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Saturday, October 30, 2004


TO 1:30 PM
Mark de la Viña of San Jose Mercury News decides he doesn't even want to use 1/8 of his ass and throws a bevy of clichés against the wall.  I am shocked he didn't include Joy Division in his list of "scary horror bands," y'know, 'cause the band used NAZI IMAGERY!  OOH, SCARY
Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland: more of the same, with an MS Paint picture of Mickey Mouse to help decorate the article.  At least this guy mentions John Zorn.
DNTO played John Southworth's "Pumpkins."  For this, I hate them forever.  Seriously, I have an intense hatred of that guy's music and his Barney the Dinosaur-esque voice.  I just want to squeeeeeeze his head ever so tightly...
PopMatters does an interesting piece on soundtracks to 1970's horror films.  This article had red flags all over it when I first saw it but Marco Lanzagorta did his research here, not talking down to the reader or letting biases show.  Whaddaya know, the wop can write.
AUGH! A BALDING MAN ON A BICYCLE!Chicago Sun-Times article on the Drive-By Truckers.  Just because it's Hallowe'en doesn't mean music articles need to ham it up with the horror themes and whatnot (although Space Junkies has a Hallowe'en-themed issue up right now, don't remind me how I contribute to that 'zine and thus shouldn't complain about this.)
The Portsmouth Herald (New Hampshire) comes up with an article on a local musician with a yearly gimmick.  Somehow, I don't find a grimacing man with a bicycle, a cape and a pumpkin very scary.  At least he's got steady work.


HatebeakThey are Blake, Mark and Waldo. A couple of years ago, they got together and formed a heavy metal band. This spring, they released their first record, "Beak of Putrefaction."

Blake and Mark play guitar and drums. Waldo provides the ear-bleeding screeches and satanic-sounding growls. A heavy metal prodigy, Waldo is only 15 years old. That's not all. He is also covered with feathers.

Meet Hatebeak, the world's first death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot.

Blake and Mark are Baltimore-area audio engineers in their 20s who prefer not to reveal their last names ("for the mystery, you know," explains Blake). After they came up with the idea for Hatebeak, a fellow metal lover and bird owner provided Waldo, a Congo African Grey.

How Waldo's vocals are integrated with Hatebeak's paint-peeling guitars and frantic drumming is a "trade secret," said Blake. However, one could reasonably surmise it begins with setting up a microphone in the bird room and hoping for the best.

Hatebeak does not tour. "We don't play live," Blake hastened to reassure his interviewer. "It would be absolute torture for the bird to experience decibels at those levels."

So, Hatebeak is a studio project only, in the tradition of Steely Dan except with unintelligible lyrics and no melody at three times the volume.

Blake will allow that "Waldo is the only vocalist for Hatebeak. He does parrot noises and also says some words."

Of course, those words are obliterated in the final product, with Waldo being a heavy metal parrot.

When he isn't recording, Waldo enjoys whistling "The Andy Griffith Show" theme song and mimicking a ringing telephone.

A tribute album, sort of, "Beak of Putrefaction" features three parrot- fronted songs on a clear-vinyl 45. The title cut is a nod to the Carcass classic, "Reek of Putrefaction." "God of Empty Nest" is named after Morbid Angel's "God of Emptiness." The third song is a bonus track called "Seeds of Destruction." The flip side contains two instrumentals by a human-only band called Longmont Potion Castle.

"Putrefaction" is moving briskly, according to Reptilian Records, an underground record store in Baltimore and Hatebeak's label. The first 500 records already have been snapped up by an adoring public, or at least lots of people with $5 to spend on a bird singing heavy metal. A second pressing, is also flying off the Web site (www.reptilianrecords.com/reptilian/hatebeek.html), according to Reptilian Records chief executive officer ChrisX.

"When the idea for Hatebeak hatched, I admit I was skeptical," said ChrisX. "But now that it has taken flight, I believe Hatebeak will soar to new heights, making Waldo the parrot as popular as all the other birdbrained pop stars out there." ChrisX described Hatebeak's style as "nest crushing."

Critics agree. The Aquarius Records new-arrivals list called Hatebeak "furious and blasting death metal." The "evil squawks" are "completely and stupidly brilliant."

Chris Okon of San Francisco, a cockatiel owner and Hatebeak fan, described the group's sound as "a jackhammer being ground in a compactor." She likes that "the artists seem to respect the ancient, raptor-reptilian roots of parrots."

Pretty heady stuff for a band just starting out. But don't expect Blake, Mark or Waldo to sit around preening. (Well, maybe Waldo.) Not ones to rest on their eggshells, they already are hard at work on a second record, this one with a group called Caninus, whose lead singers are dogs.

"I have met the Caninus people, and they are very nice," said Blake. "Caninus is very pro-animal rights. However, I've never met the dogs."

Eventually, Hatebeak hopes to record enough songs to fill a CD. In the meantime, the band is not trying to convey any particular message, said Blake.

