, both in the swearing and, most importantly, the lack of nudity. It seriously harms what movies can be shown. That limiting of the raw material hurts the show more than anything. Hey, this is Canadian TV at Midnight! Remember when CHCH showed The L Word uncensored? Why not Night School Nurses?