September 6, 2011

A note on where I’ll be from September 7-8, 2011.

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I will be attending the 2011 Gemini Awards broadcast gala in Toronto tomorrow.  I will do at least one special article on the 2011 Gemini Awards after September 8, much as I was active during Upfront Week earlier this year.

I will post some updates at my Twitter and/or Google+ accounts.  I likely won’t do a liveblog of the awards ceremony, given that I will actually be there.  My setup for the awards ceremony will be spartan, given that it’s the Geminis and I’m not being paid to cover them, but I will show my presence.

Expect some content on URBMN proper within this week.  Right now, I need some content.  I’m this close to telling inconsequential poems about cat penises, or whatever the prevailing meme is today.


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