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Saturday, November 27, 2004


I recently came about this whilst looking up stuff about Black Meadow Productions.  It's an interesting sale, and the prices are cheaper than hell so if you're one of those cult DVD lovers I suggest you take advantage of this.  Personally, I'm not writing this to shill a product/website aside from mine; I just came across this, the timing was right and I personally live for this stuff - well, not the bog-standard Shock-O-Rama etc. pictures but you know what I mean.

The sale ends on Sunday.  Strangely enough, so does Thanksgiving.  Weird, huh?


Butcher ABC/Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis - "Split" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Mexican gore/grind insanity for lovers of early DISGORGE (Mex), GUT, old CARCASS vs. Japanese gore/grind/death massacre drawing influences from GENERAL SURGERY, CARCASS, THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS, GHOUL... Features CSSO members!

Pear-a-cock-ih-die-oh-id-om-ick-oh-sis-proc-tight-iss-ar-co-meook-oh-sis...that has to be the most difficult grindcore band name to pronounce ever.  The Japanese are grindcore nuts (that and they're nutty at playing grindcore, but that's another can of Melt Banana) so I'm not at all surprised that one band would take...that name for themselves.  Call me crazy, but I think these guys need to change the name of this band.  It can't be turned into an easy-to-remember acronym (e.g., CSSO - like I'm surprised there are CSSO members in this band) and...well, shit, I'll probably end up buying the thing just for that name.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is the band name you have to top.  I don't think any of you can.  (Well, I probably could, but I'm not going to do it right now.  Geez.)

Here's the rest of the Goregiastic new releases list if this whets your...well, the thing you whet.  I don't know how you go about satiating yourselves.

Abysmal Torment - "Incised Wound Suicide" MCD - $8.00 U.S. & Canada - $10.00 World
Killer debut MCD from this new Maltese band!. Imagine a mixture between BOUND & GAGGED, SIKFUK & DEVOURMENT!.

Ancient Necropsy - "Deformed King's Mummification" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Combining crushing musicianship, intricate riffing and low, guttural vocals, ANCIENT NECROPSY have crafted a new assault of uncompromising, intense and technical brutal death/grind holocaust that will appeal to fans of bands like NECROPHAGIST & DEEDS OF FLESH!.
MP3   >>> http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/AncientNecropsy_bendsTheHead.mp3

Birdflesh - "Night Of The Ultimate Mosh" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
BIRDFLESH is an aural assault on the senses which requires a strong stomach and an (un)healthy twisted sense of humor!. A must for fans of CSSO, NASUM, TERRORIZER, BRUTAL TRUTH...

Blood Freak - "Sleaze Merchant" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Recorded back in 1990, this album is a relic of classic grindgore/death metal that brings to mind the catchy, morbid riffs/vocals of IMPETIGO and the grind/speed devastation of REPULSION!. Incredible cover artwork by master splatter writer/artist Chas Balun (DEEP RED, GOREZONE, etc.). Don't miss it!.

Catasexual Urge Motivation - "Nekronicle" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Collection of rare demo, 7", compilation and unreleased tracks from these Japanese Cyber-Gore-Grind legends spanning from 1994-1997!. Imagine a mixture of styles from bands like AUTOPSY, MORTICIAN, IMPETIGO, SLOUGH...

Corpse Molestation - "Dungeon Rehearsals" Cassette Tape - $5.00 U.S. & Canada - $10.00 World
Pre-BESTIAL WARLUST!. Includes 2 rehearsal sessions plus 2 tracks taken from a live show in Melbourne (Australia)... Bestial, raw and fast Aussie War Black metal for fans of BLASPHEMY, CONQUEROR, SARCOFAGO, BESTIAL WARLUST...

Dead - "Les Stars Du Rock Porno" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Collection of all the rare demo material, 7" EP's, split 7"EP from this Cult German death/grind/gore outfit!. Essential!.

Deformity - "Superior" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
1st full length album from this brutal & intense Belgian death metal outfit in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MALEVOLENT CREATION...

Engorge - "Dead... Fuck... Blackness" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Harsh, raw & brutal Black/Death Metal from NY featuring an ex-member of MORTICIAN!. If you're into DEMONCY, BLASPHEMY, early BESTIAL WARLUST... Includes their 6 tracks demo as bonus!.

Engorged - "Where Monsters Dwell" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
New album!. An incredible and original mixture of death metal, grind/gore & thrash/speed metal!. Killer production and amazing cover artwork+fold-out poster by Dennis Dread!. A must!.

Feeble Minded/Fuck The Facts - "Split" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Brutal Czech death/grind with slight touches a la ISACAARUM, FLESHLESS, LANIENA MENTIS vs. Canadian grind inferno for lovers of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, EXIT 13, UNHOLY GRAVE...

Frightmare - "Midnight Murder Mania" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Debut CD!. 10 tracks of incredible gore/grind/death from Oregon!. Think of a mixture of LORD GORE, REPULSION, CARCASS & ENGORGED!.

Fuck I'm Dead - "Bring On The Dead" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Intense, ultra fast & violent grind insanity from this Aussie maniacs!. Imagine a hybrid between DISCORDANCE AXIS, CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION & SANITY'S DAWN!.

Garbage Disposal - "Reunion Carbide" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Includes the "Mind Detonator" demo the "Absolute Combustion Transformed The Fear" 7" EP plus their long time sold out debut CD "Union Carbide" completely re-mastered with killer layout design. Pure Czech death/grind with influences from ALIENATION MENTAL, FLESHLESS, early CRYPTOPSY...

Ghoul - "Maniaxe" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Astounding 2nd album from this American grind/death/thrash ensemble, pretty much in the vein of CARCASS [Necroticism-era] with killer 80's thrash metal touches!.

Gigantic Brain - "The Invasion Discography" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
63 planet-smashing tracks of complete madness featuring incredible artwork by giant- monster artist master Todd Tennant (G-Fan). Imagine a hybrid between AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY...

Goretrade/Carnal - "Split" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Ultra brutal split CDs by these 2 well known Colombian death metal forces!. GORETRADE burst out 4 tracks of NY styled death metal in the vein of DEVOURMENT, DEHUMANIZED, INTERNAL BLEEDING while CARNAL deliver also 4 tracks of ultra-fast, dark and intense death metal with influences from MENTAL HORROR, early INTERNAL SUFFERING, EMBALMER...

Grimness - "At The Beginning God Created Scum" CD-r - $6.00 U.S. & Canada - $8.00 World
Includes the tracks from their split 7" with GROINCHURN, their 7" with VISCERA, the tracks from their split CD with HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, their split tape with SHIT+VOMIT=FUN plus one unreleased song. Lo-fi Italian grind/core/noise with touches a la AGATHOCLES, SORE THROAT, ANAL CUNT, GROINCHURN...

Gruesome Stuff Relish - "Teenage Giallo Grind" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
1st full length CD from this Spanish gore/grind ensemble influenced by the likes of IMPETIGO, GUT, CARCASS, REGURGITATE...

Hideous Mangleus - "Shadows That Kill" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Formed in 1989, pioneers of grind, gore and insanity HIDEOUS MANGLEUS are back!. Being hailed as the "Ghouls Of Grind" and having terrorized the early 90's stages with cult acts such as INCANTATION, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, ANAL CUNT, BRUTAL TRUTH, among others, the Ghouls are ready to bring back again a powerful bounty of punishing grind from the deepest depths of hell!. A Revelation of Grind!.
MP3   >>> http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/Hideous%20Mangleus%20-%20Degeneration.mp3

Infernal Hate - "The Wisdom Of Obscure Dimensions" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Demolishing, relentless and punishing brutal death metal the way it was meant to be!. Includes INTERNAL SUFFERING's ex-drummer and special guest appearance by Nils of DISAVOWED on bass. Recorded at the Excess Studios in Holland (SINISTER/PYAEMIA/DISAVOWED)!. Last copies, so get it before it's completely gone!.
MP3   >>> http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/Infernal%20Hate%20-%20Through%20The%20Abyss.MP3

Mausoleum - "Cadaveric Display Of Ghoulish Ghastliness" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Featuring former members of INCANTATION, MORPHEUS DESCENDS and NECROTOMIE, MAUSOLEUM deliver 9 tracks of pure old school death/grind metal for lovers of AUTOPSY, early DEATH, NECROPHAGIA, ABSCESS...

Misery Index - "Retaliate" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Debut full length CD of ex-DYING FETUS members' new band!. Incredible brutal death metal with DYING FETUS touches (of corpse!) but adding old school grindcore elements a la ASSUCK, TERRORIZER, old NAPALM DEATH!. Killer!.

Mortician - "Re-animated Dead Flesh" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
New album from this NY gods of horror inspired brutal death/grind!. 22 songs of unrelenting brutality featuring incredible cover artwork 100% inspired by cult horror film "Re-animator". A must!.

:: NEW ARRIVALS [Part 2] ::

Murder Squad - Unsane, Insane And Mentally Deranged" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Side project from members of DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED, pretty much in the same of their main acts but perhaps a bit more fast paced and intense!.

My Plague - "Mechanical Infection" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Ultra brutal debut CD by this new Colombian death/grind ensemble pretty influenced by DISGORGE (Mex) with touches a la PURULENT/MALIGNANCY and ultra guttural vo-kills!. Features 2 members of now extinct Colombian outfit PURULENT!.

Parricide - "Illtreat" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Brutal Polish death metal drawing influences from CANNIBAL CORPSE, REGURGITATION. Includes a CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Hammer Smashed Face" cover version!.

Pustulated - "Pathognomonic Purulency" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Brutal, ultra guttural hyper gore/grind in the vein of bands such as DEVOURMENT, BRODEQUIN & RETCH!! Forget about the 1st press, this re-release includes new layout, improved sound, and extra tracks from PUSTULATED's Demo 2002!.
MP3   >>> http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/Pustulated%20-%20Forensic%20Torture.MP3

Rot - "Old Dirty Grindcores" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Includes all their 7 "EP releases, compilation tracks, their rare demo tape track and an unreleased and exclusive studio session recorded in 2001. Features killer booklet with tons of photos, flyers, lyrics and detailed info. A true grindcore overdose: 65 songs in 67 minutes!!.

Secrecy - "Dictums Of Power" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Debut CD of this NY based death metal outfit. An incredible display of utterly extremity and technical intensity featuring 10 retaliatory strikes of the purest & fiercest death metal attack influenced by KRISIUN, DECAPITATED, MORBID ANGEL... don't miss out!. Officially distributed by GOREGIASTIC RECORDS.
MP3   >>> http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/Secrecy%20-%20Dictums%20Of%20Power.mp3

Tekken/Suppository/Sergent Slaughter/Fate - "4 Way Split CD" Split CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
TEKKEN kick off this 4 way split CD with 13 tracks of grind/noise madness in the vein of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, CONVERGE and the likes. Next up is SUPPOSITORY unleashing 8 tracks of intense grindcore influenced by NASUM, NECRONY, but perhaps even more hysteric and insane. SERGENT SLAUGHTER is next with 8 tracks of relentless grindcore drawing influences from SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION, DEFECATION, DEAD INFECTION. Last but not least we have FATE with 2 tracks of NY oriented death metal pretty similar to IMMORTAL SUFFERING, early INTERNAL BLEEDING, PYREXIA...

Typhoid - "Deoxyribonucleic Accident" MCD - $8.00 U.S. & Canada - $10.00 World
Killer MCD from this brutal Slovak band influenced by early BROKEN HOPE, MONSTROSITY, old CANNIBAL CORPSE... Includes cover versions of DYING FETUS & AUTOPSY. Mastered by Brian Griffin of BROKEN HOPE!.

Utopy - "S/T" MCD - $8.00 U.S. & Canada - $10.00 World
9 tracks of brutal Canadian death/grind extravaganza for fans of OBSCENE CRISIS, IMMORTAL SUFFERING, SUMMERTIME DAISIES...

Wicked Innocence - "Worship" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Gorges of super-gutturality, hanging in a spiraling gyre of guitar ravings and head-spinning drum work. Like CEPHALIC CARNAGE, SKELETON OF GOD but more varied, fresher, full of different vocal patterns and new ideas!.



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Sunday, November 21, 2004


Apparently someone visits my blog from one of my URMN posts about Monolith Deathcult.  It's not one of the guys from Monolith Deathcult is it?  Have I gained new fans or something?  I'm just curious as I'm not sure if this isn't the same guy who keeps visiting me from my association with Lindsey Layne King.  Not that I'm too worried, I'm just trying to exercise my mental faculties so's I can juggle conspiracy theories.

Also, it looks like URMN's fast becoming as big as The UR Blog.  Sorry if I'm pissing off people looking for straighter news stories and/or don't want my opinion, but understand I'm just playing devil's advocate and stuff.  I tend to do that sometimes.  Something about mistrust and crap like that...man, I need a chick to suck my dick

Friday, November 19, 2004


Tentatively titled En los Brazos del Dios (In the Arms of God), the upcoming album is among the band’s heaviest in years. “We all have a certain affinity for real music, including truly heavy stuff,” says founding guitarist Woody Weatherman.

