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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Three new reviews up at sweetposer.com/sweetposer.tk (the fact I have two domains still bothers you, I bet) and for the hockey lovers, my review of Ed Willes' The Rebel League is finally up.  I know the Hockey Lockout Compendium has been inactive as of late (not without good reason, granted) but at the risk of shilling it behooves you to read this review, especially if you love the WHA.  Man, the gifts I bring you on Satan's Day.

More reviews to come, so don't worry UR fan (I'm assuming I have one.)  You can expect more UR-related stuff to happen in the future, so for those who think I'm ignoring the main site..well, I'm not.

I mean it.  Stop laughing.

Insipid fucks.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I know I haven't updated this blog in dog's ages; I'd like you to know that I still plan on updating UR and its extant sites sometime soon.  Also, I'm starting to get these annoying blog spams.  Does that mean I've finally arrived as a site?

UPDATE: This post didn't even get published until about 12:50 PM or so and already some bot spammed my site with porno-shit three times. Man, those fucking things catch on don't they?

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Sorry for not posting a daily edition of the Hockey Lockout Compendium for a week.  Work kept me from it considering I was tending a garden yesterday, which meant gathering everything from a garden, somehow managing to collect three boxes of tomatoes.  Really.  These weren't small boxes, either.  Anyway, I know you don't wanna hear about g.d. tomatoes so here is the link farm for today, comprehensive as it always is.  Also, I've decided to still write for Wrestling Opinions (new article here), as the gayness at TheDDT has subsided in recent weeks.  The DeMarco redesign is really redundant, though - I didn't see what was wrong with the Flair/Steamboat pictures in the first place.  DeMarco's really gay for Benoit.

Business First (Louisville) | Louisville apparently could support an NBA, NHL or Major League Soccer team.  To be honest, Louisville would be great for the NHL and I really hope the city gets a major league franchise worthy enough for it.  It's surprising to some of you, I bet, that I'd agree with this article.  Then again, I think Rochester, New York should get a major league franchise.  I'm gay for minor league sports cities.

The Pacer (University of Tennessee at Martin) | I have to hand it to the Tennessee fans -- they've showed me how much they actually support their sports teams.  I know I was cynical about the city two weeks ago but Predators fans really do miss their team.  Shit, I feel for this writer.  Seriously, I know I get cynical when doing this feature but it seems Nashville residents actually do care about the Predators.  Guess it's stupid to believe in "deep south" stereotypes, huh?

Detroit News | Niklas Kronwall article.  There's a factoid box where it actually explains what a "griffin" is (the word's misspelled, fuck you very much Sony Pictures Entertainment.)  I'd have put in "the guy who created Wheel of Fortune and got his ass kicked by Johnny Carson for thirty years" as a joke.  If you don't know what a gryphon is...shit.

The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania) | Ed Snider, owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, supports the...um...owners during this lockout?  No shit?

SJSharks.com [Press Release] | The HP Pavilion is hosting an AHL game between the Cleveland Barons and the Edmonton Roadrunners in San Jose!  Oh boy!  Who cares?

Detroit News | Article about Jiri Hudler of the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Seriously, I don't see why they can't alter some DNA to create an actual gryphon humanoid out of one of these players.  It'd be a big selling point, plus furries would care about hockey for the very first time.  If that can't be done (people whine too much about ethics, you know) then at least get Ken Jennings to coach the team for a game.  I should be the PR man for this team.

The Technician (North Carolina State University [Raleigh]) | University paper article about Raleigh and the sports world there.  Don't you whiners have a well-regarded music scene in North Carolina?  Whine whine whine, woe is us, there's nothing to do in Raleigh.  Yeesh.

SLAM! Sports/Calgary Sun | Well, the NLL got its problems settled.  That's good, because I predict a boom for lacrosse this year.  You heard me.

Ottawa Sun | Daniel Briere played two games for SC Bern and "personal issues" forced him to go back to Buffalo.  I hope he doesn't have "demons."

CBC Sports Online | Fucking hell, the baseball players back the NHLPA!!!  Do you guys in the MLBPA have any reason to talk, considering you crippled baseball irreparably ten years ago with your impasse?  Man, Donald Fehr sure does want criticism doesn't he?

Detroit News | Q&A from Detroit News about the lockout.  Decent article.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | Article about Brooks Orpik.  What a name, yikes.

SLAM! Sports/Toronto Sun | Article about the contingency plan for a possible shortened NHL season.  Don't think it's going to happen this time, guys.  There's too much money at stake and both the NHL and NHLPA are going to play chicken until they fall off a cliff.  Fun.

Ottawa Sun/CP | TSN has a proposal for ending the NHL lockout.  Good for TSN, looking for free publicity from Canadian newspapers.  I really don't care about this.

Montreal Gazette/CP | The Canadiens, Canucks and Flames have the most players playing in Europe this season.  This article = the very definition of filler.

sportbusiness.com | Wow, sportbusiness.com really got on the NLL story...a day after everyone else did.  Slowpokes.

Detroit News | "Hi!  We're the WHA!  Um, even though we're staying silent and our future is rocky, WE'RE STILL COMING TO YOUR TOWN!  WATCH OUT, UH, HAMILTON!  GRAAH!"

Corning Leader (New York) | Tom Golisano is stepping down as Paychex president and CEO.  The man owns the Buffalo Sabres.  I bet Bob Matthews will talk about this guy for forty minutes on his sports show tonight.  Then Mr. Negative will mention the word "flubbalo."  *cough*

London Free Press/CP | Article about Corner Gas, one of those rare Canadian television success stories.  Apparently this show beat Hockey Night In Canada in the weekly ratings some Saturdays last year.  Wow.

sportinglife.com (UK) | Rob Davison of the San Jose Sharks is going to be playing for the Cardiff Devils of the Elite League this year.  Amazing, a British hockey story.  I thought I'd get more of these by now.

Mickey News | I can't believe NHL teams are still making deals with radio stations right now.  What an amazingly stupid move.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | The IHA is going to feature ECHL scrubs when it begins play next month.  The point of this league is...?

CTV News | Nothing like a political scandal involving hockey to brighten up this column.  Mmm, Liberals.

Brandon Sun (Manitoba) | Brad McCrimmon's going to be helping the Brandon Wheat Kings this week?  Cool!  Well, somewhat, that nepotism thing he has going on with his brother does help somewhat.  Still, it's nice to see the man keeping busy during the lockout.  It really is.

More articles to come this week.  I really am obsessive about this aren't I?

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Just started the UR Music News blog at http://www.sweetposer.com/urmn/ if anyone's interested.  I'm sorry for not updating The Hockey Lockout Compendium in a week, by the way - having done some heavy physical labour this past week, I've been too bloody tired to update the damn thing.  Expect an update either tonight or tomorrow, though.  I haven't forgotten about the Compendium, but - well, you know, it's not like I'm making this my fucking full-time job or anything.  I'm not that out of touch.

Also, expect a new masthead (FINALLY) for UR within a few weeks.  It'll be done by Lindsey Layne King, which should piss off Art Votz even more, BECAUSE I'M JUST ENCOURAGING HER TO KILL MORE PUPPIES OR SOMETHING. RIGHT?!?!?!?!