February 26, 2015

Live-Tweet | X Company 1.2

I think this is the worst live-tweet session I’ve done since I started regular live-tweet sessions in fall 2014. Followers of the live-tweets might think differently, though that’s hard to gauge as I don’t embed live-tweet sessions anymore. The live-tweet “quality” has nothing to do with X Company’s quality; X Company is a decent enough show. No, this live-tweet session for X Company was marred by dog vomit. Sound stupid? It is.

I realize I don’t have to do a scripted show the way I presently do it. Ironically, The Zeta Project’s “present-tweets” have the strongest shelf life of any Gloryosky live-tweet session, which surprises me. Gloryosky might review X Company “properly” later on in the year. Admittedly, I feel I don’t have a good handle on X Company yet.

As an aside, The Zeta Project was recently mentioned in an A.V. Club article…in its “A.V. To Z” section, and only due to it starting with a Z, because The isn’t a word. I hope X Company isn’t the “no other choices” option of a Canadian television A-to-Z listicle. Hey, I can say I’ve seen both X Company and The Zeta Project, something I have over A.V. Club’s Usual Gang of Idiots. Can I have a job there?

Live-tweet session:
Episode 1.2 (“Trial by Fire”)

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February 25, 2015

Live-Tweet | Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.8

Wasn’t that a great season finale for Marvel’s Agent Carter? I didn’t know Howard the Duck was a clone of a female named Hayley! She’s the polar opposite of our favourite cynical “mallard”!

Okay, that didn’t happen, and it’s not like either my live-tweet session or this article will spoil much of Marvel’s Agent Carter’s finale. As much as I doubt the show will be renewed, as I speculated on last week, Marvel’s Agent Carter isn’t a bad show. It gets a bit of flak for being a periphery show – and so what? It was designed to be like that.

I guess if I was more well-versed in Marvel lore, I’d recognize more of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Once I looked up two of the villain characters’ backstories, I realized how far off at least one of my live-tweets was. The final scene of Marvel’s Agent Carter is a genuine “oh, shit” moment for those paying attention. One clue: Jack Kirby. The man has a “based on characters created by” credit for a reason. That reason is an out-of-court settlement, but that’s splitting atoms.

No, seriously. I want a female Howard prequel in Marvel’s Agent Carter, if it gets a second season. In 2015, it’s culturally acceptable for the mainstream to like Howard the Duck again. Considering the outlandish things Marvel’s Agent Carter throws at the viewer, a sapient “duck” from an alternate Earth isn’t going to lose the viewer. I must point out, The Flash (2014) has a mind-controlling gorilla, and I Flash viewers eat that shit up.

Live-tweet session:
Episode 1.8 (“Valediction”)

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February 24, 2015

Live-Tweet | Ascension 1.3, 19-2 (Bravo) 2.6, X Company 1.1

One of the problems inherent in writing a site without sufficient mainstream attention – in my opinion – is that a major public Canadian network doesn’t know Gloryosky live-tweets one of its shows. I guess that’s better than other networks/program services ignoring this site, but with The Flash (2014) in a month-long hiatus, and Marvel’s Agent Carter winding down on February 24, 2015, the only shows Gloryosky live-tweets until March 17 are the Canadian-produced shows.

Granted, Ascension is a Canadian/American series CBC acquired for its lineup, yet it’s set in America. It’s not a throwback to the days of Andromeda and The Adventures of Sinbad, but then, no one on Ascension fights a deadly roll of toilet paper yet. Sure, The Adventures of Sinbad called the TP “deadly ribbons”…point is, Canadian television is no longer at the stage where cheapjack science fiction shows are the only game in town. I wish CBC wasn’t the perpetual heavy lifter every season, but that would require the private program services to spend more money on domestic product. I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate; I just think there’s more to television than CSI: Cyber. Any sane person would.

Spoilers: CBC now knows what a Gloryosky is, I think. Will the Crown corporation figure out how old URBMN/Gloryosky’s Twitter is? Twists and turns await CBC. It is a mystery.

Live-tweet sessions:

19-2 2.6 (“Tables”)
Ascension 1.3 (“Night Two, Part One”)
X Company 1.1 (“Pilot”)

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February 18, 2015

Live-Tweet | The Flash (2014) 1.14, Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.7

The Flash (2014) earns an average of almost four million viewers for new episodes. It is the most-watched show on The CW’s roster, and an easy renewal for the program service – which doesn’t mean much, given The CW’s blanket renewal for almost everything that isn’t Hart of Dixie. Yes, even that Beauty and the Beast revival with piss-poor ratings gets a fourth season. No one knows exactly how The CW works.

Marvel’s Agent Carter earns around five million viewers for new episodes, yet that average is bolstered by Marvel’s Agent Carter’s premiere numbers. It is in no way safe, performing better than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., yet ABC viewers prefer Castle, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder. ABC wants its superhero shows to make bank, but next to the procedurals and Shonda Rhimes-created shows, merry Marvel mayhem doesn’t cut it.