The band’s current direction reflects their long tradition of evolution. “We started writing songs, and they somewhat had the vibe of Blind, Deliverance and our earlier material,” says vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan. “We started thinking from that perspective, and it evolved into a heavy, classic sound but with a modern wisdom to it. We really got back to our roots with this one, listening to old records that we all grew up on and headbanging at Woody’s farmhouse. It was a good time putting it together.”

The result, Keenan says, is a “bombastic, epic record, staying clear of the 3-minute formula. It’s not a nostalgic record by any means; it’s big and ugly and heavy. Thematically, there’s a lot of disgust on the record, directed inwardly and towards society in general, reflecting these times we all live in. A lot of people will be able to relate.”

Tentative song titles include “En los Brazos del Dios,” “Never Turns to More,” “Stone Breaker” and “World on Fire.” Producing the album is COC’s longtime collaborator and knob-twisting, speaker-blowing genius, John Custer. Besides working on four of the band’s previous albums, Custer also produced COC bassist Mike Dean’s track on Dave Grohl’s Probot project and COC’s contribution to Nativity In Black, the Sabbath tribute compilation.

Playing drums is New Orleans’ Stanton Moore, skinsman for the renowned jazz-funk combo Galactic. Over the past year, COC found themselves writing intense material and needed a drummer who could not only handle it but take it to another level. Keenan, who had since moved back to his hometown of New Orleans, called his old friend Moore to ask him if he knew any drummers up for the task. Moore laughed. “Yeah, me,” he said.

Within four days, COC was in New Orleans undertaking a musical adventure without a map. This is the type of creative situation in which the band thrives and distinguishes itself as an original force in heavy music. Though COC’s onslaught represented a departure for Stanton, he was more than up for the challenge. “His performance was totally original and category-crushing,” Weatherman says. “He stepped right into it full-throttle.”

“He’s one of the most progressive drummers I know,” Keenan says of Moore. “In the heavy metal world nobody really knows who he is, but after they hear this they will. He’s an accomplished jazz drummer playing manic heavy music — I’ve never heard anything like it.”

The result of the collaboration is a dozen or so pieces that continue COC’s history of refusing to spoon-feed the masses a bunch of formulaic, commercial f*&#ing horse$#!%.

COC 2005 – Aggression is a state of mind.

Wow, a jazz drummer in a metal band.  That's a rare thing, I gather.  I haven't already heard that one FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES.  Geez, people think that's still impressive in 2004?  No one's accusing COC of being ahead of the times, granted, but that cliché goes well with the "non-formulaic" bit describing COC at the end.  Then again, this is a press release.

Also, why does the press release call the band Corrosion of Conformity (at least according to the headline?)  Even I know the name was shortened to COC around the time of America's Volume Dealer.  Will COC ever break out of their second-tier rut?  It's been more than two decades.  I'm surprised the band haven't called it quits already, considering they're never going to achieve more than Flotsam and Jetsam levels of popularity at this point.  They've still managed to be a part of the major-label scene for more than a decade, so there's hope yet.

Source: PRWeb via Chipster PR

Monday, November 15, 2004


Below are the new releases. Also included are back in stock items
and forthcoming releases. Thanks!

The Omega: http://www.theendrecords.com/omega

[Online Special]

[CHRIS CAFFERY (Trans-Siberian Orchestra + Savatage) special! All his
releases at 15% off! Expires Tuesday, 11/16]

CHRIS CAFFERY - Faces (w/ bonus CD)
CHRIS CAFFERY - Music Man (Digi MCD) - Worldwide Exclusive
CHRIS CAFFERY - The Mold (Single)

[REGAIN SPECIAL - Killer prices until 11/16/04 ]

ABRUPTUM - Casus Luciferi - $8.00
ABRUPTUM - De Profundis Mors Vas Consumet - $7.99
ABRUPTUM - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo - $9.49
BEWITCHED - Atrocities By A Minor - $8.99
CARNAL FORGE - Who's Gonna Burn RE-ISSUE - $9.49
DANZIG - Circle of Snakes - $10.49
DARK FUNERAL - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine - $10.49
DARKANE - Rusted Angel - $9.99
DEFLESHED - Royal Straight Flesh - $9.99
DERANGED - High On Blood RE-ISSUE (w/ Two Bonus Trackcs) - $9.49
DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE - Revelation Unorthodox - $9.99
DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE - The Howling (reissue Digi) - $8.99
EMBRACED - Amorous Anathema RE-ISSUE + BONUS - $9.49
EMBRACED - Within RE-ISSUE - $9.49
EUCHARIST - A Velvet Creation (w/2 Bonus Tracks) - $9.49
EUCHARIST - Mirrorworlds - $9.99
KARMAKANIC - Entering The Spectra (w/ bonus) - $7.99
KARMAKANIC - Wheel Of Life - $9.99
MARDUK - Funeral Marches and Warsongs DVD - $12.99
MARDUK - Hearse - $6.49
MARDUK - World Funeral - $9.99
NAGLFAR - Diabolical - $8.99
PUISSANCE - State Collapse - $9.49
PUISSANCE - Total Cleansing - $9.49
RAGNAROK - Blackdoor Miracle - $9.99
RAGNAROK - In Nomine Satanas - $10.49
REPTILIAN - Castle Of Yesterday - $9.49
REPTILIAN - Thunderblaze - $8.99
SAMAEL - Reign Of Light - $10.49
SAMAEL - Telepath (Single) - $6.49
SETHERIAL - Endtime Divine - $9.99
SPACE ODYSSEY - Embrace The Galaxy - $8.99
TIME REQUIEM - The Inner Circle Of Reality - $9.99
TIME REQUIEM - Unleashed In Japan - $9.49


3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Advance and Vanquish - $15.50
8 FOOT SATIVA - Season For Assault - $11.50
8TH SIN - Sinners Inc. - $15.00
ABIGOR - Verwustung: Invoke The Dark Age / Opus IV (2CD) - $14.00
AGE OF RUIN - Black Sands of the Hourglass - $11.00
AIRGED L'AMH - The Silver Arm (slipcase) - $11.50
AMMIT - Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno - $13.00
ANGRA - Temple Of Shadows (CD + DVD - PAL) - $17.50
ANTLER - ST - $12.50
APATHEMY - Encased in Black This is Forever - $8.00
ARCH ENEMY - Dead Eyes See No Future (EP) - $10.00
ASSAILANT, THE - ST - $10.50
ATREYU - Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty MCD - $9.00
AZAGHAL - Perkeleen Luoma - $13.00
BAD LUCK 13 RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA - Let the Riot Begin DVD - $14.00
BATHORY - Bathory (Lsleeve) - $18.00
BATHORY - Bathory (Tshirt) - $16.00
BATHORY - Hammerheart (Tshirt) - $16.00
BATHORY - The Return (Tshirt) - $16.00
BATHORY - Twilight of the Gods (Tshirt) - $16.00
BATHORY - Under The sign Of the.. (Tshirt) - $16.00
BAZZAH - Kingdom Of The Dead - $13.00
BLACK ABYSS - Angels Wear Black - $14.00
BLACK WITCHERY / CONQUEROR - Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance - $12.00
BLIND GUARDIAN - Imaginations Through The Looking Glass (DVD) - $21.00
BOGUS BLIMP - Rdtr - $12.00
BORN FROM PAIN - Sands Of Time - $10.50
BURY YOUR DEAD - Cover Your Tracks - $12.00
BW&BK - #83: Mag - $8.00
BW&BK - #84: Mag - $8.00
CAPRICORNS - Capricorns - $11.00
CHIMAIRA - The Dehumanizing Process DVD/CD - $19.00
CHRIS CAFFERY - Faces (w/ bonus CD) - $9.35
CHRIS CAFFERY - Music Man (digi EP) - $9.50
CHRIS CAFFERY - The Mold (Single) - $6.80
CHRISTIAN DEATH - Only Theatre of Pain - $12.50
CIRCLE JERKS - Group Sex - $10.00
CONVERGE - You Fail Me (vinyl) - $12.50
CORRUPTION - Hellectrify Yourself (DVD - Region 0) - $17.00
CRADLE OF FILTH - Midian (Picture Vinyl) - $22.00
CRADLE OF FILTH - Nymphetamine - $15.00
CRYPTIC - Once Holy Realm - $12.00
CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh / None So Vile (2LP) - $14.50
CYNIC - Focus RE-ISSUE - $16.00
DAMNATION (Sweden) - Destructo Evangelia - $13.50
DAMNED NATION - Sign Of Madness - $11.25
DARKNESS REMAINS - To Touch the Depths of Sorrow - $9.00
DARKTHRONE - Sardonic Wrath - $11.00
DAYSEND - Severance - $12.00
DECIEVERION - Despondent - $6.50
DESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher / Sentence Of Death (Pic. Vinyl) - $16.50
DIECAST - Tearing Down Your Blue Skies - $12.50
DRUNKARD - Hellish Metal Dominate - $12.00
EDENBRIDGE - A Livetime In Eden (w/DVD - PAL region 0) - $15.50
EDENBRIDGE - Shine - $14.00
EDGE OF SANITY - Crimson II (Tshirt) - $16.00
EISREGEN - Wundwasser - $14.00
ELEND - Sunwar The Dead (Digi) - $11.50
ELVIRA MADIGAN - Black Arts - $15.00
ENERTIA - Force - $11.00
ENTHRONED - Xes Haereticum (Ltd. Ed. Digi) - $14.50
ETERNAL FLIGHT - Positive Rage - $13.00
EWIGHEIM - Heimwege - $12.50
FATES WARNING - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray - $11.50
FATES WARNING - No Exit - $11.50
FATES WARNING - Parallels - $11.50
FATES WARNING - Perfect Symmetry - $11.50
FOG - Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come - $12.00
FOUND DEAD HANGING - Dulling Occams Razor - $10.25
FULL BLOWN CHAOS - Wake The Demons - $14.00
GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS - Hail the New Storm RE-ISSUE - $12.00
GRIEVING THE DAYS TO COME - The Unsaid Everything MCD - $8.00
HATE - Litanies Of Satan (DVD - Region 0) - $17.00
HATERUSH - Mark Of The Warrior - $11.50
HAUNTED, THE - Revolver - $12.50
HYPNOSIS - Shadoworld - $11.50
IF HOPE DIES - The Ground Is Rushing Up To Meet Us - $10.50
IMPIOUS - Hellucinate - $12.00
IN BATTLE - Welcome To The Battlefield - $12.50
INSIDINS INFERNUS - Eyes In Astral Abyss - $13.00
INVOCATION OF NEHEK - Invocation Of Nehek - $12.00
JIGSORE TERROR - World End Carnage - $11.50
JORN - Out To Every Nation - $11.00
JUDAS PRIEST - Ram it Down/British Steel/Screaming For... - $17.50
KATATONIA - Dance Of December Souls (Digipak Reissue) - $15.00
KING'S X - Live All Over The Place (2CD) - $13.00
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR - Carnage - $12.00
LEGEND - Anthology (2CD) - $14.00
LEGEND - Still Screaming - $12.50
LIERS IN WAIT - Spiritually Uncontrolled Art (EP) - $9.50
LIFEND - Inner Scars - $13.00
LILITU - The Delores Lesion - $11.00
MACHINE MEN - Scars & Wounds - $11.00
MALEVOLENT CREATION - The Will To Kill (Picture Disk) - $13.00
MALIGNANT INCEPTION - Black Death - $12.00
MANILLA ROAD - Mark Of The Beast - $12.50
MANTICORA - 8 Deadly Sins - $14.00
MARAUDER - Life? - $12.00
MARILYN MANSON - Lest We Forget: The Best Of - $15.00
MARILYN MANSON - Lest We Forget: The Best Of LTD W/ DVD - $21.50
MASSEMORD - Obscura Symphonia - $10.50
MASTODON - Leviathan (vinyl) - $12.00
MELVINS, THE - Bullhead - $13.50
MERLIN - Brutal Constructor - $12.00
METAL CHURCH - Live - $15.00
MILLENIUM - The Best Of...And More (2CD) - $16.00
MOD - Devolution - $12.00
MOD - Dictated Aggression - $12.00
MOONLIGHT AGONY - Echoes Of A Nightmare - $14.00
NASUM - Shift - $12.00
NATURAL SCIENCE - This Side Of Paradise - $11.50
NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES - The Arrow & The Wound - $11.00
NEAL MORSE - One - $11.50
NEUROSIS - Pain of Mind - $13.00
NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of... - $17.00
NIGHTINGALE - Invisible - $11.50
NIGHTWISH - Once (w/ 2 Bonus) - $16.00
OLD MAN GLOOM - Seminar II: The Holy Rites... - $13.00
PARIA - Misanthropos - $10.50
PAROXYSM - Revelation Is Denied - $12.00
PERFECT MURDER - Unbroken - $12.00
PIG DESTROYER - Terrifyer - $12.00
PIG DESTROYER - Terrifyer (vinyl) - $12.00
PINK FLOYD - A Final Cut (w/ bonus) - $14.00
PINK FLOYD - Echoes: Best (2CD) - $18.00
PINK FLOYD - Meddle - $14.00
PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon - $14.00
PINK FLOYD - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - $14.00
PINK FLOYD - The Wall (2CD) - $18.00
PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here - $14.00
PUNGENT STENCH - Ampeauty (Vinyl) - $17.00
RAZA DE ODIO - La Nueva Alarma - $11.25
RAZOR - Decibels - $12.50
RAZOR WIRE SHRINE - Going Deaf For A Living - $11.50
REFLUX - The Illusion Of Democracy - $12.00
RICK RENSTROM - Until The Bitter End (w/2 Bonus Tracks) - $12.00
ROTTING CHRIST - Sanctus Diavolos - $12.00
RUNEMAGICK - On Funeral Wings - $13.00
SAINT VITUS - V - $12.00
SAMAEL - Reign Of Light - $10.49
SAMAEL - Reign Of Light (Vinyl) - $15.00
SCARLET - Breaking the Dead Stare MCD - $9.00
SETH - Era-Decay - $13.00
SEVEN WITCHES - Year Of The Witch - $14.00
SEVENTH AVENUE - Eternals - $14.00
SHADOWS FALL - The War Within - $12.00
SISTER SIN - Dance Of The Wicked - $13.00
SKINLESS - Skinflick DVD - $12.00
SLAUTER XSTROYES - Free The Beast - $12.50
SLAUTER XSTROYES - Winter Kill - $12.50
SLAYER - Still Reigning DVD - $13.50
SNOWBLIND - Lord Of My Fate - $13.00
SOLITAIRE - Extremely Flammable - $14.00
SOUL REAPER - Life Erazer (U.S. reissue) - $12.50
SOURVEIN - Will To Mangle - $12.00
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - For Those Aboot To Rock (DVD) - $13.00
SYKDOM - Intet Liv - $10.50
TANGENT, THE - II: The World That We Drive Through (Reg. Ed.) - $13.50
TANGENT, THE - II: The World That We Drive Through (Spec. Ed.) -
THY FLESH CONSUMED - End Of Blind Obedience - $11.00
TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - The Christmas Trilogy - $41.00
TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA - The Lost Christmas Eve - $16.00
TWO TRAINS - Two Trains - $11.00
UDO - Thunderball - $11.00
UPLAND - Obliterated - $12.00
V/A - Tribunal Records: A Collection - $8.50
VADER - Night Of The Apocalypse (DVD) - $17.00
VALOR - The Nameless One (MCD) - $10.00
VOMIT - Vomit - $12.00
WARZONE - The Victory Years - $13.25
WATCHTOWER - Demonstrations In Chaos - $12.50
WATCHTOWER - Energetic Disassembly - $12.50
WHEN - Whenever - $12.00
WINDIR - Valfar, Ein Windir (2CD) - $16.00
WINTERSUN - Wintersun - $12.00
WITHOUT END - Without End - $11.50
WOTAN - Carmina Barbarica - $12.00
WYNJARA - Human Plague - $12.50
YOB - The Illusion Of Motion - $12.00
ZYKLON-B - Blood Must Be Shed - $9.50


