September 5, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (September 5, 2009)

The Tudors‘ third season available in Canada November 2009.  Phase 4 Films will put this out on both DVD and Blu-ray, while Paramount Home Entertainment drags its ass on a DVD-only release.  Point goes to Phase 4 Films.  I think some parallel importing will occur here.

Sanctuary first-season DVD artwork and commercial spot.  There’s also a press release shilling the set, but big deal, it’s a press release.  The set’s being promoted on Syfy, so the show has cornered the American market.  People just seem to like Amanda Tapping.

It’s too bad Sanctuary didn’t receive more Gemini nominations this year.  Stupid sci-fi ghetto, I hate it almost as much as the animation age ghetto and the professional wrestling ghetto.  Sanctuary‘s first-season set will sell like a mofo, believe me.  It needs to, the way E1’s pimping it out.

Thomas Spurlin of DVD Talk reviews “Season One” of Blood Ties.  He likes it.

I should take the time to point out that Tanya Huff linked to URBMN in her LiveJournal a few weeks back.  She is the author of the Blood Books, which Blood Ties is based on.  It seems like every time I talk about Blood Ties I’m linked to by its fans, not that I’m complaining.

Jeffrey Kauffman of DVD Talk reviews “The Complete Season” of Total Drama Island.  He likes it.

Kenny vs. Spenny‘s fifth season out on DVD November 24, 2009 through Video Service Corp.  This season features the Who Can Smoke More Weed? and Who Can Piss Off More People? competitions.

I’d like to say the end is near for Kenny vs. Spenny, but it’s coming back for a sixth season.  I’m surprised Kenny vs. Spenny survived the Showcase reboot.  Mind you, so did Paradise Falls, but only on account of stockpiling.  Nowadays Showcase feels Howie Do It is worthy enough to grace its airwaves, as the pussification of Showcase begins.

Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…‘s first season out on DVD and Blu-ray November 10, 2009 through VSC.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised this show is out on DVD.  The press bumf claims the show received “terrific ratings and reviews on CTV,” never mind that the ratings went potty halfway through the run.   Press releases don’t need to be 100% truthful.

I have seen an episode or two of Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…  Costello is a decent interviewer, even if the show is low-key chat.  Having said that, if you can’t break half a million viewers with The Police, the show isn’t a mass-audience hit.  I’m tempted to say Sundance Channel and Channel 4 are keeping this baby afloat for a second season, just like The N won’t allow Degrassi: The Next Generation to die a richly deserved death.  There are worse shows out on DVD, I guess.

Oh, and mumble mumble Chop Socky Chooks press release.


August 7, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (August 7, 2009)

Highlander: The Series’ first season out on Blu-ray September 15, 2009, at least if one pre-orders the set through

Temporary package art for the Blu-ray set.  For Highlander: The Series‘ first Blu-ray release, “subtle” animated graphics fill bars left by the transition from full-frame to widescreen.

I think it’s a cheesy image, Super Game Boy meets the Quickening, but I’m not the consumer Davis-Panzer Productions is trying to impress.  Highlander: The Series is a cash cow, an immortal cash cow.  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!  MOO!

Press release for Inspector Gadget: The Go Go Gadget Collection.  Don Adams’ and Frank Welker’s voiceover talents are noted.  What, no Cree Summer?  Brain gets credit over Penny?  Eh, what can you do.  It’s a press release and you’ve already forgotten about it by now.

TVOntario’s Get Ready For School DVD out since August 4, 2009.  I can’t believe it took TVO until 2009 to enter the world of consumer DVD, but it’s a start.  Yes, Polkaroo’s involved, although the godlike kangaroo mutant plays second fiddle to Gisèle’s Big Backyard.  Everyone does now.

Mongrel Media and TVO might each have a steady revenue stream on their hands, even if TVO entered the home entertainment game at a horrible time.  If the success of Get Ready For School leads to Eureka! and Prisoners of Gravity sets down the road, I’m all for it.  The story so far…

Just for Laughs Volume 3: Launching Pad on DVD October 20, 2009 through Image Entertainment.  Just for Laughs is selling this set on the strengths of Jeff Dunham, Dane Cook, Ray Romano, Russell Peters and other profitable comedians.