"The only goal of Hatebeak really is to raise the bar as far as extreme music goes," he said modestly. "Many bands have come before us and played an extreme form of music, and this was my way of taking it up a notch."

Heaven forbid that Hatebeak should become mainstream, lest the overexposure dull cutting-edge metal. But if it does cross over, you just might find yourself humming along to Hatebeak's latest tune, "Bird Bites, Dog Cries," on the radio someday.

Then, as Reptilian's ChrisX warns, you will not be able to dodge "the talons of hate" of Hatebeak. "You can run, but you cannot fly."

For the first time in years, I am in awe of what I am seeing.  A death metal band fronted by a parrot.  Man, it makes me want to start up a label just to sign these guys up.  I commend these guys for the greatest/lamest gimmick I've seen in some time.  Wow.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


This has to appeal to Reverend: the only black metal band in Juneau, Alaska.  (Technically, there are two but the bandmembers of Gomorrah are in high school so the style of that band could change whilst taking a whiz.)  Sure, that ever-hatin' corpsepaint (pah) is part of the band's image but Old Goat has a drummer named Digum Dagum and the band has the King Diamond influence down pat.  Naming yourself after your son's baby talk is kvlt, at least to me.

Give 'em a break, it's Alaska.  The bandleader didn't even have a guitar when he started Old Goat, and what's more black metal than that?

Source: Juneau Empire (Juneau, Alaska)


John Peel died this Monday of a heart attack at age 65, as you all know by now.  It truly is a sad day for music, as Peel was one of the most musically diverse men who ever stepped behind a radio microphone.  Let's be honest: a lot of bands in all genres - especially with regards to grindcore (Napalm Death and the bands on the Hardcore Holocaust comps. in particular) owe a debt of gratitude to Peel, and it's obvious that he was one of the mainstays that made BBC Radio 1 what it was and is.  He may have played 33 RPM singles at the wrong speed occasionally and his love for all things Mark E. Smith sorta grated on the nerves; the man was still a true champion of the airwaves.  His show is what freeform radio should always strive to be like.

Some comment highlights from a BBC Radio 1 news blurb, along with who commented:

"It was a terrible loss to the music industry - he was a pioneer in his own right."

"If it wasn't for John Peel, Black Sabbath wouldn't have got played on the radio."

"A huge loss to music in general - he was a good guy."
- Ozzy Osbourne


"I suppose the highlight for us was doing a session in his house, meeting his family and playing in his front room."

"He was enthusiastic about all the new records he'd had in and picked out an obscure death metal record for us to listen to."

"We'd just seen him a few weeks back so it was a really big shock."

"He's been such a champion of culturally diverse music - we were just saying nobody thought he was ever going to die - we thought he'd be around forever."
- Gruff, Super Furry Animals


Newsbeat (RealAudio)

To those who think I'm being a little dramatic by being so reverent to a man like John Peel - let's face it, he's one of the few people who have exposed ears to countless bands of all genres, regardless of how "safe" said bands were.  Canada doesn't have a show in the country that could ever match what John Peel's show was like (Thor's Leather Shorts comes up short, let's face it.)  He may have been mainstream, but his music show deserved the reverence it received.  Here's hoping TV Cream can do a tribute worthy of the man.

Source: BBC Radio 1 News


Dutch brutal death metal band THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have issued a statement defending themselves against accusations that they are "known racists." Specificially, the band are speaking out in response to the following article posted at the Metalheads Against Racism web site by its webmaster, Mike Meier:

"The Dutch band THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT is using the [Metalheads Against Racism] banner on their website. Funnily enough, there's no link to us, they've just got the banner on there. THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT are known racists, I have talked to them on one of the Swiss metal message boards and made it abundantly clear what I think of them. I also know at least five people who have talked to them 'in real life' and heard them spout their racist shit. Putting the banner on their site is nothing but a hypocritical act of damage control because they're afraid nobody will book them for shows anymore now that most of the European [death metal] scene knows what a bunch of racists they are. I'm sure you'll notice they're conspicuously absent from our members list, and of course they've never contacted me about putting the banner on their site."

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have responded to Meier's comments by issuing the following statement:

"When you write lyrics about the slaughter and killing of Christians, no one feels offended, but when you write lyrics against the radical Islam they call you a racist. That is the tolerant view of Metalheads Against Racism.

"Anyway, for the dumb, ignorant and radical left; Here we go again....

"We of THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT are fully aware that certain historically accurate matters are quite sensitive in some countries.

"THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT is NOT a political band. We distinguish between race and religion. We know that most people are too retarded to take a good look at our lyrics, but we refuse to lyrically adapt and limit ourselves to suit the IQ of the contemporary metal fan.

"THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT treats historical happenings as they occured throughout the ages. Sometimes it happens that a topic is treated which certain people rather would not be reminded about because of the heinous deeds of their forefathers."

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT will release their sophomore album, "The White Crematorium", on January 24, 2005 through Karmageddon Media. The band, who recently announced the addition of touring member Carsten Altena to the group's ranks, released their debut album, "The Apotheosis", in 2002 through Cold Blood Industries. The band have previously toured Europe with the likes of THE CROWN and SKINLESS.

