July 13, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (July 13, 2009)

Flashpoint‘s first season out October 13, 2009 through CBS DVD/Paramount Home Entertainment.  This comes on the heels of CBS’ not knowing what the hell to do with the “third season” of the show, but hey, Canadian television on a top-flight home video label.  I just know this will sell well.

Can’t I go through ONE Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup without a Stargate update?  Damn, so close this time.

Anyway, MGM Home Entertainment confirms that its Stargate Atlantis: Fans’ Choice disc will be Stargate Atlantis‘ only Blu-ray release.  Boy, that’ll please the fans!  Watch MGM catch shit for this within a day.

Box art for Life with Derek‘s second season and Inspector Gadget: The Go Go Gadget Collection.  Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

Brutal As Hell review of Forever Knight Volumes One through Three.  Oh wait, it’s Forever Knight: The Trilogy Parts 1 through 3, like naming the seasons that way matters.  Forever Knight gets a good review, though Sam Hawken is fairly harsh on the series.  I like that in a review.  I wonder how BAH feels about Blood Ties.

Vampire Wire has a Blood Ties “Season One” contest up.  It’s ongoing until July 15, 2009, so you still have a few days to enter.

The link also has news about Warehouse 13 and Dark Shadows, and I could give less than 1/50th of a shit about Dark Shadows.  If over-marketed supernatural soap operas are your thing, dive right in.

Jim Bawden talks The Starlost.  I didn’t like Jim Bawden’s Starweek articles back in the 1980s and 1990s, but damn do I miss him now.  That man wrote good, well-reasoned columns in his day.

His blog has a surprising number of typos considering his former profession, but he is still passionate about television and its potential.  I prefer him to reheated blog articles about video games and whatever gimmicks the Toronto Star uses to pretend it’s still relevant.  Malene Arpe the best thing in the whole paper?  I fear for the future of newspapers.


January 9, 2009

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (January 9, 2009)

Gord Lacey reviews The Border‘s first season for TVShowsonDVD.com.

I don’t normally point things like this out as I am the king of generalization, but Lacey begins his review with the “I don’t watch Canadian television even though I’m Canadian” and “most Canadian TV is cheap and cheesy” caveats.

Considering that I talk about Canadian television for this site, I’m curious to know why Lacey makes this comment.  The “low production values” argument is weak in the age of Tripping the Rift, Heartland et al.

Canada is the king of badly-tweened Flash cartoons, I’ll grant Lacey that, but the Canadian television industry knows how to put out a good-looking show these days.  I’m not saying the industry’s a torrent of wonderment, but it’s not like it was in the 1980s or 1990s.

Canada’s just not releasing more of its good shows on DVD.  Someone should pick up the SCTV ball that Shout! Factory unceremoniously dropped.  You Can’t Do That on Television better come out on DVD before the tape masters rot.

The Los Angeles Times reviews the Fraggle Rock complete series set.  There’s no mention of the set’s shoddy packaging, the review sticking hard and fast to the basics.  Newspapers are free advertising, after all.

Spider-Man vs. The Vulture earns a stand-alone release.  This disc was originally part of the Villains Showdown box set, and I just love stand-alone releases!  These discs never go into the bargain bin within a year!

I should draw attention to the horrible cover art.  That image is almost on par with public-domain cartoon compilation artwork.  The Vulture’s face in particular is wretchedly drawn.  The Vulture is supposed to be ugly, but what the hell?

This seems to have slipped past the radar.  I know Imavision’s promoting a Chaotic volume set on Teletoon.  The title is one of Imavision’s best sellers.  What I didn’t know is that My Goldfish is Evil has had a first-season set out since November 2008.

My Goldfish is Evil is one of those post-modern cartoons where the fish being out of water isn’t a detriment to its survival.  No one knows the fish is evil or capable of building machinery aside from a ten-year-old conspiracy theorist.  It’s the timeworn “pet has a secret life” premise currently employed by Phineas and Ferb and Kid vs. Kat.

Surprisingly, My Goldfish is Evil is not animated in Flash.  I know, crazy!

John E. Mitchell of The Last Visible Blog reviews The Starlost.  He likes it!

Todd Erwin of Home Theater Forum reviews Super Dave’s Super Stunt Spectacular.  He hates it.

Press release for the upcoming Goosebumps DVDs, “Return of the Mummy” and “The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight.”

This Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup entry has been the weakest yet.  Some Canadian television shows are going to make DVD debuts shortly, right?  Come on, Canada.  You’re killing me here.  A country where Beastmaster has season sets and CODCO doesn’t is not a country I’d like to live in.


October 22, 2008

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (October 22, 2008)

Tripping the Rift Season Three on DVD in early 2009!  This release, of course, makes Tripping the Rift: The Movie completely superfluous.