ABORTED - Goremageddon: The Saw & The Carnage Done
ABYSSOS - Together We Summon The Dark
ACACIA STRAIN, THE - ...And Life is Very Long
ACID BATH - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
ACID BATH - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
AFTERSHOCK - Propaganda
ALASTIS - ... And Death Smiled
ANCIENT RITES - The First Decade
AND OCEANS - The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts / The Symmetry Of I The
Circle Of O
ANDROMEDA - Extension Of The Wish
ANGEL DUST - Of Human Bondage
ANGRA - Angels Cry+ BONUS EP
ANGRA - Fireworks
ANGRA - Holy Land
ANIMOSITY - Shut it Down
ANIMOSITY - Shut it Down
ARCH ENEMY - Anthems Of Rebellion
ARCH ENEMY - Burning Bridges
ARCH ENEMY - Stigmata
ARTROSIS - Mélange
AS THE SUN SETS - Each Individual Voice is Dead in the Silence
ASMEGIN - Hin Vordende Sod & So
ASTARTE - Quod Superius Sicut Inferius -
ASTARTE - Rise From Within -
ASTRIAAL - Renascent Misanthropy (Digi)
ATROCITY - Infected / The Art Of Death
AVANTASIA - The Metal Opera
AVANTASIA - The Metal Opera Part II
AZAGHAL - Perkeleen Luoma
BAL SAGOTH - A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
BAL SAGOTH - Battle Magic
BEATEN BACK TO PURE - Revelations: The Burning South
BEHEMOTH - Thelema 6
BEHEMOTH - Zos Kia Cultus
BELPHEGOR - Infernal Live Orgasm
BESEECH - Souls Highway
BLEEDING THROUGH - This is Live, This is Murderous DVD
BLIND GUARDIAN - Nightfall In Middle Earth
BLIND GUARDIAN - Tales From The Twilight World
BLOODBATH - Breeding Death
BLOODBATH - Resurrection Through Carnage
BURZUM - Burzum/Aske (Digi)
BURZUM - Filosofem (Digi)
BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (Digi)
CABLE - Pigs Never Fly
CANVAS SOLARIS - Spatial/Design
CANVAS SOLARIS - Spatial/Design
CANVAS SOLARIS - Sublimation
CANVAS SOLARIS - Sublimation
CARNAL FORGE - Firedemon
CARNAL FORGE - Please...Die!
CENTURIAN - Liber ZarZax
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Follow The Reaper
CHILDREN OF BODOM - Hatecrew Deathroll
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN - The Genocide Machine (vinyl)
CONVERGE & HELLCHILD - Deeper the Wound
CRADLE OF FILTH - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
CRIMSON GLORY - Transcendence -
CROWN, THE - Eternal Death
CROWN, THE - The Burning
CRYPTOPSY - And Then You'll Beg
CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh
CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile
CRYPTOPSY - Whisper Supremacy
DARK TRANQUILLITY - Damage Done + Bonus track
DARKANE - Insanity
DARKNESS REMAINS - To Touch the Depths of Sorrow
DARKNESS REMAINS - To Touch the Depths of Sorrow
DARKTHRONE - Plaguewielder
DARKTHRONE - Ravishing Grimness
DARKTHRONE TRIBUTE: Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone
DESTRUCTION - Eternal Devastation (Picture Disk) -
DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill (Picture Disk) -
DIMENSION ZERO - Silent Night Fever
DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblast
DISMEMBER - Like An Everflowing Stream
DISSECTION - The Somberlain
DODHEIMSGARD - Kronet Til Konge
DODHEIMSGARD - Monumental Possession
DOOMSWORD - Let Battle Commence
DRACONIAN - Where Lovers Mourn
DRAGONLAND - The Battle Of The Ivory Plains -
DREAM EVIL - DragonSlayer
DREAM EVIL - Evilized
DUSKFALL, THE - Source -
ELIS - God's Silence, Devil's Temptation
EMPEROR - Prometheus Vinyl LP
EMPEROR - Scattered Ashes; A Decade Of Emperial Wrath
ENFORSAKEN - The Forever Endeavor
ENSOPH - Opus Dementiae
ENTWINE - Dieversity
ESPERANZA - Esperanza -
EVERGREY - The Dark Discovery -
FINNTROLL - Jacktens Tid
FLESHGRIND - The Seeds Of Abysmal Torment
FLOWING TEARS - Serpentine
FOREFATHER - Engla Tocyme
FOREFATHER - Ours Is The Kingdom
FOREFATHER - The Fighting Man
FORSAKEN, THE - Arts of Desolation
FORSAKEN, THE - Manifest Of Hate
FORSAKEN, THE - Traces Of The Past
GATHERING, THE - How To Measure A Planet DCD
GATHERING, THE - Mandylion
GATHERING, THE - Nighttime Bird
GATHERING, THE - Sleepy Buildings
GATHERING, THE - Superheat
GOD FORBID - Better Days
GOD FORBID - Determination
GOD FORBID - Gone Forever
GORGOROTH - Pentagram
GORGOROTH - Under The Sign Of Hell
GORGUTS - From Wisdom To Hate
GORGUTS - Obscura
GRAVE - Into The Grave / Tremendous Pain
GRAVE - Soulless / Hating Life
GRAVE - You'll Never See/Here I Die Satisfied
GRAVE DIGGER - The Grave Digger
GRAVEWORM - Engraved In Black
GRIMFIST - Ghouls Of Grandeur
HAMMERFALL - Crimson Thunder + Bonus Track
HARVEY MILK - The Kelly Sessions
HIN ONDE - Songs Of Battle
ICED EARTH - Burnt Offerings RE-ISSUE
ICED EARTH - Days of Purgatory DCD
ICED EARTH - Horror Show
ICED EARTH - Something Wicked This Way Comes
ICED EARTH - The Dark Saga
ICED EARTH - Tribute To The Gods DIGIPAK
IMMOLATION - Unholy Cult
IN THY DREAMS - Highest Beauty
INCANTATION - Decimate Christendom
INTO ETERNITY - Buried In Oblivion
INTO ETERNITY - Dead Or Dreaming
IT DIES TODAY - The Catliff Choir
JAG PANZER - Casting The Stones
JAG PANZER - Decade Of The Nail Spiked Bat
JAG PANZER - Mechanized Warfare
JAG PANZER - Thane To The Throne
JAG PANZER - The Age Of Mastery
JAG PANZER - The Fourth Judgement
KALMAH - Swampsong
KALMAH - They Will Return
KATATONIA - Brave Murder Day
KATATONIA - Dance Of December Souls
KATATONIA - Discouraged Ones
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Never Good Enough For You
KILLWHITNEYDEAD - Never Good Enough for You
KOTIPELTO - Coldnessv
KOTIPELTO - Waiting for the Dawn JEWEL CASE
KRISIUN - Black Force Domain
KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage
LACUNA COIL - Comalies
LACUNA COIL - In A Reverie
LACUNA COIL - Unleashed Memories
LEAVES' EYES - Lovelorn digibook
LOST HORIZON - Awakening The World -
LULLACRY - Crucify My Heart
LUMSK - Asmund Fraegdegjevar
MACABRE - Dahmer
MADDER MORTEM - All Flesh Is Grass
MARDUK - La Grande Danse Macabre
MARDUK - Obedience
MAYHEM - Live In Leipzig
MELVINS, THE - Crybaby
MELVINS, THE - OZMA/Gluey Porch Treatment
MNEMIC - The Audio Injected Soul
MOONSPELL - Darkness And Hope
MOONSPELL - Irreligious
MOONSPELL - Sin/Pecado
MURDER BY DEATH - Like the Exorcist, But With More Breakdancing
MY RUIN - The Shape Of Things To Come...
NAGLFAR - Ex Inferis
NEGATIVE CREEPS - In Uterus Rebirth -
NEUROSIS - The Eye of Every Storm
NEVERMORE - Believe In Nothing
NEVERMORE - Dreaming Neon Black
NEVERMORE - The Politics Of Ecstasy
NIGHTRAGE - Sweet Vengeance
NIGHTWISH - Angels Fall First
NINE - Killing Angels
NOCTURNAL RITES - New World Messiah
NOCTURNAL RITES - Tales of Mystery & Imagination
NOCTURNAL RITES - The Sacred Talisman
NONEXIST - Deus Deceptor
NORTHER - Mirror Of Madness US VERSION
OLD MAN GLOOM - Christmas
OLD MAN'S CHILD - Born Of The Flickering
OLD MAN'S CHILD - Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion
OLD MAN'S CHILD - In Defiance Of Existence
OLD MAN'S CHILD - Revelation 666
OLD MAN'S CHILD - The Pagan Prosperity
OPETH - Morningrise (re-issue)
OPETH - My Arms, Your Hearse (Re-Issue)
OPETH - Orchid (Re-Issue)
PAUL DI'ANNO - The Beast In The East (DVD - Region 0)
POISONBLACK - Escapexstacy
PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, THE - Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate
PYRAMAZE - Melancholy Beast
RAM-ZET - Escape
RAUNCHY - Velvet Noise
RED HARVEST - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
RIFLES AT RECESS - To Whisper in Tongues
RIFLES AT RECESS - To Whisper in Tongues
ROTTING CHRIST - Sleep of the Angel
ROTTING CHRIST - The Mighty Contract
ROTTING CHRIST - Triachy Of The Lost Lovers
RUNEMAGICK - On Funeral Wings
RUNEMAGICK - Requiem Of The Apocalypse
SACRAMENTUM - The Coming Of Chaos
SACRILEGE - Lost In The Beauty You Slay / The Fifth Season
SACRILEGE - Within the Prophecy/Behind the Realms
SADUS - Elements Of Anger
SALTATIO MORTIS - Das Zweite Gesicht
SAMAEL - Blood Ritual + Worship Him
SAMAEL - Ceremony of Opposites + Rebellion
SAMAEL - Eternal
SAMAEL - Exodus
SAMAEL - Passage + Xytras
SARISSA - Masters Of Sins -
SATYRICON - Nemesis Divina
SATYRICON - Ten Horns, Ten Diadems
SENTENCED - Amok / Love & Death
SENTENCED - No One There
SENTENCED - North From Here / Shadows Of The Past DCD
SENTENCED - Story: A Recollection
SETHERIAL - Hell Eternal
SHADOWS FALL - The Art Of Balance
SIGH - Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
SINERGY - Suicide By My Side
SIRENIA - An Elixir For Existence digipak
SKINLAB - Bound, Gagged & Blindfolded
SKINLAB - Disembody: The New Flesh
SKINLAB - Revoltingroom
SOILWORK - Steelbath Suicide
SOILWORK - The Chainheart Machine
SOLEFALD - In Harmonia Universali
SOLEFALD - Pills Against The Ageless Ills
SONATA ARCTICA - Winterheart's Guild
STAR OF ASH - Iter.Viator -
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - For Those Aboot To Rock (DVD)
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD - No Sleep Till Bedtime
SUIDAKRA - Signs For The Fallen
SUMMONING - Lost Tales
SWARM OF THE LOTUS - When White Becomes Black
TAD MOROSE - Matters Of The Dark
THANATOS - Undead.Unholy.Divine -
THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Velvet Darkness They Fear
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES - The Vampire Chronicles
THERION - Beyond Sanctorum
THRONE OF CHAOS - Pervertigo
THY DISEASE - Extreme Obsession Live DVD
THY PRIMORDIAL - Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of Time / At
The World Of Untrodden Wonder
THYRANE - Hypnotic
TIAMAT - A Deeper Kind of Slumber
TIAMAT - Clouds + Sleeping Beauty
TIAMAT - Judas Christ + Bonus Track
TIAMAT - Skeleton Skeletron
TIAMAT - The Astral Sleep / In The Eyes Of Death
TIAMAT - Wildhoney/Gaia
TIMO TOLKKI - Hymn To Life
TWIN OBSCENITY - For Blood, Honour & Soil
ULVER - The Madrigal Of Night
UNHOLY GHOST - Torrential Reign
UNLEASHED - Hell's Unleashed
UNLEASHED - Shadows In The Deep / Across The Open Sea
UNLEASHED - Sworn Allegiance
UNLEASHED - Victory / Warrior
UNLEASHED - Where No Life Dwells / And The Laughter Has Died
V/A - Monsters Of Metal DVD
V/A - Monsters Of Metal Vol. 2 (DVD)
VADER - Reborn In Chaos DIGI
VED BUENS ENDE - Written In Waters
WINDIR - 1184 -