To be fair, I like both The Flash and Marvel’s Agent Carter. The Flash has stayed the course enough that I offer a live-tweet session of “Fallout”, The Flash’s fourteenth episode. I honestly didn’t think I would live-tweet the show past episode seven. The Flash is pretty much what I want in a mainstream DC Entertainment offering, and the show has only teased Gorilla Grodd to viewers, so it has room to improve. Marvel’s Agent Carter’s seventh episode, “Snafu”, is a fun episode with one important character death, even if the “boy, people weren’t as progressive in 1946″ schtick wears thin. I don’t think Marvel’s Agent Carter will be renewed, yet it has more to offer than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Will Squirrel Girl earn a show by 2015-16? I wouldn’t put it past ABC; comic book shows are enough of a hot trend that fucking DreadstarDREADSTAR!has a development deal.

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February 17, 2015

Live-Tweet | Ascension 1.2, 19-2 (Bravo) 2.5

The “twist ending” (which I won’t reveal – it’s a fairly obvious fakeout once one sees it) to Ascension’s second episode might be a bit underwhelming to certain viewers (especially once one realizes Ascension is loosely based on real history), yet it’s science fiction on CBC Television. I reference Overdrawn at the Memory Bank a fair bit in the live-tweet session, as it’s a forgotten piece of Canadian content (…well, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans know it), and it draws from many of the same plot points as Ascension. The big difference is, Ascension lacks flavo-fives, and a lead character whipping out a questionable Humphrey Bogart impersonation. Ma, my nuts?

As for Bravo’s 19-2, it has to be my most successfully live-tweeted show so far. Granted, quite a few members of the 19-2 cast and crew are active on Twitter, yet I genuinely enjoy the show and its approach to storyline progression. Despite this, 19-2 has never been the main focus of a Gloryosky article – a streak that ends now. Here are my live-tweet sessions for Ascension’s second episode and 19-2 2.5 (“Rose Garden”).

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February 13, 2015

Live-Tweet | Constantine 1.13 – “Waiting for the Man”

The most notable thing I find about live-tweeting Constantine is that a couple of people who worked on the show – executive producer Daniel V. Cerone, and production designer Dave Blass – favoured tweets I made in recent live-tweet sessions. Frankly, that’s more than The Flash (2014) gives me.

Has this show been perfect? Good Lord, no. The pilot is Doctor Who with the serial numbers filed off. The second episode is a can of Franco-American Shnookums & Meat Shaped Pasta, the blackest magic there is. People are still upset over perceived queerbaiting in the show, which I agree is a valid criticism, but John Constantine was created as a ploy to get Sting from The Police in Swamp Thing. Sometimes, there isn’t a grand plan in place to break taboos, just an opportunity and a follow-through.

With that in mind, Constantine airs its thirteenth episode on NBC, “Waiting for the Man”. Whether Syfy picks up a second season is up in the air, but that’s the rumour right now. I hope the rumour is true; I won’t hold my breath. Scratch that, it’s a bullshit rumour. Here’s my Storify curation for “Waiting for the Man”.

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February 10, 2015

Live-Tweet | The Flash (2014) 1.13, Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.6

Although I don’t generally like posting sub-hundred-word articles on Gloryosky, the new format for the live-tweets suggests that I must, so any port in a storm. Here are the live-tweet sessions for The Flash (2014) 1.13 (“The Nuclear Man” – I think this one is about ethics in tabloid journalism), and Marvel’s Agent Carter 1.6 (“A Sin to Err”). I will post the Constantine season finale live-tweet later in the week, and hopefully another present-tweet of The Zeta Project by the end of February. Visit Gloryosky’s Storify, Tumblr, and Twitter for further live-tweet details, and for media-related items of more than 140 characters.

Live-Tweet | January 12, 2015 to February 9, 2015 Catch-Up: THE NEW 17!

I haven’t updated Gloryosky since mid-January 2015, partially due to reviving the Gloryosky Tumblr, and partially due to a busier-than-usual workload outside of the site. Rather than make a bunch of embeds, which clog up the site’s loading time something fierce, I provide links to seventeen live-tweet compilations.

I will no longer post Storify embeds on Gloryosky. As mentioned above, the embeds cause havoc with the site’s load time, which I find unacceptable. From this point forward, live-tweet-related articles will be in a link format. All live-tweets were posted at the time of the show’s first broadcast, then compiled afterwards.

Gloryosky dropped Gotham after its thirteenth episode. To be honest, I can’t stand the storytelling style on that show, given its grand conceits of “Gothamites are FUCKED UP!” and “Bruce Wayne’s touched in the head”. I know, aren’t those angles that needed to be said in a live-action Batman television adaptation? Bravo’s English-language version of 19-2 replaced Gotham on February 2, 2015; I find 19-2 is more worth my time than Gotham.

CBC’s Strange Empire finished its thirteen-episode season (possibly series run) February 2, 2015. Ascension assumed its timeslot February 9, 2015. I am currently unsure if I will live-tweet Ascension’s full run. Further plans are to live-tweet CBC’s X Company (February 18, 2015), The CW’s iZombie (March 17, 2015), and the third annual Canadian Screen Awards – either in person, or on CBC (March 1, 2015).

Constantine will finish its first season (possibly series run) February 13, 2015. I will not live-tweet a Friday show in the foreseeable future.

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