Has it ever occurred to JfL to release the Andy Kindler State of the Industry Addresses in their entirety?  They would be the DVDs to own, rather than the CliffsNotes run-throughs of stand-up comedy material.  The Just for Laughs merchandising juggernaut will continue unabated, so here’s a praying mantis puppet to end this post.


July 24, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (July 25, 2009)

The Gemini Award®-winning (it pains me to write that) Chop Socky Chooks debuts on DVD October 6, 2009.  It’s a volume set, since kids’ shows are released that way.

The show’s minor Aardman at best, and it isn’t very funny or engaging.  It won a Gemini Award®, though.  A show about martial-arts film archetypes in vaguely avian form?  I’m sure Chop Socky Chooks was better than Total Drama Island in 2008.  I also think a weak season of This Hour Has 22 Minutes outranked Kenny vs. Spenny.  The Gemini Award jurors just know quality.

Monster Warriors: War of the Water World out August 25, 2009 through Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada.  Monster Warriors vs. Creepy Crawlers came out June 30, 2009.  Ah, the volume set, every kids’ show loves that format.

The show’s premise – 1950s movie monsters come to life via mad scientist – sounds fun.  Sadly, the show is poorly realized and Seán Cullen plays the mad scientist.  Cullen doesn’t go into stream-of-consciousness rants about his penis on Monster Warriors, but that’s hardly a small mercy.

Show Me Yours: The Complete Series out November 10, 2009 through E1 Entertainment.

This is one of the more esoteric announcements I’ve seen in some time, as Show Me Yours is a sex-oriented Showcase dramedy from five years ago.  It’s nice to see more Showcase product out there, but where are Billable Hours and Testees‘ sets?  I haven’t seen Show Me Yours, but I’m sure it’s better than Monster Warriors.

The rest of Heartland‘s first season out November 10, 2009 through E1 Entertainment.  That’s a speedy turnover in sets.  It makes me wonder why E1 bothered to split the first season.  Not that it matters, since I’m sure the two volume sets will be bundled a year from now.

Flashpoint first-season box art.  The Flashpoint release is American-only, not that parallel releases are illegal to own in Canada.

At this point I’m supposed to point out Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson’s role on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  The Pink Ranger is her most notable role, after all.

There, I’ve made the reference.  Let me never speak of it again.

Blood Ties “second”-season box art.  I could have knocked that “art” out in an hour via Photoshop.  It won’t stop the fans from buying this set, but everything about Blood Ties‘ “second” season screams quickie release.

No Stargate news this week?  Good.


July 13, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (July 13, 2009)

Flashpoint‘s first season out October 13, 2009 through CBS DVD/Paramount Home Entertainment.  This comes on the heels of CBS’ not knowing what the hell to do with the “third season” of the show, but hey, Canadian television on a top-flight home video label.  I just know this will sell well.

Can’t I go through ONE Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup without a Stargate update?  Damn, so close this time.

Anyway, MGM Home Entertainment confirms that its Stargate Atlantis: Fans’ Choice disc will be Stargate Atlantis‘ only Blu-ray release.  Boy, that’ll please the fans!  Watch MGM catch shit for this within a day.

Box art for Life with Derek‘s second season and Inspector Gadget: The Go Go Gadget Collection.  Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

Brutal As Hell review of Forever Knight Volumes One through Three.  Oh wait, it’s Forever Knight: The Trilogy Parts 1 through 3, like naming the seasons that way matters.  Forever Knight gets a good review, though Sam Hawken is fairly harsh on the series.  I like that in a review.  I wonder how BAH feels about Blood Ties.

Vampire Wire has a Blood Ties “Season One” contest up.  It’s ongoing until July 15, 2009, so you still have a few days to enter.

The link also has news about Warehouse 13 and Dark Shadows, and I could give less than 1/50th of a shit about Dark Shadows.  If over-marketed supernatural soap operas are your thing, dive right in.

Jim Bawden talks The Starlost.  I didn’t like Jim Bawden’s Starweek articles back in the 1980s and 1990s, but damn do I miss him now.  That man wrote good, well-reasoned columns in his day.

His blog has a surprising number of typos considering his former profession, but he is still passionate about television and its potential.  I prefer him to reheated blog articles about video games and whatever gimmicks the Toronto Star uses to pretend it’s still relevant.  Malene Arpe the best thing in the whole paper?  I fear for the future of newspapers.