Abazagorath – Enshrined Blasphemer
Abscess – Damned And Mummified
After Forever – Digital Deceit EP
After Forever – Emphasis / Who Wants To Live Forever
After Forever – Follow In The Cry / Silence From Afar
After Forever – Monolith Of Doubt
Alarum - Eventuality
All Hell Breaks Loose - ST
Ambeon – Cold Metal remix
Ammit – Mass Suicide / Steel Inferno
Anaal Nathrakh – Domine Non Es Dignus
Armagedda – Ond Spiritism
Armagedda – Only True Believers
Arwen - Illusions
Asgaard – EyeMDX-tasy
Asrai – In Front Of Me EP
Asrai – Pale Light EP
Aura Noir – The Merciless
Autumnblaze – Words Are Not What They Seem reg. and Luxus edition
Axel Rudi Pell - The Ballads III
Azaghal – Perkeleen Luoma Bazzah – Kingdom Of The Dead
Behemoth – Demigod LP
Behemoth – Demigod Pic LP
Bethlehem – Mein Weg
Celestia – Dead Insekta Sequestration
Chaostar – The Scarlet Queen
Chasm, The – The Spell Of Retribution
Crack Ov Dawn – Dawn Addict
Cryptic – Once Holy Realm
Cult Of Luna - Salvation
Dark Age / Opus IV 2CD reissue
Dark Tranquillity – Lost To Apathy
Delight – Anew
Derek Sherinian - Mythology
DGM - Misplaced
Doro – new album, ltd. ed. And reg. Vers.
Dragonland – Starfall
Draugar – Weathering The Curse
Drawn & Quartered – Return Of The Black Death
Drunkard – Hellish Metal Dominate
Enchant – Live At Last 2CD
Enchant – Live At Last DVD
Enthroned – Xes Haereticum
Enthroned – Xes Haereticum ltd. ed. digi
Epica – Cry For The Moon / Run For A Fall remix EP
Epica – We Will Take You With Us / 2 Meter Sessies DVD+CD
Equimanthorn – Second Sephira Cella
Eyefear – 9 Elements Of Inner Vision
Finch – Beyond Expression
Finch – Galleons Of Passion
Finch – Glory Of the Inner Force
Finch – The Making Of…/Stage `76
Fog – Through The Eyes Of The Night Winged They Come
Gloomy Grim – The Grand Hammering (CD/DVD)
Happy The Man – The Muse Awakens
Hateplow – Mosh Pit Murder
In Aeternum – No Salvation
In Aeternum – Nuclear Armageddon
Jon Oliva's Pain – `Tage Mahal
Kayak – Eyewitness
Kayak – Kayak
Kayak – Merlin
Kayak – Royal Bed Bouncer
Kayak – See See The Sun
Lana Lane – Ballad Collection Special Edition
Lycosia - Lycosia
Malevolent Creation – Conquering South America
Mental Horror – Abyss Of Hypocrisy
Misanthrope – Misanthro-Therapie 2CD / 2DVD
Monumentum - Metastasi
Mortiis – The Grudge
MXD - Musicogenic
Mystic Forest - Romances
Mystic Prophecy – Never-ending
Mysticum – Lost Masters Of the UniversePutrefaction (reissue)
Natron – Livid Corruption
Necrophagia – Nightmare Scenarios DVD
Nekronology – Nekromantik Recordings
Nightwish – Once VINYL
Nostradameus – Hellbound
Olympos Mons - Conquistador
Pagan's Mind – Infinity Divine
Paul Chain – Park Of Reason
Polterchrist – Engulfed By The Swarm
Possessed – Agony In Paradise
Pride Of Lions – The Destiny Stone
Red Wine - Cenizas
Reflux – The Illusion Of Democracy
Rocket Scientists – Oblivion Days
Spite Extreme Wing – Non Dvcor Dvco
Supuration – 9092 (CD/DVD)
Tak Matsumoto Group – TMG I
Tenebrosus – Lost And Forgotten
Thalion – Another Sun
Thalion – Another Sun
Thy Winter Kingdom – Opus II: Inner Spectrum
Trepalium – Through The Absurd
Tsjuder – Desert Northern Hell
Urgehal – Through Thick Fog Till Death
Vast - Nude

331 Rio Grande #58, SLC, UT 84101 USA

Geez, The End's prices are all over the place.  I know the label's huge (for metal, granted - don't get ahead of me here) and a favourite of people like John Chedsey, but who in the hell would want to pay $15.50 for a 3 Inches of Blood CD?  I mean, it's 3 Inches of Blood, for shit's sake - the epitome of what the dorks at the CBC consider metal.  There are some good deals here, but caveat emptor, buhgawd.

By the way, Regain Records is a label I've heard about but have never checked out as of late.  Perhaps it's the cynic in me talking, but the label seems to be signing its share of "classic" bands that are at the twilight of their careers.  Samael, Marduk, Danzig - is this label decent?  It seems to me to be the 2004 version of Spitfire before that label got its shit together.  I hope Regain's not signing junk, else I'd call the label ROGAINE!  Man, I should be punched for that

Source: The End Records via AEA Underground Report


The term "indie rock" has unfortunately come to represent a rather bland and compact, though well-composed, style of music. The shining melodies of the Shins and the reserved vocals of the Walkmen are two in-favor examples of the genre's characteristically moderately-retro pop. Gone is the cynicism, the aggression, the wildness and the trashiness that once characterized the American indie scene. Of course, these values are American punk values, values that have been thoroughly expunged from the indie rock paradigm with punks' migration from the lower east side of NYC to the mega-mall.

By the end of 1991, when Nirvana's "Nevermind" reached the top of the charts, the mainstream inevitably deprived punk of its message, its validity and its potential. But three years later, with the emergence of pop-punk bands like Green Day and the Offspring, the genre had become totally commodified and devoured, a process that paved the way for the infinitely worse mall-punk of Good Charlotte, A Simple Plan, and (gasp) Avril Lavigne.

Today's indie bands have understandably shied away from punk, the very philosophy that historically has defined the genre, because of the obsolescence of "punk." But the college kids who listen to "indie rock" are so disconnected from the music's roots in 80s punk that they're missing out on something intrinsic, essential and classic.

As author Michael Azzerad repeatedly suggests in his book "Our Band Could be Your Life," 1980s hardcore punk paved the way for today's indie rock as we know it by establishing an infrastructure of labels and venues that became the backbone of the scene. The preeminent indie label of the decade, SST, began as a vehicle for Greg Ginn to release his recordings with Black Flag, which no else at the time would touch because of their incendiary content. Unfortunately, today's average indie rock fan would probably cast off Black Flag's landmark album "Damaged" as angry, juvenile or "screamo."

By the late 1980s, SST's catalog was surprisingly diverse, ranging from the schizophrenic, funky, proletarian roots-rock of the Minutemen, to the neo-hippie-isms of the Meat Puppets, to the melodic punk of Husker Du. In fact, over the course of the label's existence, they released albums by Sonic Youth, the Screaming Trees, Dinosaur Jr and Soundgarden -- a testament to its prominence at the time.

Although the bands on the SST catalogue drew inspiration from a wide musical palette, they all shared an aesthetic of aggression, intensity and, generally speaking, a messed-up but sincere world-view, much in contrast to the detached, irony-drenched indie rock of today. Although SST is now defunct, the vestiges of the 1980s scene still remain: many of today's most legendary alternative clubs -- like the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C., 40 Watt Club in Athens, Ga., the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, N.C., and Maxwell's in Hoboken, N.J. -- all began as hole-in-the-wall venues made to provide a stage for the post-hardcore indie bands of the 1980s.

On the east coast, a similar situation led to the formation of DC's Dischord label. In fact, Black Flag's Henry Rollins grew up with Ian McKaye (who formed Dischord in addition to the bands Minor Threat and Fugazi).

Today, the hipsters have taken over. The recipe for success has become almost completely detached from the punk aesthetics that is the very definition of "indie." Put on your blazer, pound out a danceable rhythm -- and swear allegiance to Lou Reed, The Kinks, Televison, Joy Division and/or Pavement -- and you've got a hit on MTV2.

It is profoundly unfortunate that today's indie rock fans don't like watching greasy Neanderthals rock out sufficiently. Those Neanderthals, of course, are their ancestors. "Indie" is now a specific sound rather than a mind-set and a spirit. Even the more interesting groups, like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, appear to be detached, insincere and not-so-organic. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are neither here nor there -- not rock, indie rock, punk, post punk, garage, or noise rock. Of course, they happily reference all these styles with a nod and a wink and are quickly labeled as any of them.

The indie rock heavyweights -- like Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney and Interpol -- at least all have their own sounds, albeit ones fabricated from a plethora of influences. But this is profoundly less satisfying and culturally relevant than the pure, rebellious, sincere, compelling music that was still possible before punk broke in 1991. For now, the best option for a true rock and roll fan is to head back to the 1980s underground, when punk -- and rock -- still had life, spirit, and potential.

You know, this article was interesting in that it actually critiqued indie rock instead of goose-stepping alongside the genre as most college-oriented papers tend to do (no doubt because the papers are heavily staffed by indie rock fans, and boy do they let you know it.)  Still, the assumptions this article makes are astounding - Nirvana did not bring punk into the mainstream.  What an idiotic myth that is - it plays well to the oversimplified timeline proferred by people like Alan Cross and a thousand other "alterna"-types.  Nirvana (as well as grunge in general) did not deprive punk of its "message" or lead the way for the Offspring and Green Day.  Punk has been around since the 1970's and the more commercial elements of its subgenres have been co-opted by the mainstream, but that's natural for any rock genre.  Punk's just grown as a genre enough that it can sustain itself as an underground music genre much as metal, indie-rock and mindfuck (Negativland et al.) have.  Indie rock these days has a mainstream cachet that punk doesn't aspire to by design - it doesn't take much research to figure that out.  Good god, pop-punk's been around for decades.  Did Peter Feigenbaum do any research on this article?

Also, Feigenbaum should ask members of Black Flag, Negativland, the Meat Puppets and other SST signings what they think of Greg Ginn and his business practices.  I've a feeling if he'd done more research on Greg Ginn he'd find out what Ginn was really like as a businessman - there's a reason the man and his label went out of business, and it wasn't because punk went "mainstream."  I'm not spoiling the story for him because I'm a mean guy or anything, but Feigenbaum should really figure the answer out for himself.  Man, what are they teaching at Yale anyway?

Source: Yale Daily News

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Once upon a time, four Scottish boys moved to London with dreams of becoming rock stars. Struggling to survive, Alex, Bob, Nick and Paul became rent boys. Things seemed hopeless until, one night, this charming man named Steve took Alex to his hotel room. The two fell in love almost immediately and Steve declared that he simply couldn’t bear to think of Alex returning to the streets. When asked if there was anything else he could do for money, Alex told Steve about his band. Grinning, Steve said that he might be able to help. As it turned out, Steve Morrissey was a singer…

No, that’s not the secret history of Franz Ferdinand. It’s rock ’n’ roll slash (ahem, viewer discretion advised).