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Look, I tend to sway towards the "political left" (and not because I'm one of them "socialist Canadians" as I'm sure you'll point out) but I can't agree with either side of the discussion here just on the face of it.  First of all, The Monolith Deathcult ruin their argument by calling out "the dumb, ignorant and radical left."  Great PR, guys.  That doesn't make you seem like a political band at all, calling your detractors stupid fucks.  That's real smart.

Also, there's something about the "Metalheads Against Racism" idea that rings false with me.  People know I had a page about "tr00 black metal warriors" at one point, and some people probably do believe I'm a PC pussy because of that and other things I write.  The point of that article, though, wasn't about racism; it was about hypocrisy.  You know why I always change articles like that?  It's because I feel things like that piece of writing aren't as good as I thought they were when I wrote the articles in question.  I couldn't care less about racism, but that's because after a few years of writing about metal I realised that the problem with regards to the metal scene is how fucking serious and repetitive people in the world scene tend to act and/or be.  Do you think I worry about "the jewbags" of the scene or how gay alt-rock is?  Maybe I used to when I did that issue of Metal Strike Force (I was in a different mindset three years ago, ask anybody), but these days I'm more worried about things like label business practices and how certain people can't distance something like a piece of music - which, shorn of vocals, is really just a bunch of abstract noises - from the lifestyle that's supposed to go along with it.  Do I want metal to be "safe?"  Hell no, but I couldn't care less if somebody thinks I'm gay because of who I like, what my personal beliefs are or whatever.  Really, anybody who reads a site like mine who doesn't get the joke won't ever get it.  There are other things than racism or religion in black metal to talk about, you know.  Maybe more people should, um, start talking about such things?

By the way, that stupid No Nazi backdrop behind the Metalheads Against Racism site is just stupid.  It's about as bad as the punk patches with the man throwing the swastika in the garbage can.  Sometimes those patches aren't far away from a "Cops Suck!" patch.  Things like that are more indicative of trendiness than politics.  ANARCHY FOREVER OI OI OI!

Also, this page hurt my head. Seriously.

Source: "Far From The Sun"

UPDATE: Sorry this wasn't up earlier/was posted three times this afternoon.  For some reason Blogger was on the rag this afternoon.  Point still stands, though.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004



21 October 2004

more exciting signings!

HELENA MICHAELSEN, the charismatic singer of Trail Of Tears and Imperia has signed a contract with Black Lotus Records for her new band ANGEL.

You can get a taste of ANGEL’s music at the DEAD CAN DANCE TRIBUTE, where she is covering the opus “The Lotus Eaters”.

The album is scheduled for an early 2005 release.

On the left, Helena Michaelsen on the cover of the Spanish metal magazine A Sangre Y Fuego.


After the release of their same titled album, the band played numerous shows and festivals around Europe and gained a dedicated core of fans in countries such as Germany, Italy and of course in their homeland Greece. Among others they have played as a support for OMEN, MANILLA ROAD and BROCAS HELM.

BATTLEROAR have a tremendous potential in the field of epic power metal, something that it will became even more visible with the release of their second (untitled yet) album.

Recordings start in February 2005. Release date to be set towards the end of April 2005. A couple of song titles: Reforge The Sword, Sword of Crom.

(Their same titled album -digipack- is available via our distributors network and directly from our CD-store)


DOL AMMAD are the brainchild of composer-keyboardist Thanasis Lightbridge who formed this innovative band in 2000 trying to blend his many influences of electronic, metal and classical music. The result is a highly descriptive, unpredictable and artistic sound that is totally fresh and original.

After 2 demos Dol Ammad arranged and produced their much anticipated debut full album with the inclusion of drummer Alex Holzwarth of Rhapsody and Sieges Even.
The drum recordings took place at the famous "Gate Studio" in Wolfsburg Germany under the production and engineering skills of Sascha Paeth and Olaf Reitmeier.

The debut Dol Ammad album is entitled "Star Tales" and features 12 tracks of operatic and progressive fantasy metal lasting a total of 62 minutes! Cover art by fractal artist Brian Exton. Release date: November 2004


THE AERIUM combine with symmetrical perfection metal and operatic symphonic elements. Taking the best of both worlds they are ready to deliver a magnificent work of tragedy, tranquillity and ethereal beauty.

Their first album is already recorded and will be released during the last week of November.

Album title: ‘Song For The Dead King’

Do not miss this great band which will definitely transcend you into the magical worlds of beyond…


Minnesota deathrash metalcore UNDER EDEN have created a much-respected name in their local scene and are ready to invade the rest of the world! Perhaps you might have come across raving reviews of their 2003 demo “Songs from the Savage Circle” in various webzines and magazines from all around.

The band will enter the studio to record their full-length debut towards the end of 2004. Release date to be announced early in 2005.

For more information plus downloadable tracks check their website.