Considering Tripping the Rift‘s third season was buried by both Teletoon and Sci-Fi, why didn’t Anchor Bay put out the complete third season to begin with?  Why would anyone pay for the same lousy T’Nuk-is-ugly and Chode-McBlob-likes-Six-fucking-him jokes twice?

For those fans willing to rebut me with “you seem to know so much about the show” comments, I reviewed Tripping the Rift: The Movie and watched maybe five minutes of a few random episodes.  You’re kidding me if you think the show has actual depth.  What a waste of Stephen Root and Maurice LaMarche.

Super Dave’s Super Stunt Spectacular Volume 1 box art!  I hate posting articles about box art, but the art’s fairly good here.  I like the shark in the top-left corner.

Bob Einstein looks a bit sickly, though.  I know he’s in his mid-sixties by now, but there’s something not right about the way he looks.  If that’s airbrushing, sheesh, at least use an older Super Dave picture.  He looks almost Roy-Orbison-in-1988 pancakey.

Super Dave – Super Stunt Spectacular: Volume 1

Box art for The Border Season One.  Honestly, that’s awful box art.  Not only is it a bunch of heads backdropped by some blue, the artwork looks strangely unprofessional compared to, say, jPod.  Usually VSC has at least half-decent box art, but not here.  All that motion-blurred text…ugh.

The Border: Season 1

The Starlost complete series set has been delayed by VCI until November 4 – no reason, VCI just felt like it.  Every time I see that logo for The Starlost I keep thinking “Coneheads.”

In other news, The Starlost is already being sold at amazon.com for half its list price.  It’s the price of the future…TODAY!

The Starlost: Complete Series  

On a personal note, I recently posted to Canuxploitation.com‘s forums about the Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup.  I don’t think I need to explain what Canuxploitation.com is about, but think Jon Mikl Thor films and Prom Night.  Hell, just think Jon Mikl Thor.  He’s a cottage industry in himself.

I’m already #1 or #2 at Google.com on the subject of Canadian TV-on-DVD, and I think sweetposer.com may be the first site to talk extensively about the subject.  Sure, there’s a hometheaterforum.com topic about Canadian TV-on-DVD releases, but this site may have set a trend.  Whether this translates into people actually reading sweetposer.com remains to be seen.


October 7, 2008

Canadian TV-on-DVD Roundup (October 7, 2008)

Class of the Titans Season One, Volume One?!  The show has its fans, but why split the season like that?  This isn’t like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe where each season has at least 65 episodes, so I don’t understand the strategy.

I think Class of the Titans is a fairly silly series – descendants of Greek heroes fight mythological monsters controlled by some higher power.  Replace the hero spawn with teens who can turn into dinosaurs.  Swap “mythological monsters” with “mutated animals.”  Replace “higher power” with “shapeshifting velociraptor.”  There, you have DinoSquad.  People have been abusing the basic building blocks of adventure cartoons since forever.

A 6teen set.  I actually like this show, although I’m not crazy about it since I’m not part of its target audience.  The characters on 6teen have personalities beyond their initial stereotypes and talk like actual people some of the time.  6teen‘s not perfect – very few shows have correctly depicted the lives of teenagers, and the characters on 6teen are all mallrats.  The show’s more fun than Class of the Titans, but that goes without saying.

Here’s a set I missed for the first Canadian TV-on-DVD post.  It concerns Durham County, a show that appeared on The Movie Network in 2007 before being given a run on Global earlier this year.  I should really check that show out one of these days.  It sounds good.

Funny how Anchor Bay’s Canadian division is putting this out.  I wasn’t even aware Anchor Bay had a Canadian division.  I’m out of the loop.

Various recent Canadian children’s shows have DVDs outDi-Gata Defenders, Ruby Gloom, Grossology and Jane and the Dragon.  I’m not crazy about any of these releases, although I can’t comment on Grossology and Ruby Gloom since I haven’t watched those shows.

Di-Gata Defenders, though?  It’s like Digimon meets Avatar with anything that made those two shows watchable bled dry.  That show needed the lead characters to transform into dragons.  They could have fought evil Internet viruses controlled by an evil Steve Wozniak!

My word, I think I just described the plot of Code Monkeys!

This isn’t specifically related to TV-on-DVD news, but io9.com has an article up asking whether The Starlost was the worst science fiction program ever made.  The complete series DVD set came out September 30 through VCI.  The show aired on CTV during the 1973-74 season and is one of Harlan Ellison’s ill-fated excursions into television.

Amazon.com has this at $45, which sounds exorbitant.  Wait a year, I’m sure The Starlost will be at least half off by then.