Upfront Week: Lloyd Robertson’s final newscast; Corus, Channel Zero and CTV news

The most major news first: Lloyd Robertson’s last-ever newscast will be September 1, 2011.  Nothing’s going to top that, so here’s some news from the past two days that I haven’t covered yet.

I like CHCH’s Sportsline.  Mark Hebscher and Clint “Bubba” O’Neil have a chemistry that only comes from working in the same company for several years.  Whenever a guest host fills in for either Hebscher or O’Neil, the quality drops.  At the same time, are this and what used to be Live at 5:30 the token Canadian shows for CHCH and/or Métro14?  That’s a lot of Hebsy to take in a day.

As an aside, why has Ed the Sock’s This Movie Sucks!‘ “new season” been delayed so many times?  I know CHCH is a low-budget station, but the news side is much more organized than the entertainment side.  Sportsline twice a day?  Constant reruns of Everybody Hates Chris?  I guess CHCH picked some cult hits in Supernatural and Chuck, but on the flip side, there’s this.


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