Inactive Messiah

The band formerly known as Womb Of Maggots.

After the release of their first album "Life Odium" the band appeared in many local festivals and played countless shows all over the Balkan peninsula getting a core of dedicated fans.

Moving forward, the 5 piece combo is changing their name, signs to Black Lotus and is ready to unleash their second full length that will carry their new name. You should expect a gorgeous mix of death, industrial and extreme metal!




22.01.2005 London, The Underworld (UK)


19.11.2004 Warszawa, Progresja (POL)

20.11.2004 Kuznia, Bydgoszcz (POL)

21.11.2004 Ucho, Gdynia (POL)


22.10.2004 Hengelo, Metropool (NL)

05.11.2004 Hilversum, Tagrijn (NL)

06.11.2004 Arnhem, Goudvishal (NL)

21.11.2004 Tilburg, 013 (NL)

21.01.2005 Nijmegen, Doornroosje (NL)

22.01.2005 Deventer, Burgerweeshuis (NL)

23.01.2005 Groningen, Vera (NL)


24.10.2004 Athens, Gagarin (GR)

09.01.2005 Athens, AN Club (GR)


12.11.2004 Salonica, Rock Bottom (ex-Empire) (GR)

14.11.2004 Athens, AN Club (GR)


29.10.2004 Volos, Bailar (GR)

30.10.2004 Larissa, B Live Music Hall (GR)

11.11.2004 Athens, An Club (GR)


29.10.2004 Volos, Bailar (GR)

26.11.2004 Cyprus (support to Rotting Christ)


26.11.2004 Naples, Mushrooms (ITA)


13.11.2004 Salonica, Hydrogios (GR)

I know it's the underground, but I'm not convinced these signings are going to bear fruit (read: make money down the road) anytime soon.  There are too many yellow flags on this band's roster: power metal band with generic name, death metal band with generic name changed to a generic name that sounds like Intolerant Messiah, "fantasy metal" band and metalcore band from America on a European label.  Doesn't seem too appetizing to me, but maybe I'm being too skeptical.  I'm just not fond of the "covering the bases" approach, as it seems too close to the Black Mark/Century Media model to me.  What do I know, American that I am.

Source: Black Lotus Records


opens new depertment !!!

if you are looking for professional tape dubbing of your releases
(demos, tape LP) we are ready to help you !!!

check out our offer !!!


Processing from master source: 15.00 EUR
1 colour on-body print: 30.00 EUR
Universal on-body print (sideA, sideB and dolby stereo sign): FREE

Cellowrapping (when you will send inlays): FREE
It is possible to print inlays here too (ask for details)!

minimal order 100 copies

length price per 1 copy (EUR)

30 0,50
35 0,52
40 0,54
45 0,56
50 0,58
55 0,60
60 0,62
65 0,64
70 0,65
75 0,66
80 0,68
85 0,70
90 0,72

prices include: ferro tape in crystal body-box with black background
and MC crystal case.

Nice to see people are still dedicated to that archaic tape-dubbing phenomenon considering some people consider tapes a larf these days, what with CD-R's and DVD's becoming the norm and all. Still, where exactly am I supposed to reach this label? Beyond the fact that the prices are in euros, there's nothing here that tells me where these guys are. Such are the ways of email newsletters, I guess.

Source: AEA Underground Report via ?


Noise is for heroes

I haven't seen one of these poorly-written, over-emphatic articles in a while.  Now, I'm not the pickiest of guys when it comes to music but Chris Handyside's comparing a noise-rock band to Iggy Pop + The Stooges.  That is really, really sad in at least one way - hell, I showed this article to Iron Bitchface member K-Rot for an e-mail interview recently and he got bored and stopped reading halfway through.  I love these sort of articles since the "alternative" weeklies only seem to care about local bands when they make some sort of movement within a regional or national music scene.  No one would give a shit about Wolf Eyes if the band was on some ultra-obscure Decatur label, but since the almighty Sub Pop signed Wolf Eyes the band is worth caring about now.  The hypocrisy makes my "urine burn."  See, that's a Wolf Eyes song.  I'm "clever."

Also, notice the "subtle" name-dropping?  Andrew WK...Sonic Youth...Genesis P. Orridge...no, this band didn't have any "indie cred" before Sub Pop signed the band to a one-off deal.  Makes me wonder how people manage to talk with their mouths so full of their own feces.  Maybe I'm not cool enough to understand.

Source: Metro Times (Detroit)

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but Blabbermouth has been using "Far From The Sun" as the syndication title for each of its posts since at least October 11.  I'm not making this sort of thing bigger than it is, but every Blabbermouth post has been syndicated through Google News this way, as the .png I linked to demonstrates.  Considering this is supposed to be a major metal news publication, doesn't it seem unprofessional not to correct a small bit of code so that the actual title of the article gets syndicated through Google News?  Man, are the RSS feeds always like this?  Yeah, I respect Blabbermouth as a website even more because of this.  Brilliant, guys.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Avril Lavigne will sing the "SpongeBob SquarePants" theme song on the animated film's soundtrack, according to the publicist for the project.