For the uninitiated, slash is fan fiction that deals with homosexual pairings. It’s generally inspired by homoerotic subtext, like the smoldering tension between Kirk and Spock on Star Trek, the way that Triple H smacked Kurt Angle’s exposed bottom on WWE Smackdown or lyrics about sticky lips and beautiful dance whores in Franz Ferdinand’s "Michael." Most of it is written by women.

Singer Alex Kapranos has recently stumbled on this world and he’s fascinated with the results.

"It was pointed out to me at one point and I thought it was very humorous," Kapranos says. "The thing I didn’t realize is that there are so many hot blooded girls who are really kind of into this voyeuristic thing about homosexual sex. At first I thought they’d been spying on my private life and then I realized it’s just fantasy."

While many stars are opposed to the idea of writers using them in real person slash (RPS if you want to get really geeky), Kapranos is actually amused by it.

"I think it’s brilliant. It’s really, really funny. And I like that sort of thing cause it means that there’s people who have imagination who are inspired by your personality and the things that you’ve done, so it’s a good thing," he says. "There’s absolutely nothing wrong with fictionalizing a genuine character as long as you make it clear that you are fictionalizing, which I think all that slash stuff does. I think it gets dangerous when people start believing that those things are actually true, and I think for the obvious majority of people that that’s not going to be the case. There are a few people who get crazy obsessed and start imagining they’re having relationships with people that they don’t have relationships with. That sort of thing’s a little bit frightening, but I think that’s very rare."

Another reason that Alex isn’t bothered by the fictionalization of real people in slash is that he doesn’t think it’s that different from what Franz Ferdinand do.

"It’s what we do in songs as well," he says. "I mean, we take characters who are around us and write stories, write songs about events that have happened in their lives. Of course, when you tell any story, you make it dramatic, you use the tools of drama to make an exciting story. All they’re doing is an extreme example of what we do."

I am stunned - stunned - that this was actually reported as news by a major Canadian magazine.  Granted, it's not a good Canadian magazine - seriously, no place that has ever hired Aaron Brophy as a writer can lay claim to any quantity of quality - but who decided this news was actually worthy of appearing on a newsboard?  Wow, a run-of-the-mill band on minute seven of its fifteen minutes of fame thinks bog-standard slash fanfiction from three months ago is funny or good in some way?  Then again, I guess you do need to be a fag to write for Chart - either that or you need to enjoy the Interweb on an "ironic" level.  Damn me for not being cool.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004


Allegations that Boulder High School students threatened the life of President Bush brought the Secret Service to campus Thursday, putting the school and a teacher in the public eye for the second time in a week.

Principal Ron Cabrera dismissed the claims as a media ratings grab.

Secret Service agents are still investigating the events of a talent show rehearsal at the school after they received several complaints, Special Agent in Charge Lon Garner said.

The dispute spread across talk radio Thursday morning when the mother of a student called Peter Boyles' show on KHOW 630-AM and reported the threats.

The woman - who did not give her real name on the air - said her daughter had heard members of a band say, "George Bush, I hope you die, and I hope you die soon" and "I'll stand over your grave."

She said the students had chosen "Taliband" as their band's name - referencing the former Afghan government called the Taliban.

But Cabrera said threats were never made.

The students covered the song "Masters of War," a Vietnam-era protest song by Bob Dylan, he said.

Cabrera also said that while the band had considered calling itself "Tali-banned," they decided on "Coalition of the Willing" after faculty urging.

Lyrics in the final verse of "Masters of War" include "And I hope that you die / And your death'll come soon" and "And I'll stand o'er your grave."

The band's act also included images of war and President Bush in the background.

Among those playing with the band was teacher Jim Vacca.

Vacca aided a group of students last week who held a sit-in overnight in the library to protest Bush's re-election.

Band drummer Gordon Koch said that while he thought it was ridiculous, he didn't mind all the attention the performance has garnered.

"Now everyone knows what a big, malicious, jealous lie this was," he said.

Funny how stories like this end up in the news somehow.  I've got a question: why the hell is a teacher in a high-school punk band, of all things?  I know a lot of people hate President Bush, and Vacca seems like the type of left-wing person who would commit to acts like this.  Still, is the guy really that cool or is the school just irresponsibly run?  Shit, Vacca can't be that cool if he convinced his students to paraphrase a Bob Dylan song.  Dylan's managed to stay coherent what, twenty five percent of the time since 1964?  If the teacher had a gay-on for the Angry Samoans or D.R.I., I could understand.  Teachers are such hippies sometimes.

Source: Denver Post


End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones


Directed by Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields.

Classification: 14A

When the Ramones arrived in London in July of 1976, they were greeted as heroes by Britain's nascent punk-rock scene. In Michael Gramaglia and Jim Fields' engrossing documentary End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones, the late Joe Strummer of the Clash describes seeing the band play for the first time. "It was like white heat," he says, still awestruck. With their black leather jackets and brutally fast rock 'n' roll, the Ramones seemed less like a musical act than a New York street gang. Even Johnny Rotten was worried about meeting them -- he thought the Ramones might beat him up.

Yet End of the Century reveals the band's image was simply that. Behind the façade of brotherly unity was an acrimonious mess that should've killed off the band long before they retired in 1996. However inspirational the Ramones once seemed to those British punks, this film presents the band's history in terms that are far from triumphant. That the three principal Ramones speak their piece from beyond the grave (singer Joey died of lymphatic cancer in 2001, bassist Dee Dee of a heroin overdose in 2002 and guitarist Johnny of prostate cancer two months ago) adds to the movie's air of desolation.

Nevertheless, it makes for a compelling story and some thrilling music. Back in the early seventies, four teenaged misfits from Queens, N.Y., were drawn together by their shared interest in listening to the Stooges and sniffing glue. When they formed a band, their lack of expertise served them well -- the music they made was primitive yet perfect, a marriage of high-speed hard rock and classic American pop.

As Joey Ramone explains, they adopted the same surname (adapted from a stage name used by Paul McCartney) "to create a sense of unity, some kind of bond." But these guys never belonged in a van together. Joey was a gawky guy who overcame his insecurities only when onstage. When not shooting up, Dee Dee wrote the band's best songs and harboured fantasies of becoming a rapper. And by all appearances, Johnny was a tyrannical creep. In the words of Sire Records boss Seymour Stein, the only thing they had in common was "they were the Ramones." When original drummer Tommy quit in 1977, the band lost its peacemaker. Then Johnny stole Joey's true love. Things got bad and stayed that way for almost two decades.

The dysfunction was compounded by disappointment. Despite making many stabs at a mainstream breakthrough (most infamously when they enlisted a gun-toting Phil Spector as producer), the Ramones watched themselves get commercially eclipsed first by fellow New York faves Blondie, then by Strummer and his pals in England, and finally by Nirvana and other alternative-rock acts that cited them as an influence. "I don't know why I'm so sour," says a cadaverous Dee Dee in one chilling scene. "I guess it was an ugly life somehow -- it's not easy being in a rock 'n' roll band."

At least Gramaglia and Fields -- who started filming in 1999, when Joey was ailing -- have given the Ramones the sort of unsentimental and tough-minded portrait they deserved. (Johnny duly called it "accurate" and "a very dark movie.") Nor does their warts-and-all approach ever descend into the sensationalism of a VH-1 special.

The revelations may even deepen your appreciation for the music -- it's incredible that so much dumb fun was generated out of such pain. Upon seeing the exhilarating clip of the band performing its purest statement of purpose -- the 1977 single Sheena Is a Punk Rocker -- you have to believe that being a Ramone was worth the anguish. If the guys were still around, they'd probably disagree.

Yeah, the review's kind of mediocre in and of itself (as any music review would seem when not written by a Ramones fan - this seems like another rewritten press release, to be honest) but it's nice to see there's a film about the Ramones and that it seems to aim straight at the band without getting into all that mythological detritus they've accumulated over the years.  Still, I'd like to see the film just to see if the band's actually getting the honest portrait it deserves or if this is just hyperbole for a mainstream documentary.  Seriously, the way the Ramones are fêted now you'd think they never had any intention of ripping off the Bay City Rollers.  At least the film doesn't pretend the British invented punk, so there's hope for this doco yet.

Source: The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Friday, November 12, 2004


LAAAAH! I'M DAVID BOW-IEDrainage X. Guttural Secrete. Sutured Esophagus. Soiled Carnage. Angryhead. From the Grave. Avenger of Blood. Draconium. Hemlock. The Weirding Way.

No, this isn't a list of badly translated '70s-era Italian splatterflicks available at your neighborhood Blockbuster. These are the names of the most recent crop of Las Vegas death-metal bands itching to carve their own desolate paths to glory across the international underground. And when I say "death metal," I'm not talking about the hyper-emotional bloodletting that passes for aggressive music these days, particularly in the form of nü-metal acts like Godsmack, or emotional hardcore like the Used, or even the artier metal-flavored punk doled out by more sensitive acts like Vegas' own Curl Up and Die. I'm talkin' 'bout death metal, which is all about killing your mother and raping your father ... before getting into some really sick and twisted shit.

"What's the big deal?" you ask. "Every big city has an underground community of sociopathic musicians making noise that's mostly unfit for human consumption."

Yeah, well, Vegas' community of deranged metalheads seems poised to join the ranks of cities like New York, L.A. and San Francisco. Why? Because our underground is starting to enjoy "success." In addition to the House of Blues bringing extreme-metal shows to the Strip, a new venue has sprouted up on Boulder Highway, the Roadhouse Casino, which booked shows every weekend throughout the fall and plans to offer even more sonic carnage in the spring. Add to that the increased exposure of a local metal radio show/Website MetalReigns.com and the recent indie-label signings of European-style thrash-metal quartet Avenger of Blood and gore-grind duo Guttural Secrete, and suddenly you've got the momentum necessary for the creation of a "scene."

And with folks continuing to move to Vegas every day, there's a good chance that the traditionally blue-collar metal crowd will grow, too. Ian Christe, the author of Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal and the host of the weekly "Bloody Roots" show on Sirius Radio's Hard Attack channel, points out that there is a long history of death metal in the valley.

"Until the water runs out," says Christe from his home in Brooklyn, "people will swarm to Vegas, and there will be metalheads among them. Don't sell the homegrown headbangers short, though. The Vegas metal scene has made huge steps in the last 15 years. Early underground bands like Righteous Pigs, Papsmear and Goatlord struggled out of the sand. Now there are death-metal shows at the Hard Rock. I mean, Henry Rollins appears on the Strip now. Metal is on the upswing, and I think you can certainly expect to see lots more metal in the extroverted circus that is Las Vegas."

Obscure but not forgotten in the metal underground, Righteous Pigs - Joe Caper (vocals), Mitch Harris (guitar), Steven Chiatovich (bass), Scott Leonard (drums) - recorded a pair of albums for the Nuclear Blast label at grunge's early light: Live and Learn (1989) and Stress Related (1990). The latter contained the highly insensitive "I Hope You Die in a Hotel Fire," no doubt inspired by the tragic 1980 MGM Grand conflagration. The tender lyrics went like this:

"These people get on my fucking nerves

They deserve to die

All they do is get in my fucking way

To them I love to say,

'I hope you die in a hotel fire!'"

After Stress Related, the Pigs were put out to pasture. Harris left to join the progenitors of the death-metal genre, Napalm Death, whose 1987 Scum forever altered the extreme-music landscape and laid the groundwork for bands like the Pigs, as well as another Vegas black-metal quartet: Goatlord.

Vocalist Ace Still, Bassist Jeff Schwob, guitarist Joe Frankulin and drummer Jeff Nardone comprised Goatlord, a band that released just one full-length album on Germany's Turbo Music label in '91 called Reflections of Solstice (titled Goatlord in the States). The band's material included songs like "Unholy Black Slut" and "Acid Orgy." Like the Pigs, Goatlord honed its extreme brand of metal in desert shows out on Pabco Road, a dusty trail near a gypsum mine at the east end of Charleston Boulevard.

"There was a forbidden energy about those metal shows in the desert," recalls Alamo Rehearsal Studios owner and longtime metal fan Kirk Moll. "Since most people were into pop metal at the time, those desert shows were like the dark side of the moon. By today's standards, though, it would be considered old-school thrash or speed metal [in the style of Metallica]. But extreme metal has always been a big part of the [Vegas] scene."

Grunge, of course, tilted aggressive music toward a punkier angle. Yet even then, Vegas bands like State of War and Ameeting kept the death-metal flames alive during their heyday in the late '90s. More than 10 years after the Righteous Pigs, the genre is back, louder and nastier than ever. Indeed, in spite of the platinum-selling success of Vegas retro-glam rockers the Killers, there's no new-wave renaissance going on. Instead, it's the darker metal underground that has grown significantly this year.

"Just like Hollywood, Las Vegas always has had a seamy underbelly," says Christe. "Besides those early death-metal bands, Vegas has always had a strong hardcore-punk scene operating beneath the radar of the casino culture. So it doesn't surprise me that Vegas currently wears two totally different faces of rock: the glittery fantasy side represented by the Killers, and the grimy, more realistic side represented by Guttural Secrete. See, death metal always symbolizes the honest extreme of culture."

