Interview | Yannick Bisson, Murdoch Mysteries

This is a first for URBMN: AUDIO!  Yes, you get to hear me ask four questions to Murdoch Mysteries‘ Yannick Bisson.  Bisson plays title character William Murdoch, a detective in 1890s Toronto using primitive forensic science to solve his cases.  Murdoch Mysteries has recently been renewed for a fifth season, the fourth season premiering on CityTV Tuesday, June 7 at 9:00 PM ET/PT, 8:00 PM MT/CT.

Link to the MP3 (Posterous)

Admittedly, I’m out of my element here.  The interview isn’t as in-depth as I’d like.  The whole piece is four minutes long, and edited within three hours.  Hey, it’s out, and I get to use the moribund Posterous account again.  I should have more MP3-related fun within two weeks.  In the meantime, enjoy my mumblemouth.

  • jane g

    Thanks for sharing this. It was well done! And, of course, we all love Yannick Bisson.

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  • I want Murdoch Mysteries Season 5 here now because i need to see what happen to season 4 – Season 5 and what happen to Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch and Helene Joy as Doctor Julia Ogden will Detective William Murdoch finally propose to Doctor Julia Ogden in Murdoch Mysteries Season 5 and he want kids – children with her Julia
    and Julia want kids – children with him William becuase they still love together forever and ever toooooooooooooooooooo perfect together By: Hermon Ogubazgi

  • Charlotte

    I think Detective Murdoch is much more handsome than that Yannick Bisson fellow. I hope they show more t-shirt beefcake shots of Murdoch in Season 5. The one of him sitting on his bed in “Bloodlust” almost had me swooning…. and then I lost count of how many times I watched him man-handle Julia over and over and over again in the “fantasy” scene at the end of that same episode…. Dear God, please put more real men like Detective Murdoch on TV. Soon. Thank you. Amen.

  • Brenda McFarlane

    I cannot understand WHY!!! Canadian TV take off good shows that was in my books a verey intesting show.It had family show written all over it.. for 5 seasons..and could continue if they had proper people running the Show…You know the ones I mean the ones that make all the money… and it isn’t the actors..the one behind the desks..So why not take a good show off and put some stupid show or so call comedy on that is just a waste of television time… that’s the trouble with TV now adays, you could of at the very least let people know that the show wasn’t coming back and wrote a better ending…at least to those who remained forward to watching the show weekly.. No lets just cut it off who cares we made our money…Tell me what wonderful show did you replace it with… Oh you didn’t that is why Canadian T V stinks…you don’t know when you have a good thing.. How stupid are you oops I forgot you got your money that’s all you wanted… thanks for the good show you didn’t keep going….I watch U S stations..At least I get to watch different ones when they take of the good show…a larger caliber of shows one can’t say they can’t find one on the U S stations..can’t be said for CANADIAN TV…If your brains was working you would see it and return Murdoch to the screen it’s not to late…but!!! you won’t..Just play the reruns!!!! and reruns!!!! and reruns!!!! and reruns get the picture…see nothing good on CANADIAN TV what to expect… NOTHING

  • Umm…Murdoch Mysteries is moving to CBC for a sixth season, either in 2012 or 2013. It hasn’t been cancelled.