In addition, the Shins, Ween and Motorhead are newly confirmed to contribute tracks to the set.

"SpongeBob" also will sport original songs from the Flaming Lips ("SpongeBob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall of Energy") and Wilco ("Just a Kid", featuring backing vocals by frontman Jeff Tweedy's son Spencer's band, the Blisters).

The Shins have recorded an as-yet-untitled new song for the soundtrack, while Ween chips in with "Ocean Man" from its 1997 Elektra album "The Mollusk".

Never exactly known as a kid-friendly act, Motorhead nevertheless makes its presence felt with the track "You Better Swim".

The set also will feature "The Goofy Goober Song" by the Dust Brothers' Mike Simpson with the characters SpongeBob and Patrick, "Goofy Goober Rock" by producer Tom Rothrock with Jim Wise and "Bikini Bottom" by Electrocute.

SpongeBob himself gets in on the fun by singing "It's the Best Day Ever." A handful of other artists are yet to be confirmed.

Yes, this is about a week old by now, but I thought Tom Araya was the only metalhead who would even admit to being a Spongebob Squarepants fan.  First Motörhead becomes HHH's bitch, now this.  Man, Lemmy must either need the money or he's making an obvious cash-grab.  Either way, what the fuck?

Source: Billboard via Reuters


| --- GOREGIASTIC RECORDS Distro Update 10.07.04 ---|
www.goregiasticrecords.com | mailorder@goregiasticrecords.com


GR013- ANCIENT NECROPSY - "The Deformed King's Mummification" CD
Combining crushing musicianship, intricate riffing and low, guttural vocals, ANCIENT NECROPSY have crafted a new assault of uncompromising, intense and technical brutal death/grind holocaust that will appeal to fans of bands like NECROPHAGIST & DEEDS OF FLESH! MP3: http://www.goregiasticrecords.com/AncientNecropsy_bendsTheHead.mp3

GR012- HIDEOUS MANGLEUS - "Shadows That Kill: The Skull Sessions" CD
Formed in 1989, pioneers of grind, gore and insanity HIDEOUS MANGLEUS are back! Being hailed as the "Ghouls Of Grind" and having terrorized the early 90's stages with cult acts such as INCANTATION, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, ANAL CUNT, BRUTAL TRUTH, among others, the Ghouls are ready to bring back again a powerful bounty of punishing grind from the deepest depths of hell! A Revelation of Grind! MP3: Coming Soon.

...> New Arrivals 10.07.04:

Alienation Mental - "Kopferkingel" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Includes the tracks from their "Kopferkingel" demo and the songs from the 7" EP with INHUMATE as bonus tracks. Hard to top brutal death grind at its finest

Ascendancy - "Rise Of A Dead Empire" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Debut CD from this new American band based on MA. Kind of black/death metal hybrid with some slight touches from bands like DISSECTION, LORD BELIAL, KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY, NAGLFAR... just to name a few.

Autophagia - "Postmortem Human Offal" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
1st full length CD by this brutal one man gore/grind/core band from Greece! Putrid, vomitous & disgusting mix of styles from bands like LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, AGATHOCLES TORSOFUCK, SORE THROAT, REGURGITATE... Includes cover versions from FILTHY CHRISTIANS and EXTREME NOISE TERROR... Only for the sickest

Chton - "Chtonian Lifecode" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Debut album of this brutal Norwegian dark death metal act. Imagine a mixture of acts such as MOLESTED, BEHEMOTH, AETERNUS with touches a la HATE ETERNAL/ MORBID ANGEL

Craniotomy - "It's Not Cut Out - It Can't Be Eaten" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
1st CD from this ultra-brutal Czech band in the vein of DISGORGE (USA) with extremely low vocals a la DEMILICH, GOREOPSY

Decay - "Mutilating... Gutting" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Includes the 2 self-released albums by this Finnish band for a total of 21 tracks of rotten, putrid, maggot-infested gore/grind/death with influences from bands like DISGORGE (Mex.), DEAD INFECTION, FLESH GRINDER, old CARCASS... Features a cover version from DISGORGE (Mex.)

Desecration - "Raping The Corpse" 7" EP - $6.00 U.S. & Canada - $8.00 World
Limited pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies! U.K.'s brutal death metal similar to old CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DYING FETUS, DEEDS OF FLESH... Import from Norway

Disinter - "As We Burn" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
4th full-length CD! Faster, more brutal and intense than before, just imagine a mixture between HATE ETERNAL & KRISIUN with some melodic touches a la AT THE GATES/VEHEMENCE

Dr. Shrinker - "Grotesque Wedlock" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Official CD from this legendary American band! Includes their "Wedding The Grotesque" '89 demo, "The Eponym" '90 demo & the "Recognition" '88 demo. Aggressive and intense old school death metal with influences from SADUS, old CARCASS, RIPPING CORPSE, early DEATH