Outside of a no-frills desert show powered by generators, your best bet on catching a death-metal show in Vegas during the late '80s and early '90s was at the Elks Lodge in Henderson or the now-defunct Calamity Jane's. Then as now, venues for extreme music are hard to come by.

Which is why the Roadhouse Casino has suddenly injected new life into the scene. Relying on various local promoters (Revenge Therapy Productions, LVRocks.com's "Miss Amber") to organize shows, the Roadhouse now features the best metal acts from around the country. And it serves as a home of sorts for two of the best local death-metal outfits: Guttural Secrete and From the Grave.

Gore-grind duo Guttural Secrete (guitarist/vocalist Blue Jensen and drummer Mike Fitzgerald) was the first Vegas metal band to sign with a record label in almost a decade. The band inked a multi-album contract late last year with Unmatched Brutality, based in New Tazewell, Tenn. The four-song EP Artistic Creation with Cranial Stumps was released last month, and already the metal media has descended on Guttural Secrete. (Jensen was interviewed just this week by Pit Magazine.)

In keeping with death-metal tradition, songs are obscenely titled ("Visected in Vaginal Bile"), and the lyrics, although unintelligible, are worse. Given this and the outrageous album artwork, you'd expect death-metalheads to be unemployed, trench-coat-draped sociopaths living in their moms' attics. Not so. Vegas' metal musicians are strictly blue-collar. In the case of Guttural Secrete, Jensen paves roads all over Clark County, and Fitzgerald is an electrician in Boulder City. The two wear T-shirts, jeans and backwards baseball caps, and walk around like jocks. (Onstage, Jensen wears white contacts, the only "showy" thing the band offers.)

When I first saw Guttural Secrete perform at the Roadhouse, I introduced myself to Jensen as CityLife's A&E editor after the band's set. He shrugged, thoroughly unimpressed; he seemed to never have heard of the paper. When I asked him if I could have a copy of his band's CD to review, he said he didn't bring any. When I asked him if he could urge his label to send me one, he shook his head, laughed and said: "Dude, what do you want? It's death metal."

Such an attitude underscores a commitment to staying "underground" and doesn't necessarily reflect the local metal community's lack of professionalism. After all, Guttural Secrete practices nearly every day. But it's still difficult to get these guys to talk about the larger context of what it is they do. "It's death metal" isn't an excuse; it's a mantra, a motto, a religion all its own.

For instance, over all-you-can-eat pizza slices at a Pizza Hut in Boulder City full of construction workers caked in road dust, I ask Fitzgerald if he thinks at all about the sadistic pornography of Jensen's lyrics.

"I concentrate on the music," he says, "and try to make it as brutal as possible. I accept [Jensen's] lyrics for what they are. We're not encouraging people to inflict violence on each other. We're not druggies. We have good jobs. We're serious about what we do, but we'd also prefer to just let the music do the talking. We're not trying to get famous. We're just doing what we do within the confines [of death metal]."

Fitzgerald is the most articulate young man I've encountered in the local death-metal scene. He takes a realistic look at the Roadhouse: On one hand, it's a dive bar on the edge of town in which underground bands can commit acts of sonic terrorism. On the other hand, it could be a shock to the system significant enough to resuscitate the corpse of Vegas metal.

"This music will never be accepted at a corporate level," he says. "The most we can hope for is that death metal gets big for, like, five years. The way rap was big for a while, and then country. It will all come around again, and maybe now's the time for metal."

Whichever way the trends blow, Fitzgerald knows why he plays in a death-metal band.

"It's challenging," he says, "because it's the most aggressive form of music. There's an energy and a rush in playing this music that you really can't find anywhere else."

Yet even as Guttural Secrete works to sharpen its attack, the band feels a responsibility toward up-and-coming bands like From the Grave. "We get them on bills at the Roadhouse with us when we can, and they'll do the same," says Fitzgerald. "See, it's not just about who's better, faster, harder, grosser. It's about being supportive of a scene."

"Crusher" is a local metalhead who also supports the death-metal scene. He runs the internationally syndicated extreme-metal Internet radio show "Metal Reigns" (www.metalreigns.com), which broadcasts live every Sunday at 2 p.m. The origins of his labor of love go all the way back to Michigan circa 1990, when he started a print magazine called Metal Monthly. It lasted 18 issues before Crusher closed up shop due to creative differences with the staff he had assembled. Eight years later, he moved to Las Vegas and threw his energies into the barely existent metal scene.

"It was bleak back then," says Crusher. "That crappy nü-metal stuff was big, and there were probably two death-metal bands in the whole town."

Crusher played guitar for one of them: Ameeting. According to Crusher, his band clawed its way all over the music scene, playing more than 70 shows in the two years the band was together. Very often, Ameeting would share bills with Vegas nü-metal bands.

"Since then, the metal scene has grown quite extensively," Crusher notes. "And so far, it continues to thrive. Unfortunately, there just aren't many venues in town. That's what's really keeping metal from becoming even bigger here in Vegas."

In addition to playing in a band, Crusher started up a new monthly, Mosh It. The magazine had an international focus on the metal world - but like most independent metal publications, it had poor distribution.

Eventually, Ameeting splintered and Crusher started another band, Death II All. It was when his new band was invited down to the studio for an interview with LVRocks.com founder Jimmy Diggs that Crusher learned about Internet radio.

"I was still doing the magazine [Mosh It]," says Crusher, "and Diggs asked me, 'Why do that if you can launch an Internet site and have thousands hear your show all over the world?'"

With Diggs' help, the young metalhead who knew nothing about Websites learned how to build and design them. MetalReigns.com was launched in December 2001, and attracted only a hundred or so listeners. Two years later, "Metal Reigns" was still only being broadcast on LVRocks.com and had grown an audience of 1,500.

However, five Internet stations now syndicate the show - which features interviews with the biggest names in extreme metal - bringing it to the ears of more than 65,000 listeners all over the world.

"It varies, too, depending on who my guests are on the show," says the one-man radio programmer/producer/host.

And with the increased audience comes advertising. Two of the major metal labels, Metal Blade and Nuclear Blast, now display their banners on MetalReigns.com. And with the advertising comes revenue.

"I make money off it, sure," says Crusher. "But I'm certainly not making a profit. I spend 25 hours a week on the site, so it's another full-time job almost - a job that doesn't pay much to speak of. It's definitely a labor of love, and I imagine it'll always be just that."

The labor is near-Herculean: archived audio interviews with legendary extreme-metal acts (Napalm Death, Internal Bleeding), reviews of brand-new releases (Vader's The Beast, Rotting Christ's Sanctus Diavolos), concert reviews and pics (Deicide and Cattle Decapitation at the House of Blues in Las Vegas). It would not be a problem for the staff of a prominent online magazine such as PitchforkMedia.com, but Crusher handles all this by himself.

At the same time that he acknowledges the underground status of extreme metal, Crusher can't quite figure out why the corporate world doesn't see the genre as commercially viable. Indeed, he would hate for metal to become mainstream, simply because that would mean that the spirit of metal would be diminished by any here-today-gone-tomorrow trend. For a genre of music - and a band - to survive trends, commercial considerations have to be handled carefully. The reason metal never dies, argues Crusher, is because it always stays below the mainstream radar.

"[Metalheads] don't listen to FM radio," he says, "because there's nothing there for them to enjoy. Instead, they play their CDs and listen to Internet and satellite radio. See, we understand that anything that's good, you have to pay for it."

Which doesn't translate into huge turnouts at metal shows at, say, the House of Blues. Although by most accounts, the recent Deicide show did well in terms of attendance; most metalheads are working-class and refuse to shill out more than $3 for a beer. After all, they need to count every penny; there are a lot of new metal releases out there.

Ultimately it's up to bands like Guttural Secrete, Avenger of Blood and From the Grave to help make Las Vegas a death-metal stronghold. If they make it "big," then the inspiration will be there for other bands to follow suit. Just don't count on it happening anytime soon, says Crusher. There's still a lot of work left to do, he says.

"Not to take anything away from those bands, but when [Death II All] played California a couple of years ago, we played with some seriously good black- and death-metal groups. That showed me that the Vegas scene is still largely made up of bands that need to work harder. There are some good bands in Vegas, but like every underground scene, you have to work hard to get people to notice you outside your own community."

Usually mainstream attention with regards to the more extreme of metals is given the Gordie Howe treatment (I'll leave it up to you to figure out what I'm talking about), but it seems Las Vegas City Life writer Jarret Keene got it mostly right.  I'll excuse the lame intro to the article (considering who the man's writing this for, it could have been less glib) but the man seems to know what he's talking about.  He doesn't present the death metal scene as anything different than what it is and he doesn't dumb the subject down to meet the needs of more mainstream scenesters.  Las Vegas scenes always seem to have an honest outlook on things, probably due to the fact that behind the casinos and shiny veneer the city isn't all that desirable a place to live in - if it is, I apologize, but that's what I understand from the people I know who live(d) in the city (basically Emerson Shiff, Adam "Bomb" Segal and the guy who ran A New Low Records.)  Essentially, LV's death metal scene seems to be the American equivalent of the Ottawa DM scene - that's a good thing, by the way.

Which reminds me, I have to review that Guttural Secrete album I received from Unmatched Brutality one of these days.  This isn't easy, doing everything on your own.  Then again, most of the people who read my site probably know that from experience.

Source: Las Vegas City Life

Thursday, November 11, 2004


The debate continues to RAG ON between The Monolith Deathcult and Mike Meier, and rather than dwell on whether Mike Meier's a blood-belching vagina/MDC are racist etc. (because I really don't care - again, this is a fight between two people looking for publicity, not about race) I'm going to take the tact here of just cutting the stupidest arguments from Blabbermouth and making fun of them.  Personally, I'm amazed that a] this is still going on and b] so many people care about this non-story enough to rehash a debate about whether Islam is better than Christianity and why religion should be abolished 'cause it's for the weak and stuff.  I feel for the 360+ kilobytes that are wasted on this thing every time someone pulls this story up.  I'm waiting for the ensuing slapfight.

"Hello people, because I [THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT manager Rutger Cup] led in the verbal war against the radical left liar from Switzerland, I wil be the one that will proudly present you our last statement concidering this matter.


"Usually I do the typing and arguing, but this discussion was so heavy that the band deicided that they should write the last message to Mike the liar. We also decided to give you all the opportunity to download the songs in question. Listen, read and be your own judge!


No, this doesn't seem like Rutger Cup set this whole thing up at all.  It's also kind of lame that a death metal band would need a manager to stick up for them.  Who are they, Warrant or something?  Is this the type of ultra-professional management I should expect from the Dutch?

"Mike, if you really think we needed your shitty site to promote the new album, you are taking too much credit for yourself. Though I think your site is a good initiative, you lost your mind somewhere on the way. We will give you free entrance to one of our major shows in Switzerland + a copy of the new album and a bunch of flowers for the free publicity. On the other side, you should be thanking us for the major hits on your site last few weeks. If you are thinking of a sponsor, we will make you an offer you can't refuse

A BUNCH OF FLOWERS?!  Good lord, that sounds gay.  What sort of management is this?  Where's the FREE MILLION PUNCHES TO THE FACE and the usual comments about how Mike Meier is a homo?  What sort of spat is this?  Will MDC and Mike Meier settle their differences and dance about the mulberry bush or something?  You guys are acting way too civil about this and dammit, this isn't METAL enough!  YARRRR FUCK J00S

"What's the problem with slaughtering the legions of Mohammed? Mohammed was leader of a very violent group whose motto was 'Worship our God or die.'

"Does Mike Meier also accuse DEICIDE for being racist because they hate Christians?

"Mohammed was also a man who thought it was normal to have sex with his best friend's 9-year-old daughter (Aïsja). So Mike Meier is fan of a paedophilic warlord with hatred and intolerance against other religions, Jews and non-belivers? Mike, you are a die-hard left-wing fascist!

"See, you hate racists!  Mohammed fucked an underage chick, which makes you a fascist!"  What the fuck?!  What kind of reasoning is this?  I'm not even going to touch the "my enemy=your friend" line of reasoning here, but it seems like MDC are confusing religious intolerance with racism.  I'm aware that a majority of Arabs believe in Islam, but there are a number of black people in North America who also believe in that religion.  I know there's a name for this, but basic philosophy says that this is faulty reasoning.  A being equal to B and B being equal to C does not mean A is equal to C.  Sadly, no one told Monolith Deathcult that, which is why they look like idiots here.

"Quote from the MAR website:

" 'If you have a website, put our banner on your site with a link to www.metalheadsagainstracism.org and send an e-mail to esr@eyesseered.com with your website address.'

"But then again:

" [Quoting Mike] 'I'm sure you'll notice they're conspicuously absent from our members list, and of course they've never contacted me about putting the banner on their site.'

"And today:

" [Quoting Mike's statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET] 'Months later, I got an e-mail from one of the band members notifying me that the banner was on their site. I replied letting them know I wouldn't link back.'

"What the fuck??

