TV Review | The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour 1.1, 1.2

The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour (Action: Pope Productions/Happy Funtime Productions, 2011) is a case study in Canadian television not meeting its potential.  Drunk and on Drugs stars actors from Trailer Park Boys, one of the rare Canadian television phenomena of the past decade.  Amy Sedaris and Jay Baruchel, two reasonably popular celebrities, appear in small roles.  In addition, Drunk and on Drugs is the late Maury Chaykin’s episodic television swan song.

Where does Shaw Media air Drunk and on Drugs, then?  The channel it was originally slotted for, Showcase?  No, Shaw Media burns it off on an obscure Showcase spinoff channel, in the middle of July, two episodes at a time.  That’s a shame, as The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is the best Canadian television I’ve seen so far this summer.

Robb Wells, Mike Smith and John Paul Tremblay play themselves, as they try to figure out why they’re in random predicaments (in a trashed motel room, inside a giant wooden penis) at the beginning of each episode.  Dr. Funtime (Maury Chaykin), who may or may not be a real scientist and/or Maury Chaykin, has created a blueberry-based hallucinogen that keeps the residents of Port Cockerton in line.

Wells, Smith and Tremblay are also kept in Port Cockerton, for reasons as yet unexplained.  Meanwhile, television executive K. Money (Amy Sedaris) is pissed off, as she tries to assemble hours of show footage into something remotely coherent.  I’m not sure what any of this means, if anything.

Wells, Smith and Tremblay play multiple characters throughout the show.  In lesser hands, Drunk and on Drugs would be a vanity project in the tradition of Single White Spenny and Good Dog.  Thankfully, The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is an ambitious attempt at weaving multiple narratives into a cohesive whole.  Based on the first two episodes, it actually succeeds on this level.

Even given the show’s more outlandish elements (the armless Papa Karlson’s Feetza Pizza, the DJs of all-gay radio station CGAY, the geriatric mob family, Dr. Funtime), Drunk and on Drugs is fairly tightly plotted.  If Trailer Park Boys is Danger Man/Secret Agent, The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is The Prisoner.  That’s not to say Drunk and on Drugs is as good as The Prisoner, just that the two shows inhabit the same plane of weirdness.  I’m interested to see how the remainder of Drunk and on Drugs pans out.

If you’re curious, the first two episodes of The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour are online at  The episodes aren’t viewable outside Canada, but one can get around the geoblocking.  See?  Canadian television not meeting its potential.  I hope The Comedy Network doesn’t wrap a similar geofence around Picnicface.

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  • Ivan

    I really enjoyed the first two episodes. I love watching those guys and they make the show work.

  • TPB fan

    its hard to watch this show, these guys are smart but its way to complicated and the makeup sucks so you cant help but think about each of the actors, havent laughed from it at all yet, hoping it picks up the first TPB were okay and really different from later so this has mad potential but they made it too complicated, I remember listening to the phone interview question period with the boys about the upcomming DAODFHA show and they made it sound like a kids show where everyone is on drugs kind of like sesame street meets avenue Q so like the messages you dont actually want kids to see made in a kids show style

    THAT would have been waaaaaaay funnier

  • Pdub

    Seriously this show is a total mess.

    Not funny, and weird for the sake of weird.

    I was super hyped to see it and was massively let down when I finally saw it.

  • Kris

    VERY tightly paced. Funny, and definately shows the diversity of acting the trio is capable of. Makeup is GREAT! Do yourself a favor and start from episode one, you’ll need the explanation.


    Should have put their efforts into making more TPB episodes. The title is the only thing funny about the show.

  • PREZ2V

    Funny show with tons of potential. Stabby Brutto is hilarious! I like the suttle TPB references they slip in too

  • 2112

    While very creative, it’s not very funny. It’s not enough to portray the actors in makeup and have them act zany. There are some wincingly bad moments that remind me of watching Master of Disguise. Speaking of which, this is the worst makeup I’ve ever seen. Perhaps it’s intentional, but it looks like they’re wearing dollar store halloween masks.

    I give them credit for coming up with something completely different from Trailer Park Boys. They definitely didn’t choose the safe path, but unfortunately this show misses the comedy mark.

  • Amabda

    This show rocks and is totally hilarious, the ridiculous make-up make it even funnier, I love you Mike, Rob and JP, you rock hope to see many more episodes of the craziness :o)

  • fred

    You have to watch epesodes more than once to get to full effect of the humor.A little sick, I like it.

  • Liam Challoner

    This is like vulgar comedy not really my thing it’s probably because i watch TPB i expect alot of laughs, also there’s too many characters in the show they need to cut them down i think it doesn’t work with Mike Smith JPT and Robb Wells playing most of the them, John E Dunsworth had minor parts why? all i can say is scrap it make something else.

  • Psellos

    I watched TPB only like two months ago for the first time and it took me just two weeks to watch all the episodes and movies. Since I am from Europe where TBP is almost completly unknown I was really surprised with the quallity and humor and naturally wanted to see sth. more with boys. But to be honest The Drunk And On Drugs sucks big time. As I am “fresh fan” of TBP I can compare the great feeling I had after first episode of TBP with huge dissapointment I felt after Drunk and on Drugs. Way too many characters and completly unclear and hard to understand what is going on there. On the other hand in TBP you knew who is who and every chareacter had its trademark (drink for Julian, no-shirt for Randy etc.) – which made it easier to get into it and concentrate just on the humor. After three episodes of this new show I already know I wont watch it again.

    Psellos from Czech Republic

  • daggerbombs

    its too fucky.

  • SoCal

    I watched the entire season anyone who doesn’t like the show I think just might be to stupid to understand it as I have had to explain the story line to several slower friends if u don’t get it watch the first ep again and listen to pay roach in the beggining if u still don’t like then ur prolly just an idiot as this show is great

  • Marcus

    this show sucks very, very bad Im afraid…major let down

  • Cristina Coffman

    I have all of TPB shows and movies. Drunk and on Drugs doesn’t play on my T.V. in America. Been trying to order the show on DVD. When will you release it? I look at least once every week and can’t find it. Don’t make me come up there!

  • dogbreath

    This show is awesome! I’ve totally watched it more than once, and it is layered enough that you really do pick up on new things each time. I love the clashing of all these crazy bastardized worlds of cinema.

  • davo

    jury is still out!trying to give it a chance as i know these guys are brilliant! for me, tpb was easy to relate to. so the laughs came easy.daod has a totally different rythym.

  • Reality

    Frome one person who wanted to like it, to all the rest of you who saw TRailer Park boys and wanted this to be good as well …

    It sucks. Big time.

    The humor isn’t super intellectual. Subtle. Etc., as others have claimed. It’s just not there.

  • mudwoman

    The premise was intriguing.
    The show, pathetic, actually.
    not funny.
    I was hoping for a follow up to TPB, of the same caliber.
    Regroup, guys & try again.
    Check out the real researchers of hallucinegenics for ideas.
    I suggest the doc. “Hoffman’s Potion”(also a Canadian film)