Dying Fetus - "Destroy The Opposition" LP - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $14.00 World
Combining an innovative mix of technical virtuosity and catchy song structures to create the ultimate blend of death metal, hard-core, and grind, Maryland's DYING FETUS unleash Destroy The Opposition! Strictly limited Belgian edition

Foetopsy - "Bizarre Ginecology" 7" EP - $5.00 U.S. & Canada - $7.00 World
6 new pieces of totally mincing goregrind complete with multi-faceted vocal rantings, brutal sludged guitars, and some of the most crippling blasts ever! Amazing packaging and 5 unreleased demo tracks on side B make this limited slab of wax a must to own! Includes Jon Engman from BRODEQUIN on drums

Fondlecorpse Vs. Inkblack - "Split" 7" EP - $5.00 U.S. & Canada - $7.00 World
Gory old-school Dutch death metal like REPULSION, AUTOPSY, etc. vs. solid, tight death metal (also from Holland) with thrash metal riffs, kind of similar to MASSACRE's "From Beyond"

Hellstorm - "Fucking Bleed" LP - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Hellish thrash/black metal from Norway! Imagine a bastardized mix of bands like DARKTHRONE, IMPALED NAZARENE, NIFELHEIM, DISASTER, MOTORHEAD, DEATHWITCH

Kabak - "Cronicas Del Quirofano" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Features 5 new songs, their "Mala Praxis" demo and a CD-ROM part with 3 tracks taken from a live performance during the AVULSED tour in Central America. Extreme death/grind from El Salvador with influences from CARCASS, DISGORGE (Mex.), early SUFFOCATION but with a very personal touch. Includes a member from DEEP RED (Fin)

Liturgy - "Dawn Of Ash" 12" LP - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Limited vinyl edition of 500 copies! Ex-DISGORGE & BRODEQUIN front men return with their most brutal alliance yet! Simply put "Dawn of Ash" is a genre defining release and hands down one of the most intense, brutal cds lately! Feat. members of DISGORGE, CINERARY, BRODEQUIN & FOETOPSY

Machetazo - "Trono De Huesos" CD - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
Spanish grind masters are back with their 2nd lethal assault! Even better than their previous effort and incorporating influences from cult bands like ASSUCK, REPULSION, TERRORIZER, AUTOPSY, HAEMORRHAGE... A must have

Malevolence - "Martyrialized" 12" LP - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
2nd full length album by this Portuguese band! Aggressive, yet melodic death metal with some early MOONSPELL influences but even heavier & faster! Produced by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio

Masacre - "Death Truly Death" 12" LP - $10.00 U.S. & Canada - $12.00 World
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Wurdulak/Gorelord - "Creature Feature" Split MCD - $8.00 U.S. & Canada - $10.00 World
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I had to clean this up because it had a few of those annoying “ artifacts that happen when converting from one document format to another sometimes...hope I didn't get anything wrong here.

Source: Goregiastic Records


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And don't forget about the BRUTALITY RADIO RAZORBACK

I know people like to shit on Razorback for being an overhyped label (and I wouldn't disagree, to be honest - Razorback's the ROH of the grind scene, such is the growth of the label) but people should really take advantage of this.  Granted, Extremist Records does this cheaper all the time, but $7 CD's?  Can't go wrong with that.

Source: AEA Underground Report via BrutalityRadio Yahoogroup (Subscribe)

Thursday, October 07, 2004


A BLACK Metal band has been slammed for displaying a Nazi flag during an university concert.

Bangor band Carpathia - who play a form of heavy metal rock music known as Black Metal - hung up a swastika flag at a concert at Bangor University's Ffriddoedd Bar, and it was removed by security at the venue after two songs.

North Wales' Jewish community has reacted angrily to the "publicity stunt" concert, which was organised independently from the university, on Saturday, September 25.

After the concert, a posting on the band's website read: "Get a life, they are only flags. Would you be more ****** off if we had put a hammer and sickle flag behind the stage?

"After all the Communists killed over 100 million of their own people! A lot more than the Nazis - what's the difference, they were equally evil."

The band, who describe themselves as "loud, drunk metallers trying to **** people off" go on to say: "People have been spreading numerous rumours about Carpathia such as our political views, such as that we are supporters of Neo Nazi. Where did this come from? Coz a couple of us in the band have skin heads and tattoos?

"We are not racist...we go on stage wearing make-up and covered in fake blood and you're going to take us seriously? At the end of the day it's just music, why make it more than that?"

Basil Hyman, secretary of Llandudno's synagogue, said: "This is disgraceful really. We lived through those days and atrocities and people will never learn. There are atrocities all over the world and people still do this.

It really puts you off hearing about this sort of thing, it really does."

One fan said hanging the flag was "both insensitive and ill-informed" but was probably a publicity stunt gone wrong.

She said: "Carpathia are most definitely not racist. It was simply a publicity stunt for shock factor that seems to have backfired on them. I don't think it was particularly clever of them and more so it was both insensitive and-ill informed-particularly in such a multi-cultural university city as Bangor.