"Apparently, Mr. Meier is tolerant enough to accept only members of his own creed, colour and liking. Actually, he should be thankful for giving his shabby website a shitload of page hits.

Mike Meier thinks MDC are racists, so it's his prerogative not to link them if there's a reason for not linking them.  Then again, if MDC found the site so shitty why did they put the man's banner up in the first place?  He wouldn't give the band a cookie so the band screams fascist.  Unbelievable.

"You are so fucking blind. We really can't believe our eyes when we read your 'arguments.' Do you ever watch the Daily News? The Middle East is a powder keg. There's genocide in Darfur by Muslim militia. In Thailand the Muslim youth went mad and attacked police officers for some months ago. On the Balkan there were genocides. In Indonesia, where Buddhism and Christianity have lived peacefully with each other until the Laskar Jihad started a war.

"Who was ALWAYS involved there? The Islam or better The Pest of Arabia.

Funny how MDC talk about the Middle East, call Islam "The Pest of Arabia" and then point out "Muslim" crimes in Asia and the Balkan states.  Do MDC know what they're talking about or do they just believe all Muslim people are bad because of the actions of extremist followers of Islam?  They sure love shooting themselves in the foot.

"In early 2004, I noticed TMDC were using one of the Metalheads Against Racism banners on their website. There was no link to the MAR site, and I had never been informed by the band that they were using the banner. The usual deal on MAR is you put the banner on your site with a link, e-mail me, and then you're added to our members list. This put me in an uncomfortable situation as it was obvious they were just using the banner to reduce some of the damage they had inflicted on themselves during their European tour in 2003, when a number of people heard them run their mouths about how they hate Muslims (see also the guestbook entry from Rvschti on their website).

"However, reacting to this would inevitably entail having to mention them by name and clearly call them racists, which is something that's usually not done on the MAR site. The site doesn't exist for anyone to point fingers at others, and the FAQ clearly states this. I decided to put a short statement on the news page anyway. I explain this at such great length because the band is trying to make it look like I accused them unprovokedly, which simply isn't true.

"Months later, I got an e-mail from one of the band members notifying me that the banner was on their site. I replied letting them know I wouldn't link back. Nothing happened for a long time. Now, almost eight months after the news entry on MAR went up, they're turning this into a huge thing. Why? I'll tell you why. To get their name on Blabbermouth. It's been a while since they've been in the media, and they've got a new album coming out. It's that simple. And of course I was also never informed that any of this was going to be published anywhere.

"So now I have to issue this statement. I'd rather not participate in any of this as it's so obviously nothing but a promotional stunt, but it looks like I have to. They demanded proof, so I will give you the facts. This will be the only statement from me about this, any further participation in this hypocrisy will only serve its real purpose, to promote the band, and I refuse to be a part of that.

Here's Mike Meier's side of the coin.  So far it's well-argued, detailing exactly (in his view, anyway, which is clouded by his judgment - everyone's is) why he didn't link back to The Monolith Deathcult, feeling that the band are attention seekers looking for publicity.  Credible argument, until this happens:

"In all honesty, I think their 'open letter' (which I didn't know was an open letter, of course, as the e-mail I got was addressed only to me) that talks about how Holland has become a 'haven for terrorists' because they treat their fugitives too well should really be proof enough, but there's more. They claim none of this was ever evident in their lyrics, so let's take a look at some of the lyrics on 'The Apotheosis'.

"Excerpts from two songs about Vlad the Impaler's slaughter of the Turks:

"From 'Forest of Flesh':

" 'Bow for me, pathetic mortals, your God is dead for ages, Impaled like thousands of your despised people, Eyes gazing glassy and vacant at the bloodred sky, Violently condemned to see your dying God above, 'We are born in the moonlight and killed by the sun We are the bloodsucking creatures of the night', My knights of hell slaughter the legions of Mohammed, The tortured Mudjahedeen scream their agony upon the stake.'

"From 'Cathedral of Corpses':

" 'Allah's war is lost today, Dark Seraphim, Slayer of Jihad, Death in Carpathia, the massacre is done, Face the flesh horizon, destructor, misantrophe, The corpses of the impaled Turks penetrate your hopes."

"Of course, this is an historical event (the reference to vampirism aside), but it's rather telling that this band who claims to only be talking about their contempt for terrorists also likes to write graphic descriptions of Turks being butchered, repeatedly driving home the point that they're Muslim - in not one, but two songs. They could've picked any historical subject, but apparently this tickled their fancy (granted, there's also one song about Attila the Hun and one about ancient Rome on the album). Last I checked, there were no suicide bombers in the 15th century.

"But it gets better, in the song 'Desecration of the Black Stone', which isn't about any historical event, but more like a fantasy about butchering Muslims and desecrating the Ka'ba. There are frequent references here that go back to the previous two tracks about Vlad, the phrase 'Slayer of Jihad' (which is also printed as the title in big bold letters on the bio sheet they sent out with the promo of the album, by the way) pops up again both in the lyrics and the title, 'Cathedral...' being 'Slayers of Jihad Part I' and 'Desecration...' being Part II, and we find whoever the protagonist is supposed to be saying 'In my dreams I go back to the forest of flesh/Where the Ottomans lay slain before the cathedral of death.' Obviously, TMDC's interest in Vlad the Impaler is far from being purely historical, they see him as a great example of how Muslims should be dealt with. My 'favorite' part of that song, however, is this:

" 'The blood of your forefathers shall be shed on mount Arafat, The bastard sons of Abraham shall never rise up again, The laws of the Sharia will not impress upon us, Your holy army, blotted out pounded into sand, The pest of Arabia shall not overwhelm us.'

"The bastard sons of Abraham? The pest of Arabia shall not overwhelm us? How is this a reference to terrorists and not simply Arabs in general? It isn't. Three out of the nine songs on 'The Apotheosis' are about slaughtering Muslims, or rather, 'the pest of Arabia', and when the band is asked about their views, we get responses like this:

" 'Name one Muslim country that's worth living in. There is none.' (translated from Rock Hard magazine, issue 193, page 61 - http://www.rockhard.de)

"Or, more recently:

" 'Everone knows that if there are Muslims in the game there is always a lot of trouble, blood and death.' (by TMDC HQ, in the band's guestbook)

"Or they complain about how well their country treats foreign fugitives.

"These are the facts. You be the judge."

So Mike Meier's thinking the band is racist stems from the fact that they hate 'Muslims' (which they seem to interchange with extremist Islam followers as has been proven - we don't even know if MDC are anti-Arab or not) and what seem to be pretty bog-standard, although well-written, metal lyrics?  It seems like the MDC bandmembers don't seem to state their personal beliefs very well, but the argument is about PREJUDICE, not racism.  Racism is the moral belief that one's race is superior to all others, while prejudice is what MDC are actually guilty of.  We all have our prejudices - I don't condone Islamic extremism, either.  That doesn't mean I "hate dem sandniggers."  What the metal scene really needs is a crusade against STUPIDITY.

Wow, that was heavy.  Let's cool down with some ignorant Blabbermouth posts:

As the old saying goes, fuck'em if they can't take a joke! If Christianity and everything else that has been bashed by heavy metal lyrics during the last 30 years are still very much alive and kicking, then I think we can rightfully asume, that Islam can handle a few bashings, too. This Mike Meiers needs a dick up his nose, and some Stryper cd's to boot. Heavy metal is not about conformism, and not about cencorship, where only particular subjects are allowed.

What's heavy metal about, generic Blabbermouth poster?  Bullet belts?  Inverted crosses?  The ability to fuck groupies?  Why do morons insist on calling it heavy metal anyway?  Like it or hate it, the music's at least evolved enough to be called just "metal."  Nerds.

Seriously, people like this Meier pussy are a big reason why Europe will be competely overrun by the Muslim scourge within 30 years have them begging for good ol Uncle Sam to head over there with a giant emema. Don't worry guys, we'll bring the one with the extra strength suction action.

Um, I thought it was more popular for Americans to hate Europeans because "the Europeans think they're so big?"  I'm confused.  Help me out here.

Also, the guy who posted this went by the handle of "biggusdickus."  You're not John Cleese, buddy.  I'm sorry.

Mike Meier is a roller coaster!


Right now I'm laying on the couch flipping though my 400+ channels as I scratch my balls, digest the obscenly large beef dinner I just ate, think about the shit I'm going to take, and wait on my pretty little lady friend to come over here with beer and sex on her mind. And hell, I don't even have a good job or alot of money!

If there's a more free country, please let me in on it so I can kiss your ass.

Translation: "Drop your panties Sir William, I cannot wait till lunchtime.

I am no longer infected."

Who gives a fuck about someones beliefs. If you don't like a band casue you suspect them ov being racist don;t fuckin listen to them. So what they bash on islam. We regularly listen to music that bashes christianity. Everyone deserves criticism. After septembet 11th muslim extremist deserve every negative point we can muster. I am not condoning any stereotypes of "all muslims". I am saying as with all people some are good some are bad. Fuck anyone who kills someone for their difference in beliefs. I am straightedge yet I don;t kill fake ass sellouts. No I only worry about me and my life the choices ov others are ov others plain and simple. If muslims don't like criticism than change yoiur ways stop the brutality, stop the insanity. Clean up your act and quit complaining. Same goes fro any religion. Look at christianity in america. The most hypocritical ov faiths in this country. In churches they were actually telling their followers who to vote for based on certain issues.Fuck that if you don't pay taxes than you don't have a right to influence politics. Now we got to deal with this redneck moron for four more years! Not to say kerry was any better but this ignorent fool fucked us all. I digress. Fuck all beliefs. Think for yourself!

"I also like to segue into tangents.  Funny word, tangents.  Where did it come from?  Well, I can tell you as hardcore sXe as I am OH HEY A BUTTERFLY!"




TO HIM...and so on...whatever!

Where the hell did that come from?

OK, before reading this post, go back & read all the earlier posts. I'll wait....

Done? OK, here are the FACTS:

1.) Muslims are a bunch of sexually repressed misogynists.
2.) Muslims smell.
3.) Muslims are killing our people & releasing the vids to our media.
4.) Muslims are totally into the "My God has a bigger dick than your God" mentality & therefore, if you don't like my God with a bigger dick, then you should die, yankee infidel whatever....
5.) Hating Muslims isn't hating a race. Living in Iraq, Iran, etc., doesn't make you a Muslim......I'm sure there are some Christians somewhere.
6.) Muslims enjoy several things above others in life: Allah, white women, curry, hotels, and Quickie Marts (just look)
7.) Muslims can be ANY color.
8.) The Monolith Deathcult aren't racist......they are simply in danger of being overlooked because they SOUND LIKE EVERY OTHER FUCKING DEATH/BLACK/ETC. METAL BAND OUT THERE!!
9.) You can't even understand the lyrics anyway....(guuuurrrrggg)
10.) Bruiser Brody was the best professional wrestler to ever grace the ring before Mick Foley took the torch & ran with it.
11.) Muslims can pray all they want......we will hand them their ass on a rusty platter & make them LIKE it!
12.) It's a perfectly normal human reaction to HATE!!!! So why not hate Muslims? They hate us, don't they? If you don't agree, see above number 4.)
13.) They don't want porn in their country (which echoes number one on this list....
And most importantly,
14.) They REALLY DO SUCK!!!!

So what's the big deal? I just think it's a shame they have great lyrics on some pretty shitty cookie-cutter riffage........I mean, COME FUCKING ON!!!! TMD could do better than this!!

You're welcome!

Bruiser Brody was the best professional wrestler to ever grace the ring before Mick Foley took the torch & ran with it.  Again, where did this come from?  Funny thing, I'm not huge on porn either...well, at least not the bog-standard kind that "males" like to pretend is porn just because OMG NAKED CHICK!

The only racist comment would only the one direct toward Arabs. Any comment directed towards Muslims is not racist. Here's why: The word "muslim" doesn't describe a race but a religion. You can have white muslims, arab muslims, asian muslims and black muslims.

I noticed on the Metalheads Against Racism, that there are a few black metal bands mentioned. These guys can talk all the shit they want about christianity but once someone speaks up about Islam, holy shit, they're racist.

Can you say, "HYPOCRITE"

Fuck you and fuck Islam



There was a study done very recently about rascist people. It boils down to 98% of rascist people were sexually molested by a family member and they ended up liking it a lot so know that sexual molestation turned to anger and then rascism.Aslo that can explain the high degree of mental retardation rascist people normally have.

People lets give them a break here.Is not easy living in a trailer with no electricity and being pounded in the ass 4 hours a day by bubba.
So rascist people suck cousin dick and they can come here aand lick my hairy balls, mother fuckers.

"Where'd I get that study from?  The Weekly World News!  Oh, ya know that Bat Boy was raped by Elvis last month?  I guess that makes Bat Boy rascist huh?"

Mike the fucking lair wrote on his site:
" I'm sure you'll notice they're conspicuously absent from our members list, and of course they've never contacted me about putting the banner on their site."

Mike the fucking liar wrote today:
""Months later, I got an e-mail from one of the band members notifying me that the banner was on their site. I replied letting them know I wouldn't link back."

