January 29, 2011

News: Testees complete series DVD to come out in 2011

Testees, Kenny Hotz and Derek Harvie’s 2008 Showcase/FX sitcom, has earned a two-disc series set in 2011, through Entertainment One Home Video.  The show stars Jeff Kassel and Steve Markle as Ron and Peter, two human guinea pigs testing products for TESTICO.

Kenny Hotz is long-tenured guinea pig Larry, while Joe Pingue carves a niche as obnoxious schemer Nugget.  Kim Schraner appears as bar owner Kate…at least until she’s written off midseason, presumably to make room for more Nugget.

Testees fans might remember this URBMN article, which debunked rumours of a Canada-only second season.  FX Productions and Blueprint Entertainment originally produced the series, and Blueprint has since folded into Entertainment One.  I’d consider Testees‘ cancellation official now.

Both TVShowsonDVD.com and eOne Home Video’s site give the release date as April 26, 2011.  Amazon.ca has it as February 22, 2011.  I assume the amazon.ca date is wrong, but hey, the Testees DVD is out.  That’s more than I can say for Less Than Kind right now.


June 2, 2010

Upfronts: Updates on The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour, Testees and Pure Pwnage

Not much to report on Day Two of Canwest’s upfronts, except that I talked briefly to Natasha Dunkley at the video presentation and pilot screenings.  Dunkley is the publicity coordinator for Canwest’s dramatic channels, which includes Showcase.

According to her, The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour will air in the winter of 2011, with no date yet specified.  This pretty much confirms what Metro Halifax reported on May 28.

As for whether Testees or Pure Pwnage will get second seasons, that’s apparently up to the production teams to decide.  Testees fans will have longer to wait for a second season, almost a year after FX’s John Landgraf stated that the show would continue airing in Canada.

It’s tough to speculate on Testees.  Either the show is dead, or it’s the male comedic version of Paradise Falls.  Both scenarios are possible in Canadian television.  The industry is funnier than Derek Edwards.


February 16, 2010

News: Pure Pwnage debuts March 12, 2010 on Showcase

As of today, Pure Pwnage has an exact airdate.  The show will debut on Showcase Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM, for an eight-episode first season.

This site has mentioned Pure Pwnage before, and not much has changed since November 25, 2009.  Seven of ten behind-the-scenes webisodes are currently up at www.purepwnage.com/tv/ and showcase.ca.

Guest stars for Pure Pwnage‘s first season include Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Billy Mitchell and Kenny Hotz.  Not to niggle, but what does the lead singer/guitarist for Anvil have to do with gaming?

Canwest’s press release for Pure Pwnage describes what “to pwn,” “1337,” “n00b” and FPS mean.  That’s sort of lame, but at least Canwest doesn’t get Derek Harvie’s name wrong.  Oh, wait.

Uh…the press release doesn’t contain the phrase “surprise buttsecks.”  Hey, there’s a positive!  I knew I’d find one!


November 25, 2009

News: Filming Ends December 3 For Pure Pwnage

Principal photography for Pure Pwnage will finish on December 3, 2009.  It began October 21, if show co-creator Jarett Cale’s Twitter account is accurate.  Pure Pwnage, founded in 2004 as a web series, will make its television debut on Showcase early in 2010.

The show is based around Jeremy/teh_pwnerer (Cale), a 26-year-old hardcore gamer/social fuckup.  To continue living in his mother’s basement, Jeremy must get a job.  Brother/filmmaker Kyle (Geoff Lapaire) documents Jeremy’s journey, as Jeremy tries to fux0r life.

Joel Gardiner reprises his web series role as FPS Doug.  Also in the cast are Melanie Scrofano, Simon Wong and Eli Goree.

Pure Pwnage‘s showrunner is Derek Harvie (Testees, The Tom Green Show.)  Catherine Tait (Chilly Beach) and documentarian Ron Mann are executive producers, with Davin Lengyel co-producing.

I haven’t seen the web series, so I can’t comment on whether Pure Pwnage went shit midway through its run.  All I care about is whether the television show will be better or worse than Cock’d Gunns.  This better not be the Hotbox-sized disaster of 2010.