"I'm quite amazed that it took until the second song until the flag was removed. I sincerely hope people can see through this distasteful incident and see them for who they really are. They are just a group of local talented young lads who are trying to express themselves creatively."

Requests to speak to members of Carpathia were not answered at the time of going to press.

Black metal is a form of heavy metal rock music.

That's brilliant for a local band to do - put up a Nazi flag AT A UNIVERSITY BAR.  Considering how bend-over-backwards politically correct universities tend to be, I can't understand the sort of fucking mindset that would be stupid enough to put up what amounts to a sign saying "FUCK YOU JEWS!" in a university building.  Not that I'm too worried about the Nazi flag being put up, considering how common that is in black metal - that and Satan are pretty much sine qua non with regards to that genre.  It's just sort of ludicrous for a Welsh band to do this considering the fact that they're obviously using the flag for shock value.  Members of the band are skinheads and are trying to downplay the Nazi flap by talking about the Communists - brilliant PR, no one's going to believe you're Nazis now.  Way to shoot yourselves in the feet, guys.

Source: ICNorthWales/Bangor Mail

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Apparently the first visitor to The UR Blog through Blogsnob came from, of all pages, The Daily Poligraf.

Man, considering I endorse Weed's direct competition and hate the underlying principle on which Weed is based, the god of irony couldn't resist throwing its foot directly at my gonads, huh?  I don't have anything against The Poligraf Files, by the way, just the product this man is endorsing.

Methinks "The Masked Weedifier" is lurking about somehow.


Chicago's THE CHASM have announced that they will be joined by bassist Ivan Galdamez of Chicago's WHORRID during their upcoming gigs with MORTICIAN.

THE CHASM's new album, "The Spell of Retribution", is scheduled for release on November 16 via Earache Records. The vinyl edition will be released on a single disc and the first 250 copies (the "Death & Retribution" edition) will include a limited-edition poster.

Comprising 10 tracks with a running time of over 66 minutes, "The Spell of Retribution" represents THE CHASM's "most adventurous and ambitious project to date, and firmly sets them apart from the rest of the current death metal scene by incorporating purposely lengthy songs dealing with intricate concepts close to the heart of frontman Daniel Corchado," according to a posting on the Earache web site.

Recorded at Soto Sound Studios in Illinois and then mixed by Corchado at Lux Inframundis, the album's recording was not without its problems, including at one point a studio fire that set the schedule back and led to the CD taking longer than anticipated to complete.

A full-length MP3 of the new THE CHASM track "Fortress", taken from the forthcoming album, is available for download at http://www.earache.com/bands/chasm/mp3/Fortress.mp3.

Urg.  I thought The Chasm had more common sense than to sign with Earache.  I liked when the band signed to Witches Brew - the band's music is decent, and the Witches Brew lineup deserved a band like The Chasm - and now that's been scuppered by jumping aboard a label I absolutely despise.  Weird tour lineup, too - The Chasm on the same bill as Anal Blast and Akercocke?  Wow, that just seems disjointed somehow.  Still, at least The Chasm is getting its due respect now, that's gotta count for something.

Source: Blabberbutt.net

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Beginning tonight in NYC @ the Wetnurse record release show, the band will carry out a relentless assault on the East Coast, carrying over into the Midwest. Showcasing brand new material along with the meatiest slabs from the When White Becomes Black record, SOTL are not a band to miss if they're coming your way.

Sat. Oct. 2nd New York City, NY @ Knitting Factory (Old Office) w/ Wetnurse
Sun. Oct. 3rd Catskill, NY@ Club Aftermath
Mon. Oct 4th Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
Tues. Oct 5th Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
Weds. Oct. 6th Chicago, IL @ The Note w/ Dixie Witch
Thurs. Oct. 7th Milwaukee, WI @ Rock Shop
Fri. Oct. 8th Des Moines, IA @ Hairy Mary’s
Sat. Oct. 9th St Louis, MO@ Creepy Crawl
Sun. Oct. 10th Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory w/ Heroine Sheiks
Mon. Oct. 11th Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
Tues. Oct. 12th Lafayette, LA @ Club Renaissance w/ Collapsar
Weds. Oct. 13th New Orleans, LA @ Dixie Tavern w/ Wetnurse
Thur. Oct. 14th Pensacola, FL Sluggo's w/ Wetnurse
Fri. Oct. 15th Tallahassee, FL@ The Beta Bar w/ Wetnurse& Cream Abdul Babar
Sat. Oct. 16th Tampa, FL (Matinee Show) @ The Orpheum w/ Wetnurse & Dove
Sun. Oct. 17th Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Dove
Mon. Oct. 18th Daytona, FL @ Nicely's Tavern
Tues. Oct. 19th Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial
Weds. Oct. 20th Savannah, GA @ The Jinx w/ 2 Days Of Freedom
Thur. Oct. 21st Atlanta, GA @ MJQ (Drunken Unicorn)
Fri. Oct. 22nd Summerville, SC All Books w/ Lickgoldensky, Ed Gein
Sat. Oct. 23rd Wilmington, NC Soapbox Laundro-Lounge
Sun. Oct. 24th Norfolk, VA @ Pallette’s Outer Banks Bar
Mon. Oct. 25th Richmond, VA @ Nanci Raygun
Tues. Oct. 26th Montclair, NJ @ Bloomfield Ave Café
Weds. Oct. 27th Brooklyn, NY @ The Pyramid w/ Wetnurse
Thurs. Oct. 28th Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
Sat. Oct. 30th Boston, MA @ Chopping Block Pub