Who is the real asshole here? The Monolith Deathcult will put later this day an official reaction on their site. Hold on!


what's racist about these lyrics?! The band simply comes up with some historical facts and seeing the Islam as a threat to our western civilisation is nothing more than being pure realistic...
By the way, there are several mosques burning right now in Holland (as a result of a Muslim douchebag killing an outspoken Dutch writer/cineast) so it seems people are finally waking up !
Allah Akhbar?? Je moeder!!!!


The true test of believing in freedom of speech is the williness to stand up for the freedom of speech of somebody you don't agree with. i may not agree with nazis, racists, homophobes, haters of christianity, judaism, or islam, but i'll damn well stand up for their right to say what they feel. that's what fucking freedom is all about!!

This post is beneath a snide joke.  Just beneath.

COMMENT | I am free of all prejudice - i hate everyone equally
posted by : Glorioso
11/7/2004 6:15:25 PM

- some philosopher/writer/whatever guy.

I like Lee Ving, and he loves each and every one of you.

I know I'm late in talking about this, by the way.  I'm sure you're worried stiff about my tardiness. *cough*

Source: Blabbermouth Article #1, Blabbermouth Article #2

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Space Junkies recently put up an interview I did with Wednesday Elektra a few months ago.  I realize how self-serving it may seem, and the interview will only be up for a month on Space Junkies anyway but I've decided to mirror the interview for those of you who are interested in my self-serving up-my-assedness.  Yes, those pictures are of me and I do look that gay these days.  Deal with it.

As long as I'm shilling, read the rest of Wednesday's 'zine.  It's at least more entertaining than picking at your lint filter.

What is it with me and gay aphorisms these days?  Man.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Funny thing happened to me after I found that second MDC article and made another Ben Rayner reference.  I found an article in The Toronto Star interviewing my "favourite critic."

It's somewhat obvious that I don't like Ben Rayner.  I lost all respect for the man after he wrote an article about how new metal sucks, then spent the next two weeks of his weekly column talking about 1] how other people wrote him to agree with him (as if people thinking new metal sucks is some minority opinion anyway) and 2] how Britpop sucked, too.  He seems like an arrogant twat, in my opinion, and to me I find he's managed to retain his job without having an ounce of writing talent whatsoever.  He and Vit Wagner seem to be employed simply because they share the same "alternative" tastes that commercial interests find appealing.  It's hard to take a man seriously when he talks about how he goes to monster truck rallies "ironically."  And some people wonder why I'm "negative."

I'm surprised, then, that this article isn't that bad.  It almost makes me want to change my opinion of Rayner, and I would like to apologize to him if I actually found his sense of humour "funny."  The Toronto Star can be so clueless a newspaper at times with its overly liberal overtones and weird hiring decisions (how Vinay Menon and Rob Salem can share television duties for that paper, I will never know) but I'm curious to know if Rayner's actually putting people like me on.  If he is, and I just haven't noticed his aspirations to become the music-oriented Linwood Barclay, then maybe I'm just a man who's been burning his bridges all along.  Then again, I'm still not fond of the way Rob DelMedico acts when he posts on Blabbermouth so maybe I should really give up trying to affect the mainstream in any meaningful way.

Maybe I should suck up to more popular "cool Internet kids."  I'll have utter idiots think I'm cool, but maybe my shittier writing style will appeal to commercial interests.  Yeah, that's it, I'll become the Canadian version of Jen's Metal Page or anus.com!  Who respects a metalhead who doesn't act like a total idiot 99% of the time anyway?

Music lovers could be forgiven for thinking that it's the best job in the world: free records and entry to every concert. But that might be every concert from Anthrax to Yanni, and your tastes probably aren't that broad.

So you'll spend a lot of time hearing bands you're not in love with — and in concert that'll often be at an all-too-literally deafening volume — to write up a review that may well make fans want to string you up. You'll have to interview people who sometimes aren't very articulate and you'll have to make sense of it. Then again, you can dress casual.

In August we asked our movie critics about what it's like to be in their shoes. Now it's time for our pop/rock critics. Gentlemen, here are 20 questions; it's your turn to be heard.

1 Is it true that rock 'n' roll never forgets?
Vit Wagner: No. Like almost every 50-year-old who has smoked a lot of pot, rock 'n' roll's memory is selective and spotty at best.
Ben Rayner: I choose not to acknowledge any statements uttered by Bob Seger, in song or otherwise. But the answer is probably: "Yes, unless you make Rhino Records compilations for a living."

2 I want to woo a lady friend. What music should I use to set the mood? (And don't say Barry White.)
VW: Obviously, it depends on circumstances and the lady in question. If subtlety is wanted, try Premier Symptomes by Air and a couple of glasses of pinot noir. Otherwise, anything by Rod Stewart and a box of Carlsberg might work.
BR: Massive Attack's Mezzanine. Unless she likes it rough. Then, try something by Alec Empire or Venetian Snares.

3 How many hours of the day do you spend not listening to music?
VW: Too few.
BR: Depends on the day. I listen to music at work, frequent clubs and concerts, wear headphones constantly in transit and spin records as much as I can at home. There was also a time when I used to go to bed at night with a full CD changer, but girlfriends and neighbours have taught me the value of compromise and quiet time. These days, if I'm asleep or there's an episode of The Simpsons or The Daily Show on TV, there's probably no music playing.

4 Desert island scenario. All you have with you is a (solar-powered) CD player. What one CD would you take along?
VW: Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue. Yes, I know it's not rock or pop. But there you have it. Of all my favourite albums, it's the one I imagine tiring of the least.
BR: My gut reaction is to say Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. But depending upon when you ask, I might pick My Bloody Valentine's Isn't Anything or just an endless loop of Plastikman's "Spastik."

5 How can I spot the music critics at a concert?
VW: It varies. At a Phish concert, for instance, the critics are the ones who aren't twirling in the aisles. They also don't know the names to any of the songs.
BR: It's probably the bored-looking guy in the Yo La Tengo T-shirt who keeps talking about how the second album was better.

6 Why doesn't the Star send a Nickelback fan to review Nickelback?
VW: Good question. I plan to raise this very possibility with my editor at his earliest convenience.
BR: Because, for some weird reason, there are very few Nickelback fans employed as music critics.

7 How would you prefer to be known: as a music geek or music snob?
VW: Unabashedly and unapologetically, a music snob — although, I hope, not an arrogant and overbearing snob.
BR: Geek. I'm not an elitist. I like a lot of crap, and I'm prepared and willing to defend it.

8 What's your personal ethic on downloading?
VW: Ambivalence. I don't do it, but I don't particularly disapprove. It's well down the list of things that keep me awake at night. Basically, downloading is the logical extension of digital technology. To paraphrase Comrade Lenin and the Clash, the music industry provided the rope with which to hang itself.
BR: I've never owned a decent computer or an iPod, so I'm waving this one off. But when home taping was also supposed to be "killing music," I was one of those dorks who preferred to have the original cover art. And if I had a TDK copy of an album I really liked, I always went out and bought it. When I was in junior high, for instance, I taped the Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy and Lou Reed's New York — two of my favourite albums to this day — off friends, then picked them up on cassette and, a few years later, bought them again on CD. I'm a total loser.

9 Name and tout a band or CD that you think is great, but you can't get anyone else — the public or your peers — interested in.
VW: Although most were too polite to say so, many people probably thought I was totally nuts when I rated Paul Westerberg's Stereo/Mono as the best album of 2002.
BR: Recently? The Hiss, Panic Movement. Imagine Kyuss as a Brit-pop band — the "Stoner Roses," if you will. If they ever play a show in Toronto, you'll all understand and I'll be vindicated. Historically? ELO's Time. It's the band's late-career concept album about the pitfalls of blind faith in technology and it's quite prescient in both lyrical subject matter and its use of electronics. And, no, I'm not being "ironic."

10 Can you think of a clichéd rhyme or phrase that should be banned from all songs?
VW: Phil Collins is the only cliché that should be banned from all songs.
BR: "I never meant to hurt you."

11 Who is the performer least likely to lip-synch at a concert?
VW: Paul Westerberg. Flubbing the words and chords is an integral element of his charisma.
BR: Jimi Hendrix.

12 Describe a recurring nightmare.
VW: I'm on a desert island with a solar-powered CD player and a copy of Phil Collins' Love Songs compilation.
BR: I assume you're fishing for something music-related. I don't know if twice officially counts as "recurring," but I have had this weird dream a couple of times where I'm hiking through an endless, muddy field on acid in driving rain to see Kraftwerk at some festival while bickering with an ex-girlfriend about the location of our tent. One time, we find the stage, only no one's there. The other, the Tragically Hip is playing instead. It's not really a nightmare, but it's pretty strange.

13 Has being a music critic ever gotten you laid?
VW: Laid? Surely you mean flayed.
BR: In the interests of making this job seem way cooler than it actually is, I shall defer comment.

14 Have you ever received threats from an angry musician after a scathing review?
VW: No, but now that you've presented it as a possibility I look forward to that happening in the very near future.
BR: Somewhere in my desk, there's a tape of an irate Eddie Van Halen telling me "I'll still be making music long after you're done writing." That was in 1998, I believe, shortly after the album where they replaced Sammy Hagar with that guy from Extreme. Van Halen hasn't released a new album since.

15 Whose fans have given you the most grief?
VW: Phil Collins fans. But, hey, it isn't as if I don't enjoy tormenting them.
BR: Believe it or not, it's a tie between Yanni fans and those poor, deluded souls who thought Axl Rose and a pick-up band playing Appetite For Destruction covers in 2002 was as good as the Guns 'n' Roses that actually made Appetite For Destruction 15 years previously. Curiously enough, both groups of fans deluged me with angry letters threatening physical harm and calling into question my sexuality.

16 What song might be running through your head when you're not listening to anything?
VW: Unfortunately, it's likely to be something unwelcome. The last time I saw Bryan Adams it took several days to shake the "na na na na na na na na" part of "Cuts Like A Knife." It got so bad that I started to ponder the metaphysics of it feeling so right to be cut by a knife.
BR: Today? The Martini Bros.' "Big And Dirty." Yesterday? The Voices' "Sure Thing." Usually? Joy Division's "Passover." It's one of my brain's "default" tunes.

17 Name a song that's made you cry.
VW: The Richard Harris version of "MacArthur Park." It was probably supposed to be metaphor or something, but when I was a kid all that stuff about the cake being left out in the rain and how long it took to bake it and the recipe being lost and all the rest made me sad.
BR: Seriously? Cat Power's "Colors And The Kids" kills me every single time I hear it.

18 Aww, there, there, now. Cheer up with this song:
VW: "Catch The Sun" by Doves.
BR: Tiga's "Pleasure From The Bass." I hope I never get sick of it.

19 What is the biggest threat to music today?
VW: Nuclear proliferation. Seriously.
BR: Commercial radio.

20 Great. Any words of advice for all the wannabe music critics out there?
VW: Don't be a geek. All that minutiae about so-and-so stepping in to play the bass on the third track from that album by such and such isn't as fascinating as you and your geeky friends think it is.
BR: Don't listen to your parents. You can get paid to hang out in clubs, listen to music all day and sleep in late. You just have to forfeit your hearing, your health and the respect of everyone but other music critics. And even they are a fickle bunch.

Man, all those fucking Phil Collins references.  You don't like Phil Collins, we get it.  Those Star guys sure know how to drive a running joke into the fucking ground...

Source: Toronto Star


Dutch brutal death metal band THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have issued an open letter to Metalheads Against Racism webmaster Mike Meier in response to Meier's accusation that the band are "known racists." The letter reads as follows:

"Mike, you probably heard about the brutal slaying of one of Holland's movie directors. He made a movie about woman abuse in some Islamic relations. Theo van Gogh was biking through Amsterdam when a North African fundamental Muslim shot him 7 times in the back, sliced his throat to the bone, stabbed him several times and left a note on the victim's chest with a call for Jihad against the non-believers.

"You can not judge THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT for being racist, 'cause you don't live in a country where the people you protect murder critical opponents.

"THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT NEVER said that all muslims are bad. We tried to warn for the radical wing that calls for Jihad in terms like 'Worship our God or die.' It is well known that Holland has become a haven for terrorists and other scum. Our country has a reputation for our well treat of refugees. But we already knew several years ago that problems with the radical Islam were heading for our country. Some lyrics confirm this and were even written before the World Trade Center was brought down.

"Anyway, you fight the wrong people and accuse them without any proof. You still haven't given me any proof of us being racists. I suggest you send them anyway. Otherwise clean up your shitty site and hang yourself."

Well, it seems that MDC are doing better at the PR thing...well, before the part where the band tells Mike Meier to kill himself.  That ain't gonna douse the flames on this subject at all.  The guys are getting better but that whole 'fuck you Mike Meier' thing ain't gonna make converts outta the MAR supporters at all.

Why is this story still going on?  MDC hates Mike Meier, Mike Meier hates MDC.  There doesn't seem to be anything deeper than that going on here.  This story has nothing to do with religion; this is just scenester-hates-scenester sissy slapfight #1305987 but with 1/8 more intelligence.  I don't like Ben Rayner but that doesn't mean I have to like people who hate the man, either.  Fucking kids.

Source: Blabbershite.net