October 11, 2010

Interview | Troy Little, Angora Napkin

You might have heard of Troy Little’s work.  As a comic book artist/writer, he’s created Chiaroscuro, initially a self-produced seven-issue series published from 2000-03.  Three more issues were completed by 2005, for the graphic novel version of the comic.  The Chiaroscuro graphic novel was republished by IDW in 2007, on the basis of a Dave Sim recommendation.

The Angora Napkin comic, published by IDW in 2009, was recently nominated for a 2010 Eisner Award, in the Best Publication for Teens category.  AN lost to Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson’s Beasts of Burden, but the nomination’s still an honour.

Oh, almost forgot, Teletoon commissioned an Angora Napkin pilot.  Said pilot will air October 31, 2010 at 11:30 PM ET/PT, as part of the Teletoon Detour at Night Pilot Project.  You may have seen me promote the Teletoon Pilot Project at some point in time, but don’t quote me on that.

This is an interview with just one of the Angora Napkin creators.  I plan to interview the other AN creator, Nick Cross, later this month.  This might look like favouritism, but you don’t usually see a Ren & Stimpy-like adult animated series on Teletoon.  At least I admit my bias.

Watch me be more biased!