Source: Earsplit PR


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BLACK UNIFORMS - Splatter Punx On Acid CD
CATHETER - Do You Love Grind? CD
DARTH - Buttfucked By Destiny CD
DETERRENT - Re-Invention CD
DIVINITY - Les Fleurs Du Mal CD
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INFERNAL MAJESTY - Unholier Than Thou CD
KATASTROFIALUE - Tuskatakuu 94-98 CD
MYOPIA - Dancing On Landmines CD
NID - Galactic Nebulae CDR
NOISECORE FREAK - My Mother The Anarchist CD
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PATOLOGICUM - Hecatomb Of Aberration CD
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v/a - Corporate Death CD (used)
v/a - Record Of Shadows Infinite CD
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Ass 'O' Gore?  That name is on a I Shit On Your Face level of terrible.  Sure, the name has a certain "cute" quality to it but STILL.  Ass 'O' Gore - really, one expects this when dealing with the deep underground but I rarely come across a band name so bad it instantly makes my list of Worst Band Names Ever.  Jeez, that name has to be sandwiched between Big Poo Generator and Neon Hunk, such is its inanity.

Speaking of 2 turds and a golf ball, nice to see Big City Orchestra releasing more stuff, considering the band was one of the highpoints of a certain shit-oriented compilation.  Yes yes there's Anal Cunt in that list too, but that band's schtick has been long known for somewhere between seven and nine years.  Seth Putnam really needs more attention as much as Hemmorhoy Rogers will be signed to Elektra within seven weeks.  Come on.

Source: Ghetto Blaster Yahoogroup (subscribe)



Napalm Death's Barney Greenway (vocals) has sent the following
message to the band's fans:

"We are currently in Foel Studios in Mid Wales (the middle of
nowhere), which is actually owned by Dave Anderson who was the
original bass player for Hawkwind (before Lemmy even), which rocks,
of course. Everything is working out really well, and we have tried a
few different methods of working here, which have really helped my
voice. I am using the microphone as I would live, which helps to
really get the full roar going. Guitars are sounding heavy as
anything, and as we have given ourselves just about the right time in
the studio- as per usual - it helps to keep us on our toes so
everything sounds pretty vital. Shane is doing his usual tractor
impressions with the bass, which is nice. We're currently at a race
to the finish, so everything is starting to shape up properly with
the only distraction being the mist that hangs over the valley most
mornings...and the sheep! A few titles for you as we chalk 'em
off..."Instruments Of Persuasion", "Morale", "Striding Purposefully
Backwards", "Climate Controllers", "Sold Short", plus of course the
title track "The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code". More later.

Napalm Death will be releasing their Century Media Records debut,
Leaders Not Followers: Part 2, on October 5th.  Fans can expect to
see the band late October through November with Cannibal Corpse,
Kataklysm, and Goatwhore.

Wow, didn't Napalm Death complain endlessly about its deal with Earache Records during 1999-2000?  Now they're on Century Media...man, this band never learns.  Napalm Death could have been a big help to a better, more focused record label like Razorback (like that label needs more help, but still), Listenable or any number of grind labels that aren't Relapse and the band decides to hoof it to the biggest metal label going?  Man, that's arse-screwy.  Not that I'm still whipping around that Century Mediocre tag, but Century Media and Earache seem to share the same business models (at least in my mind - tending toward the "mainstream" metal audience, "big" names, at least one band complaining about the label's business practices.)  Methinks ND shoulda learned from Incantation and stuck to a label with a specialised interest.  At least the band has good taste in production studios, though.

Source: AEA Underground Report (subscribe) via Century Media


Heh.  That's the first genuinely funny thing coming from the death metal scene in recent weeks.  Man, the names of death metal bands are really getting uncreative these days.  There are so many blunt names nowadays that it's just feeding into the stereotype of death metal being a chasm a mile wide and one centimetre deep (I'm mixing measurement units, screw me for being Canadian.)  "Supported by Prejudice."  Man, that's good.

Still, can't fault the band for being creative with the name of the tour.  At least the band names here aren't in the area of something blatant like Bound And Gagged or I Shit On Your Face.

...you think I'm making these names up?  Look em 'up, I only deal in this sort of stuff every day you know.


Yep, the second blog has become useful to me.  Remember one of these addresses: http://www.sweetposer.tk/urmn/ or http://www.sweetposer.tk/blog/urmn.php.  Either one is fine.  Let's see where this bitch ends up.