July 1, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (Canada Day 2009) receives news of the Road Hockey Rumble complete series box set.  This is old news by now, but at least is talking about the series.  With trailer!

6teen “Season 2, Volume 1″ out September 22, 2009.  True to form, the second season of 6teen will be split into volume sets like the first.  At least the volume set is marked properly this time.  “Special Yearbook Edition,” my ass.

Friday the 13th: The Series‘ third and final season out September 22, 2009.  Ryan Dallion (John D. LeMay) leaves at the beginning of this season to make room for Johnny Ventura (Steve Monarque).

All three seasons of this series came out within a year.  That’s how you sell television on DVD, either that or the fanbase for Friday the 13th: The Series is voracious.  I can’t complain either way.

Fear Itself‘s “first” season out September 15, 2009.  The show is listed here as it was filmed in and around Edmonton, Alberta.  IMDb gives Canada and USA as countries of origin, so there you go.

I quote “first” as NBC lost interest in the series after the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.  Fear Itself won’t be back.  Nice packaging for the Fear Itself set, but I hope that’s not mag wheels on a dump truck.(© Arn Anderson)

Pre-order gubbins for Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series.

Press release for Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods Final Cut.

In other news, MGM and Fox flog Stargate.  I know, how can you tell?

Television Obscurities and TV Squad make reference to the Swiss Family Robinson complete series set.

It’s not a great week for TV-on-DVD in general when a Parker Lewis Can’t Lose set is the highlight.  To combat the dearth of true “cult” TV-on-DVD titles, here’s ten minutes of The Vacant Lot.  Happy Canada Day!


June 18, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (June 18, 2009)

Heartland‘s first season out on DVD September 15, 2009, sort of.  For some reason, the first season is being split into volume sets.  Does a release like this serve Heartland‘s fans?  Seven episodes and bonus material sounds a little on the thin side.  Ah well, at least it’s out.

Sanctuary‘s first season out on DVD September 15, 2009.  The Movie Network just keeps cranking out watchable CanCon.  SPACE will re-air the series this fall, so it’ll shill the box set like it’s manna from heaven.  I’m actually looking forward to Sanctuary.

Lots of Stargate-related news.  The box art and Fan’s Choice stories I tend to ignore.  Stargate is pimped out on a regular basis and shows no signs of slowing down.

The final season of Stargate Atlantis is out June 30, 2009, while the recut Stargate SG-1 pilot is out July 21, 2009.  Stargate Universe is around the corner, so these releases might never end.  At least Stargate exhibits better quality control than Star Trek.

Blood Ties‘ “first season” out June 2, 2009.  Wait, June 23.  Just kidding, it’s in stores now.

Blood Ties‘ “second season” is out October 6, 2009.  With trailer! is taking pre-orders for The Tudors‘ third-season set.  If John Rhys-Meyers overacting is your thing, go right ahead.

Selected Inspector Gadget episodes out on DVD September 8, 2009 through 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Inspector Gadget counts as CanCon due to the Nelvana connection.  Global only aired reruns for a zillion years.

Canadian Connection® of note: Cookie Jar currently owns the rights to Inspector Gadget.  Inspector Gadget was DiC’s most recognizable character.  The company formerly known as CINAR ate DiC in 2008.  So far, Cookie Jar hasn’t whored Gadget out like DiC did.  Give Cookie Jar go go Gadget time.

Two Goosebumps releases, “The Headless Ghost” and “Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns,” out September 8, 2009 through 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.  With box art!

Road Hockey Rumble complete series set out July 1, 2009 through Paperny Films.

The show’s and Paperny Films’ websites are the only places that offer the Road Hockey Rumble set, which means it’ll be in Giant Tiger bargain bins two years from now.

You’d think that was a joke, but the complete series of Our Hero goes for $4.99 at GT.  Our Hero was sold in 2006 the same way Road Hockey Rumble is now.  Think about it.

TV, Eh? links to three DVD season set reviews.  Monsters and Critics’ Jeff Swindoll reviews Murdoch Mysteries‘ first-season set and Intelligence Season 2.

DVD Talk’s Paul Mavis reviews Murdoch Mysteries‘ first-season set as well, but Mavis is snarkier than Swindoll about it.  At least Acorn Media is getting its press.  Like Acorn Media employees are going to complain about making more money.


