News: Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks!‘ “2nd season” premieres September 18, 2010

Since Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks! debuted on May 28, 2010, the show has been a popular search topic for URBMN.  Channel Zero recently announced a “renewal” of sorts for TMS!, in this press release for CHCH’s second year under Channel Zero ownership.

The show will have two new episodes in the coming weeks, according to Channel Zero’s Sonya Davidson.  August 28, 2010 will be what Davidson terms an “E3 Special,” which I assume means TMS! will visit/make fun of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

September 18, 2010 will be the “season premiere,” though it’s really the seventh episode.  The schedule since c. July 2010 has been one new episode followed by two to three reruns.  There have been re-edits of the Attack from Space and Bride of the Gorilla episodes, as well as new opening credits.

At this point, This Movie Sucks! is definitely not as slick as Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its prime.  I’m not aware of MST3K in its KTMA days being as sloppily-edited as TMS! often is.  At least Charlene Zacks was turfed after the initial outing.

Ron Sparks’ involvement with This Movie Sucks! varies by episode, and Andrew Young is now well-established as chief butt monkey.  I don’t know what kind of a budget TMS! has to work with, but it certainly isn’t playing with CityTV scratch.

The show’s still a “find out at midnight Saturday to see if it’s a new episode” affair, but that’s due more to lack of publicity than anything.  At least TMS! actually re-edits weaker episodes.  You would not believe how much the Bride of the Gorilla episode has improved with actual riffing.

With this and CHCH’s new version of Sportsline, it’s like CHCH wants to assemble some weird amalgamation of “classic” Toronto television.  I mean, Mark Hebscher‘s hosting nü Sportsline.  Now all we need is a Just Like Mom revival…oh, shit.

Addendum (September 19, 2010 – 12:28 AM) | According to Channel Zero’s Sonya Davidson, new episodes of This Movie Sucks! will now air September 25, 2010.

I’ve known about this change since September 17.  I decided to wait until shortly after This Movie Sucks! aired in its usual time, just to see if CHCH would air yet another rerun.  It has.  As of the time I write this, the second version of Attack from Space is being rehashed.

I’m not even expecting a new episode for September 25, the way things are going.  I apologize for being late with this news, but I just don’t understand the show’s production schedule.  I’ve given TMS! a pass for a few months, but come on.  Geek-O-Rama just doesn’t cut it.

  • Regal Marc

    I am so happy Ed is back on TV and I am glad This Movie Sucks is coming back for another season or new episodes, w/e, but it has problems.

    What I like about This Movie Sucks:
    1. Chance to see MST3K ish bad movies get boots put to!
    2. Ed The Sock is back on TV!
    3. Ron Sparks!
    4. Charlene Zacks is gone!
    5. Good low budget Canadian TV may be back!

    What I don’t like about This Movie Sucks:
    1. Weeks that are reruns or just recuts of old episodes (even though the recuts are better I’d rather see brand new movies).
    2. WTF is Geekorama? I don’t want to see a This Movie Sucks with no movie and nothing to do with Ed. No offense to Liana but just her for a whole show got so boring I had to turn it, no Ed at all! No more random nonsense episodes please!
    3. That butt monkey all he does is just complains and wears stupid costumes.
    4. Haven’t gotten to any of my fave old sci fi movies yet!
    5. The show’s technical quality was and sometimes is still garbage!

    So it’s kind of a mixed bag of good and bad but the show over all has gotten better in quality and I’m still tuning in every week so long as they make new episodes and no more episodes that have nothing to do with movies.

  • Dan

    The show is hit or miss.

    Agree with your good things list.

    Bad list agree they need more new movie episodes but didn’t hate Geek ep so much. They are allowed weaker eps sometimes like any show. Movies are better though. To many reruns for sure. Andrew I think is supposed to be whining and Ed made him put on the costume.

  • chris, just chris

    another fucking rerun this week but at least it was a good episode. killer shrews was awesome, 2nd double feature the snake the tiger and the crane was also good but not good enough to help killer shrews beat out manster for best episode. they really need new episodes. i did not like the geek episode myself and i kinda like charlene if that’s the weird girl from the gorilla episode.

  • Alex

    I need new episodes!

  • anonymous

    They need 1.New Episodes 2.No more Liana/Geek episodes 3.Bring back the wierd mama from gorilla episodes cuz she was nuts/funny 4.Oh yeah did I mention new episodes!

  • Regal Marc

    ANOTHER RERUN WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING AT CHCH! I don’t even blame Ed the Sock for this I blame the station why brag it’s a new season then air a rerun and that is FOUR TIMES THEY SHOWED THAT ONE! WTF!!!!

  • anonymous

    Why have a release saying it will be season 2 then have another same rerun again? How many times do we want to see that same episode? Make new episodes dammit I dont know if it is ed the sock or chch but that sucked, why say its a new episode when it was the same old one? That’s Lies.

  • anonymous

    Just noticed your update, yes I dont expect them to be truthful about Sept 25 new episode either what how many weeks is it with just reruns and you are right that geekorama episode sucked hairy hole and thats the only new one in like two months? Get with it ed/chch.

  • Chris

    Last night’s show was the best yet! The Master was amazing! Finally a new episode! Anybody have a web page for this show? CHCH has no info.

  • I agree. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter/The Master is the most consistent, and best, TMS! episode thus far.

    I question The Master‘s claim to public domain, and MST3K’s famous for its Master Ninja episodes (3.22 and 3.24.) Ron Sparks as Roninja, though, will be TMS!Master Ninja Theme Song.

  • Jordan Bell

    Hands Down the best episode of this movie sucks! Not even close for me. The show has been bad then so so and now it is finally finding it’s stride, not that I ever doubted it would with Ed the Sock, Ron Sparks, etc. Ron Sparks had us laughing until we almost fell off the couch. I totally agree that Roninja will go down in TV history, this was even better than MST3K and I never thought I would ever say that even about this show. Can’t wait for more new episodes! The whole show was worth watching just for Sparks and the gay truck stop jokes lmao.

  • dave glinski

    awesome show this week! first, great to see new episodes, second master was awesome the ninja master looked 94 years old, third ron sparks was hilarious i love how he disappeared as roninja but i did miss his commentary it was worth it, fourth the jokes and movie was great, fifth the jesse james movie was also good but it was mostly just good cause of their jokes.

  • What?

    Roninja was awesome but that Jesse James movie was too awful to even make fun of it what a POS movie!

  • Dr Peter D

    I’m still angry about this show. What even happened? It was the only good show on CHCH and they said new episodes then never actually aired new episodes wtf?? I hope somebody lost their job over this. Why didn’t this show get on another channel or at least on youtube? Are there still episodes floating around or that ed the sock has that did not get aired?