January 9, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (January 9, 2009)

Gord Lacey reviews The Border‘s first season for

I don’t normally point things like this out as I am the king of generalization, but Lacey begins his review with the “I don’t watch Canadian television even though I’m Canadian” and “most Canadian TV is cheap and cheesy” caveats.

Considering that I talk about Canadian television for this site, I’m curious to know why Lacey makes this comment.  The “low production values” argument is weak in the age of Tripping the Rift, Heartland et al.

Canada is the king of badly-tweened Flash cartoons, I’ll grant Lacey that, but the Canadian television industry knows how to put out a good-looking show these days.  I’m not saying the industry’s a torrent of wonderment, but it’s not like it was in the 1980s or 1990s.

Canada’s just not releasing more of its good shows on DVD.  Someone should pick up the SCTV ball that Shout! Factory unceremoniously dropped.  You Can’t Do That on Television better come out on DVD before the tape masters rot.

The Los Angeles Times reviews the Fraggle Rock complete series set.  There’s no mention of the set’s shoddy packaging, the review sticking hard and fast to the basics.  Newspapers are free advertising, after all.

Spider-Man vs. The Vulture earns a stand-alone release.  This disc was originally part of the Villains Showdown box set, and I just love stand-alone releases!  These discs never go into the bargain bin within a year!

I should draw attention to the horrible cover art.  That image is almost on par with public-domain cartoon compilation artwork.  The Vulture’s face in particular is wretchedly drawn.  The Vulture is supposed to be ugly, but what the hell?

This seems to have slipped past the radar.  I know Imavision’s promoting a Chaotic volume set on Teletoon.  The title is one of Imavision’s best sellers.  What I didn’t know is that My Goldfish is Evil has had a first-season set out since November 2008.

My Goldfish is Evil is one of those post-modern cartoons where the fish being out of water isn’t a detriment to its survival.  No one knows the fish is evil or capable of building machinery aside from a ten-year-old conspiracy theorist.  It’s the timeworn “pet has a secret life” premise currently employed by Phineas and Ferb and Kid vs. Kat.

Surprisingly, My Goldfish is Evil is not animated in Flash.  I know, crazy!

John E. Mitchell of The Last Visible Blog reviews The Starlost.  He likes it!

Todd Erwin of Home Theater Forum reviews Super Dave’s Super Stunt Spectacular.  He hates it.

Press release for the upcoming Goosebumps DVDs, “Return of the Mummy” and “The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight.”

This Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup entry has been the weakest yet.  Some Canadian television shows are going to make DVD debuts shortly, right?  Come on, Canada.  You’re killing me here.  A country where Beastmaster has season sets and CODCO doesn’t is not a country I’d like to live in.


December 17, 2008

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (December 17, 2008)

Press release for Tripping the Rift‘s third-season DVD set.  I wonder why Anchor Bay’s bothering to sell this to non-fans.  Sci-Fi blew through the third season.  Teletoon currently airs the series every night at 11:30 PM, which is the ass-end of the Detour block.  I think the marketplace has made its decision on Tripping the Rift by now.

Also, here’s more Tripping the Rift box art.  The box art claims “…more fun than a fifty-kronig lap dance!”  Like Chode, the blurb lies.

Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World gets a second-season set.  Cuppa Coffee Studios animates the series, so this counts as Canadian.  I find Rick & Steve unfunny and pedantic, so naturally it’s a good fit with the Tripping the Rift news.

The Best Years‘ first season out March 10, 2009 through Koch Vision.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of the show and I’m not crazy about the series, just like I’m not crazy about most shows set in college.  Nevertheless, Global gave the show a fair shake last season, so it’s worth a look.

Two Stargate SG-1 direct-to-video films, The Ark of Truth and Continuum, are being rebundled by Fox for a March 3, 2009 release.  Standard DVD and Blu-ray versions of the films are affected by the rebundling.

If you’ve bought the two films separately and/or pre-ordered the Blu-ray version of The Ark of Truth, this news has to be a piss-off.  No doubt the repack will sell well, Stargate being the newest deathless sci-fi franchise with a strong fanbase.

Hmm, maybe I should review one of the films and mention how I’ve never seen a full episode of Stargate SG-1 prior to seeing said film.  Throw in a comment about how Richard Dean Anderson sucks and that’s sure to piss off a lot of people!  My God, I’ve found my reviewing formula!  I’M A GENIUS!

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